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Easycash - Kredit Dana Online3.28.0_Popularmodapk.com

Easycash - Kredit Dana Online

 Fast KTA online money loan application without collateral/guarantee
Make unsecured loans comfortably with Easycash.

Loan Products

◉Borrow Money: IDR 600,000 - IDR 50,000,000
◉Duration: the shortest tenor is 93 days, the longest is 180 days
◉Interest rate (maximum): 24% APR per annum, no additional management fee

👉Example: If you choose a loan limit of IDR 5,000,000 with a period of 93 days, the total interest that must be paid: IDR 5,000,000*(24%/365)*93 = IDR 305,753
Total return fee: IDR 5,000,000 + IDR 305,753 = IDR 5,305,753. The monthly payment is IDR 1,768,584

💪Different from Easycash

◉Without Collateral, simply by completing the required information you can apply for a money loan
◉ All processes are carried out online and there is no need to telephone, the loan is disbursed immediately after the review is complete.
◉Protection of personal data and privacy

🤩How to Register
✔︎ Fill in the Online Loan Form
✔︎ Approval
✔︎Funds disburse directly into your account

💳How to use
We provide fast, unsecured online loan services with different terms. Customers can borrow money quickly and choose the loan period according to their needs.
All processes are carried out online, without collateral, fast and meet the security needs of cash loans.

🔒No Guarantee
Easycash is a fast online loan without collateral at all. You only need to fill in your personal data and you don't need to guarantee any property.

😉Easy to use
Only by downloading the Easycash application, no signature is required. Quick reviews, fast money loans, all processes are done via HP. What an experience!

🏦How to Return a Loan
You can make Easycash bill payments via ATM transfers, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, OVO, Alfamart and Alfamidi digital electronic wallets.
Easycash Partner Banks: BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, CIMB.
After completing the payment, you will receive a notification via SMS as confirmation that your payment has been successful.

📞Contact Us

If you encounter any problems using the application, please contact us in the following ways:
Email: [email protected] (Borrower)/[email protected] (Lender)
Customer service: 021-5020-0060
Facebook: @EasycashIndonesia
Instagram: @easycash.ind
Twitter: @easycashid
TikTok: @easycash.id
Service hours: Monday-Sunday 08.00-20.00
Office address: Menara Dea 2 Floor 18-20, Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat 1-2 Kav E4 Setiabudi, Kuningan Timur, Jakarta Selatan 12950

👇Who We Are

Easycash is a financial technology company that utilizes internet technology in conducting its business. The collateral-free loan process is fast and easy because Easycash uses special technology to collect, analyze and process your collateral-free loans within 24 hours. With this technology, you can easily borrow online through the Easycash application. Easycash has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority through a permit number KEP-49/D.05/2020.

◉ What is KTA without a credit card?
👉 Yes, KTA Online Loans or unsecured credit are unsecured money loans and credit cards. You only need to fill in the required information and then the money loan will be disbursed after going through the approval process.

◉ Is Easycash an online credit application?
👉Yes, we offer direct liquid loans up front which you can then freely use for your needs.

◉ What is Tenor?
👉Loan Tenor is the length of your Online Loan repayments.

This product is only to serve groups of people aged 18 years and over.
v3.28.0 · 26.1MB
Ví VNPAY – Ví của Gia đình2.1.1_Popularmodapk.com

