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PackPoint travel packing list3.14.0_Popularmodapk.com

PackPoint travel packing list

Google Play Editor's Choice Award Winner

As Featured In The Washington Post, BBC, LA Times, CNN, Lifehacker, Fast Company's Co.DESIGN, and The Next Web
"A Travel App That Practically Packs Your Bags For You"

Never Forget Your ______ Again!

PackPoint is a free travel packing list organizer and packing planner for serious travel pros. PackPoint will help you organize what you need to pack in your luggage and suitcase based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip.

Once your packing list is built and organized, PackPoint will save it for you, and then you can choose to share it with your friends and family in case they need help packing too.

Punch in the city you're going to travel to, the departure date, and the number of nights you'll be staying there.

PackPoint will organize a packing list and luggage checklist for your luggage that takes into account:
- Business or Leisure travel
- Activities you plan on doing
- What you need for an international trip
- Warm weather clothes
- Cold weather clothes
- An umbrella if the forecast calls for rain
- If you're willing to repeat wearing basics like shirts and pants
- If you will have access to laundry facilities

Some expert packing organizer user tips:
- Check out the Customize menu within PackPoint for PackPoint's Premium features
- Connect PackPoint to TripIt and create your packing lists automatically!
- Put the PackPoint widget on your home screen
- Swipe to remove packing list items
- Tap to the right of each item to change its quantity
- Pack smart to avoid airline luggage overage fees
- Create a luggage checklist now, and then edit it later as you pack

Have a feature request or feedback?
Visit http://ideas.packpnt.com or e-mail [email protected]

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/packpoint
Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/packpnt @packpnt
v3.14.0 · 9.3MB
Earth Camera Online4.9.7_Popularmodapk.com

Earth Camera Online

Online Camera views for different famous places of earth to view places online before physical visit. Also a brief introduction of each place with weather forecast of those places.

Enjoy the view of earth from live world cameras. The smart live web camera app of 2020 has the ability to let you see the world in real time. This world cam app will allow you to enjoy the whole world by watching videos and live HD camera real time views. Any update from around the world will be online and updated shown in this app. Live cam will allow you to see the world from anywhere either you watch your cities around you or see the world on earth webcam live. Let’s have a view of earth online and watch your camera location and webcams view allow you to search city map house location parks streets from the location of your choice with camera 2020 & navigation webcams. Enter your current location name in world cameras and find the desired location night vision or in day light through webcam and view earth webcam in your device live. Camera viewer gives you the facility to watch the whole world on your smart device. Webcam will allow you to see world videos watch sports anywhere in the world see your home live location track your children’s search live camera views from around the world with HD web cameras as well as full HD live cam cctv footage from any part of the world using best world cam app 2019.This app allows user to search the destinations of his choice check live weather traffic situations hotels banks foods streets of his choice. User are free to choose any city within any country of his choice anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection. No matter where you are located in the world just download this app free from google app and enjoy live camera view. Beach cams and nearby location with views from around the world with best cameras rotate its camera on its edge from home world to far approachable sites. Explore IP web cam live video from all over the world with different places like forest, beach, mountain, traffic islands and much more using this Live Earth Cam helps you to know the weather of any country from your house Live. Camera Viewer app shows nearby hospitals food courts and fuel stations through Webcams View. Discover your favorite places with live map & live web cameras streaming of street cameras to travel world. Web cam live streaming app allows you to filter live webcam according to the location. Shows real-time world cam, webcams videos, Earth Webcams Online Live World Navigation from public webcams installed on different locations. World live cam and weather navigation on live earth and to view traffic speed rush with camera viewer & world cam. This live web camp App is the best live view app with advance features. World camera and live world camera to provide you GPS map location video streaming and temperature with this world live places visiting cameras to provide you webcam world view and temperature with this city webcam. Earth cams streaming with camera world live cams around the world Camera Viewer & Webcam App. Now you can really enjoy GPS map location video streaming by watching live cam online and also web cam live to visit places and live video streaming location from city webcam world camera and live world camera. Live map web streaming and GPS world map webcams provide you access of live camera web streaming.
v4.9.7 · 14.0MB
Virtual Police Dad Simulator2.0.8_Popularmodapk.com

Virtual Police Dad Simulator

Are you ready to experience a father’s real life in virtual dad game? Welcome to family adventure life and get ready to play as a virtual police dad to enjoy your happy family life. As a most important member of your virtual family, happy father had a lot of responsibilities to manage naughty kids and other household duties to accomplish household activities as a super daddy. Police dad gets up early in the morning and going to park along with dream wife and children to exercise in this police dad simulator.

