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맴매전화 - 우리아이 훈육어플1.2.2_Popularmodapk.com

맴매전화 - 우리아이 훈육어플

Maemmae Phone - My child discipline application

"My child who is grown up and doesn't listen to me, isn't there a clear solution?"

Now, start to discipline your child smartly.
Any mother or father raising a child is likely to hold
A goblin call that solves your problems! Discipline call! This is the application "Maemmae Phone".

A call comes in from the selected character, so it's even more realistic!
Maemmae Phone is not a sound application that monotonously sounds from a smartphone.

Policeman/Fireman/Chef/Doctor/Soldier/Beggar There are a total of six types of this character,
It boasts 10000% realism because you actually receive an incoming call.

This character can be set freely, and it can be set up at home, restaurant, kids cafe, etc.

You can use it anytime, anywhere to suit the situation.

No more lifting a stick or yelling at a child!

Discipline my child who doesn't speak on the phone.

■Character description

- Police Officer

"I came out on patrol because there was a child who didn't listen!!"
A police officer character who will take you to the police station if this happens again next time!

- Firefighter

"We were called out because of a playful child."
A terrifying firefighter character who disciplines a mischievous child and says that he will come to his house the next time he plays a prank like this!

- Chef

"Hello! Do you have a picky eater?"
An explanation of why you can't eat if you don't eat, and the character of a chef who will come to you next time if you're picky eaters

- doctor

"I heard that there is a child who doesn't take his medicine on time!"
It is a setting that disciplines a child who is trying not to take medicine, and a doctor character who says that if he does not take medicine, he will have to get an injection.

- Soldier

"I will enlist in the military, a child who doesn't listen and only fights!"

If you discipline a violent child and continue to listen to your parents, you won't be able to see your parents at the training camp.
A soldier character who says that he must train hard

- Beggar

"The child who doesn't wash or brush his teeth, I'll take him!"

A beggar character who disciplines a child who doesn't want to wash and asks him to live in a dirty sewer if he doesn't wash.

[Required permission information]
Storage space: Required to save and load calculation results in internal storage space
Phone: Device ID is collected to uniquely identify the user, and is required for member management, etc.

[Optional permission information]
Phone access rights: Collects your contact information and sends it to the Mammae phone server, which is used for notification and notifications to users registered in the contact list.

Contact person in charge: 010-5037-8819
v1.2.2 · 56.0MB


BabyVerse: The best parenting partner that truly cares!🤱
This app is specially curated for new parents who want to give their babies the best care possible.
Babyverse is the parenting partner you need! 👶🤱
It is a one-stop destination for all things baby care.
From symptom checker, growth milestones to 1000+ expert-backed growth activities to ensure holistic growth, we’ve got it all.

Knowledge is power: 🧑‍🎓⚡ Babyverse provides you with verified and personalized 1000+ articles across various categories to equip you with all the knowledge you will need.

We have the world's first pediatric symptom checker in the app that can give you medically verified advice for your baby’s day-to-day problems. 🌀🚀

Why is BabyVerse essential for you?

BabyVerse helps you:
🔹Engage your baby in expert-designed daily growth activities across faculties
🔹Monitor your child’s holistic development.
🔹Get your questions answered through medically verified articles, videos, and FAQs
🔹Check your baby's symptoms and get care advice using the symptom checker

How does BabyVerse cover all your parenting needs?
You are your baby’s first teacher; who gives them the much-needed stimulation to form a strong foundation for life. We provide you daily screen-free, playful activities, to stimulate early development across Physical, Cognitive, Communication, & Social-Emotional areas. All of these are backed by experts and will help you to engage better with your toddler.

🎯 Symptom Checker:
A tool that asks you relevant questions to understand your baby’s day-to-day health issues and provides you with instant and detailed medically verified guidance on the care to be taken at home while you wait to see your doctor.