Ví VNPAY – Ví của Gia đình

Với tính năng VÍ GIA ĐÌNH, Quý khách có thể mở Ví cho người thân như con cái, vợ/chồng, bố mẹ…và hoàn toàn yên tâm về việc chi tiêu của người thân.
THANH TOÁN ĐƠN GIẢN – TIỆN ÍCH NGẬP TRÀN VÍ VNPAY: Với hệ sinh thái các sản phẩm, dịch vụ đa dạng, Ví điện tử VNPAY sẽ giúp đáp ứng nhanh chóng mọi nhu cầu thanh toán, mua sắm, giải trí, du lịch, … của khách hàng.
- Hơn 200.000 điểm chấp nhận thanh toán VNPAY-QR trên cả nước
- Thanh toán dễ dàng, nhanh chóng, an toàn
- Hàng ngàn ưu đãi giảm tới 50% mỗi ngày
- Thanh toán đầy đủ các loại hóa đơn thanh toán tiền điện, nước, internet, truyền hình cap, bảo hiểm, học phí...
- Tự động nhắc nhở khi đến lịch, không lo trễ hạn
- Đặt vé máy bay, vé tàu, vé xe bus, gọi taxi hay Đặt phòng khách sạn
- Hỗ trợ nhanh chóng mọi yêu cầu hoàn hủy, thay đổi thông tin chuyến bay...
ĐA TIỆN ÍCH ĂN UỐNG - GIẢI TRÍ - Đặt và thanh toán vé xem phim, đặt chỗ ăn uống và nhiều hoạt động vui chơi, giải trí đa dạng khác… nhanh chóng, thuận tiện mọi lúc mọi nơi.
- Miễn phí khởi tạo tài khoản và duy trì tài khoản Ví điện tử VNPAY
- Miễn phí nạp tiền, rút tiền từ ngân hàng đã liên kết
- Miễn phí chuyển tiền giữa các tài khoản Ví VNPAY
- Miễn phí giao dịch khi thanh toán VNPAY-QR
- Miễn phí giao dịch khi thanh toán hóa đơn (điện, nước, internet, truyền hình, học phí,...), thanh toán khoản vay tiêu dùng, đặt phòng khách sạn, mua vé tàu hỏa, mua vé xe khách, đặt vé xem phim, thể thao – giải trí, gọi Taxi, giao hàng, đặt hoa,…
- Miễn phí giao dịch khi mua mã thẻ, nạp tiền điện thoại, mua mã thẻ 3G/4G của các nhà mạng
Tên: Công ty Cổ phần Giải pháp thanh toán Việt Nam (VNPAY) Địa chỉ: Tầng 8, số 22 phố Láng Hạ, phường Láng Hạ, quận Đống Đa, thành phố Hà Nội
VNPAY E-Wallet – FAMILY E-Wallet
With the FAMILY Wallet feature, you can open the Wallet for your loved ones such as children, spouse, parents...and be completely assured of your loved ones' spending.
SIMPLE PAYMENT - VNPAY WALLET FULL OF Utilities: With a diverse ecosystem of products and services, VNPAY e-wallet will help quickly meet all needs of payment, shopping, entertainment, travel, etc. … of cutomer.
- More than 200,000 VNPAY-QR payment acceptance points across the country
- Easy, fast, safe payment
- Thousands of offers up to 50% off every day
- Full payment of bills for electricity, water, internet, cable TV, insurance, tuition fees...
- Automatically remind when the schedule is due, don't worry about being late
- Book air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, call a taxi or book a hotel room
- Quickly support any request for refund, cancellation, change of flight information...
MULTIFUNCTIONAL FOOD - ENTERTAINMENT - Book and pay for movie tickets, dining reservations and many other diverse entertainment and fun activities… quickly, conveniently, anytime, anywhere.
FEE & ASSOCIATED FEE POLICY - Free account creation and maintenance of VNPAY e-wallet account
- Free deposit, withdraw money from the linked bank
- Free money transfer between VNPAY Wallet accounts
- Free transaction when paying VNPAY-QR
- Free transactions when paying bills (electricity, water, internet, television, tuition fees,..), consumer loan payment, hotel booking, train ticket purchase, bus ticket purchase, Book movie tickets, sports - entertainment, call Taxi, delivery, order flowers, ...
- Free transactions when buying card codes, recharge phones, buy 3G/4G card codes of carriers Name: VIET NAM PAYMENT SOLUTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY Address: 8th Floor, No. 22, Lang Ha Street, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam

v2.1.1 · 128.4MB


[Promise official app]
Anyone can install it for free, whether you are a first-time customer or an existing customer. Please use convenient services with the app!

■No card required! Cash and repay with the app!
Cardless deposit and withdrawal function! You can use the "smartphone ATM" service that allows you to deposit and withdraw without a card using the app at Seven Bank ATMs and Lawson Bank ATMs.
■ Convenient cashing with "App Loan"!
App loan is a Promise service that allows you to complete the application, borrowing, and transaction after signing the contract with your smartphone even when you suddenly need money. You can apply, borrow, and repay without visiting a store, exchanging mail, or even without a credit card.