In family adventure life, be a responsible super daddy and happily perform housekeeping tasks professionally like visit nearby market to buy some grocery shopping, so that the lovely mother can happily prepare some delicious food for your children of this police dad simulator. Play and experience amazing virtual dad game and enjoy working as a virtual police father and husband with the amazing gameplay and do all the tasks as a super daddy and get rewards in this happy family game.

Virtual Dad game is specially designed for lovers to enjoy family adventure life and to complete amazing missions of household chores. Enjoy the virtual dad game and live in a peaceful environment with your happy lovely wife and naughty kids. Be the super daddy to give time to your virtual family and doing your dream home tasks in happy family game.

Virtual Police Dad Simulator: Happy Family Game Features:
- High quality 3D graphics of virtual dad with amazing animations
- Exciting sound effect and user-friendly gameplay
- Interesting and challenging tasks of happy family game
- Manage Daily Routine as police daddy properly

v2.0.8 · 155.1MB
Maps, Navigation  Directions1.26_Popularmodapk.com

Maps, Navigation Directions

Maps, Navigation & Directions Free app have many useful features like offline Streets View, Digital Compass and Altimeter, Speedometer and Sensors, Offline Weather and UV Index, Satellites, Area Calculator, GPS tracking Alarm and Traffic Alerts, Maps and Navigation directions, Location History and Level Indicator etc.

Maps, Navigation & Directions is Free, Fast and Detailed. Getting around in town is easier and more personal with gps navigation and route map app. Use free GPS navigation to get driving directions from anywhere to anywhere on the map in this offline directions app. GPS, maps and navigation tools will help you to find your way during travelling easily and offline. Navigation and location tracker app is the perfect solution for international travellers with limited cellular data plans. Using Offline GPS - Maps Navigation & Directions will show you offline routes to get around on a car or bike or using public transport so you can compare these offline routes easily and choose what's the best route for you. This is one of the best offline route planner app.

Maps, Navigation & Directions and route finder uses the reliable GPS navigation with voice guidance in your car for an easier drive around the world. Walk guidance through this offline maps pro app takes you every step of the way using Pedestrians Driving Directions on offline Map, and you’ll never miss a transfer when you take public transit using offline transit maps. When there is a delay in your current route finder or stuffed with traffic, this offline GPS navigation app will suggest you the best alternate route which will help you to lead the destination. Offline GPS app can find faster traveling alternatives with Maps & GPS navigation free. It will help you to adjust your time, to stay on time by using this offline gps and maps navigation app. This app will give you access to 7 continents maps including Europe Maps, North America Maps, Asia Maps, Africa Maps, Australia Maps and maps of countries. You can find the best road maps of the USA in offline mod and find map directions from my location.

Offline location tracker and route planner app is very helpful to search routes, finding locations around the world using a world map, draw the shortest routes and find the nearest public place offline without internet. Follow accurate voice directions on the app, avoid traffic jams by using offline GPS, Maps tracking app and public transport. You can share this offline direction and route finder app and offline current location map with your friends without any hesitation. Find Millions of interesting Places using nearby places through this offline location app. Search through offline USA explorer maps and explore the world on map free, different categories e.g. hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, banks, fuel station, airports, ATMs and public transport (metro, bus etc.)

