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Holyscapes - Bible Word Game1.32.0_Popularmodapk.com

Holyscapes - Bible Word Game

Are you interested in word game and bible?! Holyscapes is exactly what you are looking for!

Holyscapes is a fantastic crossword game customized for Christians. In this game, you can challenge yourself with over 3,000+ crossword puzzles at the same time you can collect Bible verses to express your faith for God. It is a balanced combination of word game and bible, of entertainment and learning that millions of Christian enjoy! Download Holyscapes now to begin training your brain and become a word master!

How to play?
-Connect letters to build a valid word
-Get a hint for every word you complete
-The goal of the game is to find all the hidden words!

It sounds very simple, but the difficulty increases with every level, so our word cross game won't let you get bored!

Why Holyscapes?
-Train your brain and kill time by solving word puzzles!
-Challenging yourself: Starts easy and gets trickier as you progress further!
-Combination of Word game & Bible: Study Bible in a fun and easy way, get connected to God.
-Wonderful scenery:Explore beautiful and gorgeous scapes all over the world!
-Play Offline: No internet or wifi needed!
-SYNC your game progress: You can login using Facebook to sync your game progress across various devices!

-Unlock thousands of levels: Limitless word puzzle await!
-Family games for adults and kids!
-All for fun: Take each level at your own pace with unlimited tries!

Holyscapes is an additive word puzzle game that you can learn Bible words and train your brain while having a great time. Download Holyscapes now to start your fantastic journey in this interesting and exciting word game!

Keep in touch with Holyscapes
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LightBibleAPP/
Send us Emails: [email protected]
Visit our website: https://www.idailybread.org

v1.32.0 · 85.1MB
Sözcük: Sosyal Kelime Oyunu1.0.52_Popularmodapk.com

Sözcük: Sosyal Kelime Oyunu

Features of the game

- It is played with 2-4 players.
- Random game can be opened.
- You can open a room for 2 to 4 people and send game invitations to your friends.
- You can send game invitations to your friends by sharing the link of the game room you opened (even if the word is not installed on your friend).


## Word Playground
The playing field consists of an area of ​​15 X 15 squares. Only one letter can be placed in each cell.

## Gameplay
* Word game is played with 2, 3 or 4 people.
* Players start the game by taking 7 letters each.
* The player who will make the first move has to write a word by going over the center cell.
* Each word to be written should be written only in the horizontal or vertical orientation only.
* Every move to be made after the first move has to contact **at least 1 letter** written beforehand.
* The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins the game.
* After each move, a new letter is drawn randomly from the bag as much as the letter used by the player.

## Word Letters
The word is played with 100 letters. While there are different numbers of each letter, the points to be earned by each letter are different. Among Turkish words, the letters with a high frequency of use earn less points, and the letters with a low frequency earn more points.

## Using All Letters
The most effective way to earn extra points in the word game is to use all the letters. The player who uses all 7 letters in one move gains 50 more points on top of the score he has achieved.

## Changing Letters
The player who cannot write words with the letters in his hand or who wants to change the letters in his hand for the letters he thinks will be better, can choose the letters he wants to change and request new letters. Of course, there must be as many letters in the bag as he wants to change.

## Game over
### Scenario 1
- After a player has made his move, if he has no letters left in his hand and there are no letters left in the bag, the game is over.
- In this scenario, if the opponent has letters left in his hand, the score of the player who finishes the letters in his hand is added to the value of the remaining letters, and the player who has the letter in his hand is deducted as much as the value of the remaining letters.
- The leading player in the last situation wins the game. If the points are tied, the game ends in a draw.

### Scenario 2
- In the event that meaningful words cannot be written on the playing field despite the fact that the players have letters in their hands, the players make the game end by passing 4 mutual passes.
- The leading player in this scenario wins the game. If the points are tied, the game ends in a draw.

### Scenario 3
- If a player leaves the game at any time in the game, his opponent is victorious.

### Scenario 4
- The player who does not make a move in the time given for the move is considered to have left the game. His opponent wins.