■Recommended points of Promise App!
1: Earn V points for your first contract, app usage, and monthly repayments!
*Application from the app is required.

2: You can apply for an increase (change the limit) from the app!

3: Borrow without a card! Withdrawals can be made at Seven Bank ATMs and Lawson Bank ATMs from the day you sign a contract without using a card! Using the "Smartphone ATM" service is easy with the app!
◇Customers applying for the first time◇
For cash advances and card loans, leave it to the Promise app! It takes only 25 minutes from application to screening and financing! From application to loan examination and contract, you can complete it with the app or smartphone. After signing the contract, you can choose various ways to borrow money with Promise's cash advance card loan!
Debit method 1: With the app, you can withdraw money from Seven Bank ATMs and Lawson Bank ATMs without a card.
Debit method 2: You can also transfer the loan from Promise to the customer's bank account.
Borrowing method 3: Promise cards can be issued even if the app/smartphone is complete. Promise cards can be borrowed from Promise ATMs and affiliated ATMs nationwide.
◇ Customers who are currently trading ◇
Customers who are already dealing with card loans, please use the app conveniently! Since the Promise app has introduced the smartphone ATM transaction service of Seven Bank and Lawson Bank, ATM transactions can be made without a card. If you need money right away but don't have your credit card with you, or if the transfer time has passed on the day of cashing, just install the app and you'll be able to borrow money on the day using just the app!

■ Introduction of functions
[New application function]
・Submission of identity verification documents and income certificates

[borrowing function]
・Smartphone ATM
Unlike conventional card loans, you can withdraw and deposit money from Seven Bank ATMs and Lawson Bank ATMs without a card.
・Internet transfer
You can transfer money to your bank account with transfer cashing from the app.

[Repayment function]
・Internet repayment
You can pay back to Promise from your own bank account.

[Function to apply for an increase (change of limit)]
You can apply for an increase (change of limit) from the app.

[Submission of proof of income]
You can use the app to take a picture of your income proof document with your camera or select an image file on your smartphone and submit it as is.

[LINE chat service]
By linking your LINE account from the app, you can immediately inquire about usage information and contract details using the LINE chat service even when you have no time, such as between work or while traveling by train.

■ Various functions of other apps
[Smooth login]
The Web-ID and card number required for login can be saved in the app, so you don't need to enter them every time.
Also, if you use the biometric authentication service, you can log in with only biometric information (fingerprint, face, voice) by completing the procedure in advance.

[Inquiry of usage information]
You can check your loan balance, repayment date, repayment amount, available amount, etc. at a glance!
In addition, you can also inquire about usage information such as interest rates and borrowing rates.

[Store/ATM Search]
By using GPS, you can search for nearby stores and ATMs.

[Repayment simulation]
You can simulate a repayment plan by entering the repayment period, repayment amount, and desired borrowing amount.

■ Frequently Asked Questions
[Q] How do I log in to the app?
You can log in with your Web-ID and password, or your promise card number and PIN.
You can register, inquire, and change your Web-ID through the Promise Membership Service.

[Q] I would like to submit my income certificate through the app.
After logging in to the app, you can take a picture of your income certificate and submit it as it is.
Submission method: Member login > Login > Menu > "Submit income certificate"
* If you are in the process of applying for the first time, please start the application from the "Request for document submission" email sent from Promise and submit it.

*******Terms of Use, Notes*******
[Supported OS]
Android7 or later
Please note that there may be some restrictions on operations, etc. due to device-specific events and environments. In addition, operation is not guaranteed on tablet devices.

[Points to note when using the "Smartphone ATM" service]
・ Can be used with Promise official app (ver16.0.0 or higher).
・Seven Bank ATMs and Lawson Bank ATMs are out of service, and our company's system maintenance hours cannot be used. (Regular maintenance is every Monday from 0:00 to 7:00. Also, the service will be stopped all day on New Year's Day.)
・Seven Bank ATMs and Lawson Bank ATMs have different operating hours depending on the business hours of the store where they are installed.
・Authentication of the smartphone terminal by SMS (Short Message Service) is required.