🎯Growth Milestone Checker:
The best tool to track your baby's monthly growth. We help you understand your baby’s growth milestones that your baby will attain. A report is generated for the same and you will know the milestones that the baby has reached and the ones that you await.

Get access to 1000 + baby care and parenting articles on BabyVerse. The topics included are baby nutrition, baby sleep, teething, breastfeeding, baby growth, do’s and don't and so much more!

We’re trustworthy, here is why:
📍BabyVerse is a 100% trusted, leading parenting & baby care app
📍24-7 support through our chatbot
📍Has medically verified information, backed by experts.
📍Easy to understand daily activities for baby growth
📍Highly recommended baby care app by millennial moms
📍Helps you sail through this tough journey with ease & genuine information
📍Strong recommendations from India’s leading child specialists.

Bonding with your little ones has never been easier.👩‍🍼

Download the BabyVerse app now and shoo all your concerns away!

For queries & support, connect with us on:
[email protected]
v3.1.1 · 44.5MB
パパっと育児 赤ちゃんの育児や育児記録・育児日記をアプリで4.6.1_Popularmodapk.com

パパっと育児 赤ちゃんの育児や育児記録・育児日記をアプリで

Baby childcare record is a childcare record app of "Daddy childcare" used by 700,000 people.

We have added custom items to increase the number of types of childcare records that can be registered to 39.
Provides a crying diagnosis function that analyzes emotions from the crying of a baby. Everyone who is in trouble because they don't understand why their baby is crying. You can use it for free, so please use it.
BabyTech Award Japan 2019 Won the grand prize in the health management category.

Featured Updates
★ A custom icon has been added that allows you to decide your own name.
★ You can now rearrange the childcare record icons.
★ Childcare record sharing function between couples and families: It is now possible to easily set with a QR code.
★ List your first records with photos. It's easier to use as a diary.
★ Added an urgency check tool to let you know if you should go to the hospital from your baby's symptoms
★ Daddy Childcare @ Seminar Reliable specialists support childcare.
★ The consultation function will be expanded in the future. You can use it when you have trouble raising children, from "trouble immediately after childbirth" to "how to choose baby food".

* Artificial intelligence (AI) has implemented a function to learn the rhythm of life during childcare and notify you of forgetting to eat or excrete. After using it for a while, you will be notified if you forget the milk or the timing of changing diapers after pooping. (Please note that we will not notify you if your life rhythm is not constant or if it is significantly different from your life in the same age group.)

* We are conducting joint research with the National Center for Child Health and Development on the growth and development of children and lifestyle habits. Based on the knowledge gained from this research, we will provide you with useful information for raising children with this app.

Ideal for people like this
★ I want to share the childcare record of baby care with my family.
★ I want a childcare app that allows me to know the rhythm of my baby's life.
★ I want to be able to notify the optimal timing of my baby's meals and sleep.
★ I want to keep a record of vaccinations and illnesses and use them at the time of medical examinations.
★ I would like you to automatically back up your childcare diary and photos so that you do not lose them.
★ I want to register the day when I was able to do it for the first time in my childcare diary.
★ I want the whole family to be able to see the baby's childcare records at any time.
★ I want a mother-child notebook app that can easily manage my health condition.
★ I would like to discuss any problems or worries from pregnancy to the growth of Aka-chan.
★ I have a smart bed light ainenne.
★ I want to share my baby's childcare with my family while keeping a childcare record.
Functional details

★ Childcare record ★
The number of childcare record icons has increased significantly, with a maximum of 39 types.
The design has been redesigned to be easier to use, and the registered childcare records can now be reviewed in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Meals]: Breast milk, baby bottles (milk, milk), milking, baby food, drinks, snacks
[Excretion]: Pee, poop, diaper change
[Health]: Body temperature, height and weight, vaccination, illness, medicine, vomiting, cough, rash, injury,
[Record]: Sleep, wake up, bath, schedule, diary, first time, schedule, going to the kindergarten, getting out of the kindergarten, crying at night, etc.
[Others]: Going out, crying diagnosis, custom items x 10
Can be recorded.