- GPS Alarm while driving
- Area Calculator free by this offline maps app
- Digital Compass in the GPS guru
- Speedometer also will help you to measure speed
- Sensors to lead you to right directions
- Offline weather and UV Index free
- Satellites to help you to explore the world offline
- Offline Maps and route finding with GPS for free
- Navigation to different locations
- Traffic Alerts to avoid jams on the route
- Offline GPS, maps and Location History
- Offline Streets View and locations

Download Maps, Navigation & Directions app and enjoy free driving directions in this offline gps tracking and maps navigation for free. Give your positive feedback after using this offline route finder and maps pro.
v1.26 · 8.5MB
Compass App: Direction Compass1.1.0_Popularmodapk.com

Compass App: Direction Compass

Compass App: Direction Compass is a free navigation compass app for Android phones that make it easy for users to determine the correct direction. Let's now download our free compass app to experience an intelligent offline compass app that works worldwide with accurate navigation.

If you need to determine the direction when camping, hiking, traveling or picnic, boating, and sharing locations, the compass map is a suitable choice. This direction compass app is effective when you move to another location or want to determine the direction at a specific location. The compass map app supports android devices with sensors and precisely depends on the performance of your device. If the compass works perfectly, it means your sensor is also perfect.

You should get the best compass navigation app for your Android phone because of:

1. The digital compass app accurately determines the east-west-south-north direction in seconds using the earth's magnetism for orientation;
2. Directions work precisely as an accurate compass
3. Users quickly determine the direction due to detailed specifications, clear and straightforward interface
4. Change compass position simply by setting location
5. Easily share your location
6. Light app capacity, doesn't take up much memory

The symbols appear when using:
+ E is east
+ W is the west
+ N is the north
+ S is the south
+ SE is the Southeast
+ SW is Southwest
+ NE is North-East

1. The accuracy of the digital magnetic compass will cause interference when the device is near any object containing magnetic. Please ensure that the Direction compass app is away from magnetic objects such as magnets, batteries, or any object made of iron and steel.
2. When the accuracy is poor, adjust the compass by rotating the phone in the direction of figure 8 to judge the magnetic field strength in all orders. From that, the compass map will recognize the absolute poles of the earth.

For travel, feng shui, an intelligent compass app, helps you focus on one point, get the original position, and precisely orient the current situation. Using the directional compass, you can comfortably travel and explore the world anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing your way. In addition, the digital compass will help you accurately determine the east, north, west, and south directions, helping you quickly locate without an internet connection in unexpected movements or other geographies.

Get the compass app and experience the features we offer you. If you have any comments regarding application feedback during use, don't hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected].
v1.1.0 · 20.2MB
Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations5.6.9_Popularmodapk.com

Trucker Path: Truck GPS Truck Stops Weigh Stations

Trucker Path is the #1 truck navigation (Truck GPS) trusted by millions of CDL truck drivers. We focus on building maps for Truck Drivers, providing best-in-class trucker tools for truck navigation(Truck GPS), and finding truck stops, truck parking, weigh stations, CAT scales.

We have Pilot Flying J, Love’s Travel Center, Petro TA, Blue Beacon, Roady’s, KwikTrip, Weigh Stations, CAT Scales, Diesel Fuel Prices, Rest Area, Truck Parking, Truck GPS, Truck Navigation, all in our Truck Maps.

★ Truck Maps with Truckstops and Truck Parking spots: Pilot Flying J, Loves, TA Truck, Travel Plazas, AM Best, CAT scale, free parking
★ Truck Maps containing thousands of independent truck stops, Rest Areas, Walmart,
★ Weather and live road traffic conditions

★ Plan multi-day trips with our Trucking GPS(or RV GPS) free to download
★ This Trucking GPS is better and faster compared to traditional Garmin GPS or Rand McNally GPS

★ See which weigh stations are OPEN or CLOSED
★ Trucker map with real-time updates like CB radio
★ Truck Parking is updated as FULL, SOME, EMPTY by thousands of truckers every hour

“Don't often take time to write reviews of apps, but this one is so deserving in my line of work as a "trucker". Some things are just plain good and exceed expectations and this is one of those things.” – Thomas W

Our users say Trucker Path is better for truckers compared to Garmin GPS, Randy McNally GPS, DAT, or Trucker Tools. Best of all, we’re FREE to download!

All your trucker tools (trucker map) in one free app. Join the largest community in America for truckers and keeptruckin with Trucker Path as your copilot over the road. Like CB radio, but bigger and better!

v5.6.9 · 195.5MB
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