### More than 2 player scenarios
- The rules of the 2-player game apply. Differently, even if a player leaves the game, if the number of players playing is more than 1, the game continues.
- The player who wins at the end of the game is deemed to have defeated all other players. According to the ranking of points, the player at the bottom is deemed to have lost to the players at the top.

## Accepted Words
- The word is based on the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association.
- In addition, some words that have become common in daily use are also considered valid for the Word.
- You can access the accepted words from the dictionary section in the application.

Basic Software
- Rose BASIC
- Serdar TEMEL
v1.0.52 · 39.0MB
Word chain reaction - Wordchy1.5.4_Popularmodapk.com

Word chain reaction - Wordchy

Wordchy is a word chain reaction game where you'll try to build as many chained words as possible, a words classic game to improve vocabulary! Train your brain with words as you do in games as Wordle, Codycross, Word connect or others words classic games, this word challenge game is made for you to enjoy and improve vocabulary at the same time 🤓 

In this casual word challenge game you'll have to chain words before the timer finishes. The timer has 60s when it starts, but an extra second will be added when a new chained word is added, so try to add as many chain words as you can! And if you enjoy being the best in games...your best scores will be saved in a ranking where you'll can beat your friends and people around the world!

¿Do you like word games as Wordle, Codycross, Word connect or others? So you must download Wordchy! With this word chain reaction game you'll train your brain with words in a funny way 🥳


📝🔍 Words brain training game free
🕑 Countdown mode
🚀🏆 Leaderboard ranking
🤩 Share your results on Twitter, Whatsapp or others
🇪🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧 Available in English and Spanish
🌚 You can use it in dark mode


🕑 Countdown: In this mode you'll need a super fast mind to try to build as many words as possible before the countdown finishes. You'll have 60s when the timer starts and after a new chained word will be added, an extra second will be summed up! Challenge your friends to try to beat you and try to be the best wordchy player in the world!

🔜 Stay tuned! Very soon we will add new game modes to challenge you 😎

👩‍💻👨‍💻 We are working hard to make Wordchy one of your favorites word games, so we are here for listening to you! Our main objective is that our word chain game become an app where you have fun within it, learn everyday and challenge your friends to enjoy with them. If there is any tool, feedback, or other functionalities that you have seen on other word games that you would like to be in our app, please write us to [email protected] and we'll write you as soon as possible.

So, if you are looking for a training brain word challenge game to improve vocabulary, where you can challenge yourself, friends and people around the world... Wordchy is your word game!

What are you waiting for downloading it? 😜
v1.5.4 · 4.0MB
Word Connect Game - Wordwise1.8.2_Popularmodapk.com

Word Connect Game - Wordwise

WARNING This word connect is for geniuses only! Do you like word games? Have you always dreamed of traveling around the world? Wordwise is the anagram game here to grant both your wishes! Multiple levels and a crazy number of exotic locales are here for you to explore!

Gameplay Instruction
- Swipe to connect the letters and make hidden words. 
- Fill in all the blanks in order to unlock the next level! 
- Free hints whenever you want, so you never lose momentum in this crossword escape.  

-100+ locations and landmarks for you to explore and enjoy. Savor the experience of a long-needed relaxing vacation, with no travel at all! 
-1000+ interesting word puzzles mean you’ll never get bored of this crossword. Train your brain and relax all at the same time! 
- Offline play available. Real-life just isn’t as relaxing as our app, so we offer you the ability to play the word games wherever you are.  
- Endless hints for when you get stuck. Not that you will!

More Information
- Challenging not Punishing 
Wordwise offers different levels for your different needs. It sets easy levels to give you a break, and difficult levels to keep you challenged.

- Tons of Content 
Wordwise has 1000+ word connect games for you to discover. Expand your vocabulary, train your brain, and have fun at the same time! 

- Fancy and Fluid 
Fancy animation and lush photography, along with fluid finger control and gameplay, ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience down to the smallest detail. 

Expand your horizons and your vocabulary. Get started, unwind and live a little! Happy word hunt with Wordwise.

Contact Us: 
[email protected]
v1.8.2 · 152.4MB
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