★ Summary ★
The registered childcare records are displayed in different colors on the calendar, statistics, and graphs. You can check your baby's health at a glance.

★ Growth function ★
As you can see in the Mother and Child Handbook, you can see the growth of your baby at a glance by combining the height and weight records with the average growth curve up to 3 years old and 6 years old.
Regarding the recommendation of vaccination schedule, we have created a recommended schedule with reference to the schedule recommended by the Japanese Society of Pediatrics, and you can easily register the schedule from the recommended schedule.
For the first record, you can look back on the growth and development of Akachan with photos and childcare records. In the diary / photo, the childcare diary with all the photos is displayed together, so you can easily look back on the growth and development of your child.

★ Consultation function ★
In the future, you will be able to consult with the app about problems related to your child's health, sleep, nutrition, etc.

★ About backup ★
You can easily transfer data to other smartphones (Android or iOS devices).
You can transfer data from Android to iPhone and from iPhone to Android, so please feel free to use it.

★ About sharing childcare records with family ★
By registering data linkage on multiple mobile phones, you can share the childcare diary recorded by each other in real time. We support smoother communication between family members related to childcare.

----- -----
◎ We look forward to hearing from you.
----- -----
We would appreciate it if you could give us your opinion from "Notice" → "Inquiry" of this application.

v4.6.1 · 16.1MB


With Varno, you will always be aware of your child's activities at their kindergarten.

For parents:
1) Receive a push notification & a phone call if your child didn't attend class.
2) Know which activities are taking place in your child class today and each day of the year.
3) Inform the owners & teacher if your child isn't attending class today, in the future or is leaving early.
4) Contact class teacher
5) View class albums
6) Share important files with teachers

For teachers:
1) Submit daily attendance for your class.
2) Create and cancel events for your class.
3) Plan your time ahead by viewing your class' activities.
4) View kids' past attendance.
5) Be aware of which kids have birthdays this week.
6) View teachers' & parents' phone numbers and dial from the app.
7) Contact parents
8) Add and edit class albums
9) Add file attachments for children and request files from parents
10) Thorough reports on attendance, late arrivals and early leaves.

For kindergarten owners:
1) Know when kids are missing and receive alerts on it.
2) Manage your kindergarten - create & delete classes, add teachers and kids, create and cancel events.
3) Automatic notifications and phone calls to parents whom their children didn't show up for class today.
4) View kids' past attendance.
5) Be aware of which kids have birthdays this week.
6) View all your kindergarten's classes, activities and attendance throughout the year.
7) View teachers' & parents' phone numbers and dial from the app.
8) Contact parents
9) Add and edit class albums
10) Thorough reports on attendance, late arrivals and early leaves.

v9.0.6 · 28.0MB
Pregnancy Tracker Week By Week2.4_Popularmodapk.com

Pregnancy Tracker Week By Week

This is a free pregnancy week by week app tracker, that will help you to remain calm during your pregnancy baby countdown. This pregnancy guide will always keep you informed about the processes taking place in your body, the baby development, pregnancy countdown to due date and all things that matter the most to you now, including a healthy diet, fitness exercises for moms-to-be, tips for dads-to-be, and more.
This app include a lot of information to help newborns parents know, how the baby inside is growing. You can find week by week pregnancy calendar and pregnancy tracker with useful information inside. You should try our pregnancy baby tracker!
If you are targeted in pregnancy countdown - our app will also be helpful. Try the new experience in our baby due date calendar - just calculate due date and you current pregnancy week with your LMP. App show you your current week, pregnancy due date and how many days remain to due date.
In our application:
✔ Learn about baby growth during the pregnancy
✔ Things you should pay attention to this week or what bring into hospital
✔ Test your knowledge to see if you're ready for childbirth, and be amazed what you'll learn about your body and childbirth while pregnant
✔ Pregnancy diet. Nutrition tips, food you can and avoid to eat and pills you can take.
✔ Tips for each week of your pregnancy, from conception to delivery, including exercises and workouts, books to read, and other things for a healthy pregnancy.
✔ Push-notifications to the important dates of your pregnancy calendar
✔ Trimester schedule
✔ How big is your baby
✔ Checklists (must have to do) for each week
✔ Baby due date calculator by date of conception
✔ Pregnancy baby countdown calculator. Pregnancy tracker.
✔ This App has a smart contraction tracker that will let you know when you should head to the hospital.
We enjoyed to present the best app with information for moms to-be. Don't hesitate to submit your recommendations and suggest new features. We will happy to implement all your issues.
Thank you for choices our app. With love, BabyInside team💝
v2.4 · 60.9MB
iMamma: gravidanza e neonato5.2.20_Popularmodapk.com