■ "Promise" is recommended for these people!
・I need cash immediately, so I'm looking for an app that allows me to borrow money on my smartphone.
・I want to use a card loan app that allows me to get cash immediately when I don't have time to deposit money into my debit card account.
・ I want to find a nearby ATM that can be borrowed with the ATM search function
・I want to use cash advances because I prefer virtual cards for online shopping and cash for real shopping.
・I want an app that allows me to change the loan limit from my smartphone in case I need money
・I'm looking for an app that can be used in an emergency to transfer money to my financial institution account without a card.
・I want to complete the application for the examination necessary to borrow money with the app
・I want an app that can check repayment fees and interest, search ATMs, etc., in addition to cash cashing on smartphones.
・I'm looking for an app that allows me to find out how much it costs to borrow money, such as interest rates and repayment fees.
・I don't carry a cash card, so I want to cash cash with an app loan when I need cash in a hurry.
・I want to save the trouble of using the app to transfer cash to a debit card account.
・I want to use a Promise app that allows me to collect money without exchanging mail.
・I want to check the interest rate, limit, and fee when borrowing money using the app
・I want to have an app that can take money for emergencies when I don't have a credit card or cash card
・I'm looking for an app that can be used for various purposes such as taking money, transferring money to a virtual card, repayment, and searching for ATMs.
・When borrowing money with a card loan, you want to use consumer finance from a major financial institution group
Leave it to Consumer Finance Promise for cash advances!

■ About use
・Loan interest rate (actual annual rate)
4.5% to 17.8%
・Repayment period and number of repayments
    After final borrowing, the shortest is the same day, the longest is 6 years and 9 months (1 to 80 times)
・Typical example of total cost of card loan
    Loan amount: 500,000 yen
    Actual annual rate: 17.8%
    Number of repayments: 58
    Total repayment: 746,160 yen
·privacy policy

v18.4.3 · 203.9MB


With the BancoPosta App you can easily and securely manage your current account, your Postepay cards, your coupons and postal books on the go.
Sign in now, even with your fingerprint!
If you open a BancoPosta account Start Giovani, Start or Medium option in the BancoPosta App until 31 December 2022, you will have a free fee for the first 12 months from the opening of the account.


• Balance and list of transactions:
- the BancoPosta current account, Postepay cards
- of the Smart and Ordinary Booklet (the latter if enabled online)
- the accounts and payment cards of other banks (account information service - AIS)
- of the Smart and Ordinary Booklet (the latter if enabled online)
• Consultation of dematerialized postal savings bonds settled on BancoPosta current accounts and passbooks
• Bank transfer, giro and fund transfer from the BancoPosta current account
• Payment of bills from the BancoPosta current account (QR code)
• Top-ups (Sim, Postepay cards)
• Top up your Postepay card from your Smart Booklet
• Girofondo from your Smart Booklet to a BancoPosta current account, to another Smart Booklet or to an Ordinary Booklet of which you are the holder
• Subscription and redemption of Postal Interest Bonds on BancoPosta current accounts and on the Smart Booklet
• Activation / consultation / deactivation of the Supersmart Offer on the Smart Booklet
• Association of the IBAN of your bank account with your Smart Booklet to transfer money to your Smart Booklet
• Automatic and customizable categorization of transactions on accounts and cards
• Setting of spending objectives by category and budget
• Creation of savings goals thanks to the Digital Piggy Bank
• Monthly visualization of the overall financial situation through graphs and statistics
• Display of the balance of BancoPosta Accounts, Postal Passbooks, Postepay Cards, and of the accounts and cards of other banks (subject to authorization)
• Setting and customization of in-app notifications on income, expenses, spending goals, etc.
• Display of transactions not yet accounted for
• Personalization of debit card and Postepay card settings (withdrawal and payment limits, geographical area of ​​use, websites and contactless payments).
• BancoPosta discounts
• Authorizations with fingerprint
• Saving data of the most frequent operations
• Authorization of payments arranged on Poste Italiane sites with the PosteID code or fingerprint
• Post office locations and ticket booking

Consult the accessibility statements on https://www.poste.it/dichiarazione-accessibilita.html.

v20.158.6 · 199.4MB
Bundle - Cash & Crypto Wallet4.2.0_Popularmodapk.com

Bundle - Cash & Crypto Wallet

Note: Bundle is currently available in Nigeria 🇳🇬, Ghana 🇬🇭, Kenya 🇰🇪 and Cameroon 🇨🇲. We'll be in more countries soon!