iMamma: gravidanza e neonato

iMamma is the best free app for pregnancy, for those who want a baby or for those who are already moms! It is the first app for pregnant twins!

Developed with medical specialists of international level, belonging to important scientific societies, iMamma allows you to monitor the fertile period, the progress of pregnancy week by week and the growth of the newborn and the development of the child in the first year of life.

Are you looking for a child? Check your fertility

iMamma always accompanies you, even before getting pregnant. It helps you to monitor your menstrual cycle, indicating your fertile period and giving useful tips on ovulation and conception.

You're pregnant? Download the pregnancy app in Italian!

As soon as you discover that you are pregnant and the first symptoms of pregnancy appear, iMamma supports you! The app does not want to replace your doctor, but to assist him. Furthermore, it will serve to dispel the false myths that often accompany gestation.

Have you given birth? Are you struggling with diapers? Discover the Kids section

iMamma grows up with you, the new dad and your family! Now there is the Child mode. Create the profile of the children, add information, use the tools, learn many things about the stages of growth and development of the newborn. And get back in shape with the fitness class.

Fertility and functions for the woman

In addition to automatically managing the menstrual cycle and making forecasts on ovulation thanks to the menstrual calendar, the app has a register of sexual intercourse, symptoms and moods. There are many informative texts on fertility, ovulation and conception, the community for those looking for a baby and a dedicated shopping selection.

Pregnancy, functions for mom

With iMamma you can control every aspect of pregnancy, single or twin. You have detailed information on the progress of your pregnancy week by week with lots of texts and videos. Imagine your baby with the beautiful 3D fetus and compare it to fruits and vegetables based on its size! You can calculate the date of when you will have to give birth, restoring the pregnancy if necessary, and record sexual intercourse, symptoms and moods. You will not forget the pregnancy exams!
Keep your data (with photos and ultrasounds you can make fantastic albums) and create your personalized postcard. Many tools will help you manage the expectation of the newborn: you can check pregnancy weight and blood pressure, but also your baby's hydration and kicking (thanks to the kick counter). A specific tool will be useful as a contraction timer.
Two new features are the preparation course and fitness for pregnant women. Thanks to the videos, a midwife and
a pregnant Pilates and yoga teacher will get you, together with your baby bump, to childbirth
prepared and in great shape.

Interact with other future mothers in the community! Have fun with maternity shopping and follow the "tips" for the shopping suitcase.

Baby, the functions for the little ones

Stay with iMamma after giving birth! In addition to informational texts, create your children's profile with a personalized bulletin board and albums. Get informed with videos of the growth and development of the newborn and with the advice of the Montessori Foundation and calculate the percentiles of growth of the child. Use the tools to manage the baby month by month, from breastfeeding, to sleep, to bath time. Also in the Kids section there is a dedicated shopping selection and chat for new parents.

iMamma is not just a pregnancy app. She is your best friend at every stage of life. At the heart of iMamma is your family.

v5.2.20 · 217.2MB
Parentune -Pregnancy,Parenting3.0.6_Popularmodapk.com

Parentune -Pregnancy,Parenting

Parentune helps a parent to celebrate each moment in your parenting journey 💚🌺.

Indian Pregnancy advice, newborn baby care tips, parenting styles & skills app - Seeking conception advice or getting pregnant, pregnancy diet, baby growth & development tracker, baby names, breastfeeding, childcare tips, baby milestone chart, vaccination schedule, baby feeding & nutrition, baby sleep remedies, parental guidance, self-care app for women in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

Wary of the Pregnancy & Parenting Tips Available?

Learn how to deal with typical pregnancy symptoms, fitness including morning sickness, food craving, child care advice, questions & skills, remedies, immunization alerts etc

Download pregnancy care, parenting skills & baby care advice app & start asking & getting personalised & instant tips from doctors, experts & community of 5m verified like-minded parents. Read blogs, ask questions & participate in Live-chat for tried & tested solutions from our doctors, experts, nutritionists instantly.

Why Parentune Parent App Exists?

At Parentune, you will experience tried & tested pregnancy, baby care tips & parenting support & solutions validated by fellow parents and vetted by experts. Discover reliable child care products and perfect child growth tracker tips, videos for child's every stage.

India's most trusted pregnancy, baby care & parenting community app - If seeking week by week pregnancy progress, pregnancy calendar & more here..

☆ Ovulation & due date calculator
☆ periods & sexual health
☆ pregnancy health tracking
☆ pregnancy nutrition
☆ pregnancy test & vaccines
☆ labor/delivery pain remedies
☆ C-section, birth plan checklist
☆ baby in womb growth tracker
☆ fetal weight-gain foods ideas
☆ pregnancy food plan
☆ normal delivery tips
☆ morning sickness
☆ prenatal vitamins
☆ post pregnancy healing
☆ after-pregnancy fitness & exercise
☆ after delivery belly & fat reduction
☆ recover stress & postpartum depression
☆ pregnancy remedies

Newborn Baby Care

☆ breastfeeding tips
☆ Babynames
☆ lactation issues
☆ premature babycare
☆ feeding ideas
☆ start solid foods advice
☆ baby massage tips
☆ baby sleep & poop
☆ cough, cold & flu remedies
☆ games & fun activities
☆ infant safety
☆ food chart & recipes
☆ baby teething remedies
☆ teeth soothing tips
☆ babycare products reviews
☆ age-wise nutrition tips
☆ vaccination tracker

Toddler & Preschoolers

☆ food charts & recipes
☆ motherhood tips
☆ home remedies
☆ language learning tips
☆ gross & fine motor skill
☆ speech development
☆ exam-time support
☆ seasonal parenting alerts
☆ social & emotional skill
☆ positive parenting advice
☆ indoor fun ideas
☆ daily parenting guide for preschoolers

🎯What All You Can Do Once You Join Parentune?

👍 For FREE, ask pregnancy health, diet advice, newborn care, parenting problems doubts, baby growth tracking, nutrition, feeding tips & more
👍 Live-chat with nutrition, wellness & education doctors & experts
👍 Ask experts & get Instant replies or tips on your pregnancy, newborn baby care & parenting questions
👍 Read curated blogs on baby food recipe, introductory solid foods & more tailored to your baby’s age and to your interests
👍 Trending events - immunization schedule, schools admissions or else
👍 Ask baby-friendly products and services reviews
👍 Be in sync with your fellow parents’ real-time through the live feed
👍 Find parenting solutions validated by fellow parents and experts

🎯How to Use Parentune

✓ Enter childbirth date or your expected due date
✓ Follow topics of your interest
✓ Validate details. Upon successful validation, you will start experiencing personalized support for your parenting journey

🎯Prizes & Accreditation
Among the top global parenting apps healofy, babychakra by Wall Street Journal & HOT100 Tech Outfits in India, featured by leading national & international media
v3.0.6 · 26.4MB
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