Hi, there! 👋🏾

Bundle Africa is a social payments app for cash and cryptocurrency. Best crypto app to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, USDT and more.

We make it easy and fun to make payments with cash as well as buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, BUSD, and BNB. Bundle is safe, fast, fun, and a free crypto wallet built on the blockchain.

What can you do with Bundle?

Join in Minutes 🚀
Signing up on Bundle will take you just a few minutes. We’ll need your email, phone number, and BVN (for Nigerians). That's it!

Send Cash & Crypto for Free 🤩
Send and transfer cash and crypto to your contacts on Bundle. Link your phone's contacts to Bundle to see who you know on Bundle 👀. Send to your friends using just their usernames. All absolutely free; best crypto app.

Super-Fast Transactions 💸
Send, request, transfer, earn, and receive cash or cryptocurrency free of charge with just a few taps. You can pay back your friend for last night's dinner or send them the cookie money you owe them. 😎

Send Cash or Cryptocurrency to Contacts Who Aren’t on Bundle 💁🏾‍♀
Want to pay someone who's not on Bundle? Send them cash or cryptocurrency with their phone number. They'll only need to join Bundle to claim the payment.

Save in BUSD and Earn Up To 5.7% Returns 💵 💵
Enjoy the benefits of saving in dollars with Bundle Vault. Save regularly and withdraw anytime or lock your BUSD for 7 days or more to earn higher returns.

Buy, Sell and Convert Cryptocurrency 💰
Buy crypto including Bitcoin, Ether, BUSD, BNB, Chainlink, and TRON on Bundle with your debit card, a bank transfer, or another crypto. You can also sell crypto and withdraw cash into your bank account. You can buy and sell crypto as little as NGN 500 on Bundle!

Withdraw and Deposit Cryptocurrency 🏦
Want to move crypto out of Bundle to another wallet? Easy! Send and deposit using the network of your choice. It's fast and it's secure. 🔒

Refer Friends and Earn Commissions 📢
Share your Bundle referral link and earn a commission for each friend who joins Bundle through your link and trades the minimum amount required within 15 days of joining.

Best mobile crypto & bitcoin wallet. Best crypto app. Crypto app for Android.

Available cryptocurrencies:


Need some help with joining or using Bundle? Please, send a message to suppo[email protected] 📨 and we’ll get back to you.

v4.2.0 · 67.5MB
Bold - Datáfono móvil1.4.7(1)_Popularmodapk.com

Bold - Datáfono móvil

Bold is the dataphone that allows you to receive card payments easily, quickly and safely. You no longer have to lose more sales just by receiving cash in your business. Acquire it without paperwork or paperwork at www.bold.co and forget about rents or monthly payments.

With Bold you can also have control of your business with just one click, because with the Bold App you receive the report of your sales, the details of each transaction.

Download it completely for free on your cell phone or tablet and start selling more.

Register in minutes as a natural person or as a company.
Receive your own dataphone without paperwork or paperwork.
Forget about monthly rentals or charges.
Fast and secure payments.
Receive all national and international credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex and private brands such as Codensa, Tuya and Alkosto).
Receive payment with chip, contactless and band cards.
Receive payments from any city in Colombia and the world with the Payment Link (credit, debit and PSE cards).
Check the details of your sales in real time and check the reports and statistics whenever you want.
Forget about long receipts and send proof of payment to your clients via email or SMS.

Accept easy and fast payments:
Get your dataphone at www.bold.co
Download the Bold App and complete the registration process.
Open the App, connect your dataphone and enter the amount to be charged.
Insert, swipe or bring your customer's card into your Bold dataphone.
If the card requires a PIN or password, give the dataphone to your client to enter it.
If the card is a credit card, choose the number of installments that your client authorizes and ask him to put his signature in the app when necessary.
Wait for the transaction to be approved and send the proof of payment to your client via email or SMS.

It's that easy to start receiving payments safely in your business. What are you waiting for your business to grow?

Bold and your dataphone have the security certifications PCI DSS, PCI PTS, PCI PIN, EMVCo, MasterCard, Visa and Amex, among others, which ensures that all payments you receive will be processed under the highest security standards.

Country of operation:

v1.4.7(1) · 61.6MB
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