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Filming is not only used to record the moments in life, but also to do many other things. When mobile devices were born, there was also a new form of video recording to share with others. In the past, this may seem strange, but now it is becoming prevalent, and there are many applications produced for screen recording. But out of the dozens of made apps, only a handful of them are highly rated, which is XRecorder – an app for screen recording. This application is one of the leading tools for users to use and enjoy what it can do.Ensure the user has used an application with the same function, so it will not be too difficult to get used to the application. On the user’s device, there is also a default application created for the user to use, but it certainly cannot satisfy the user’s needs. This application is similar to the one that the user has tried before; the only other thing is features. The default app is already on your device and ready to go. If you want to use this application, you must first download it from the store to be installed on the user’s device. Once the app has been installed, the user is ready to use the app.When users want to record the screen, start the application and see in the corner of the screen there is a button; just click on it, the application will display a virtual key for users to record video. In it will also start recording button; just click on it to start work. Once everything is done, press the button again so that it stops recording and saves the video. The video has then been saved to the user’s device and can be ready for use.When recording the screen, one essential thing is whether the quality is guaranteed or not. There are many applications; when the user is in the recording process, everything is fine, but when the product is received, its quality is extremely low. The quality of the video can have a lot to do with performance; for example, when a user is trying to guide something but because it’s too blurry, the viewer cannot understand. If it comes to the application, it will not happen because the application will provide the ability to retrieve images at very high quality. This application can output video in full HD quality, and users can also choose the quality of the video when it is retrieved. The application will support users to choose from 240p to 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps for users to select what they need. The higher the quality of the video, the more memory it needs to store, so be careful before choosing.Nowadays, there is a very famous job and is highly appreciated by many people, that is the work of live streaming to entertain others. This job is becoming extremely popular, and more and more people are choosing it to start their careers. Currently, streaming platforms on mobile phones with famous titles such as “PUBG” are becoming very popular. Do you want to be a streamer on mobile platforms? If so, this application is a tool for users to do that. When the user takes a picture, the user can also activate the front camera to record himself while playing a game. User images will be placed at an angle according to the user’s arrangement not to affect viewers. Not only recording, but this application can also act as a mobile live streaming tool so users can work anytime, anywhere.There are many applications on the market for users to use, but most of them have a disadvantage of not being able to operate excessively. For example, the maximum length of the video is only 10 minutes, but 10 minutes is sometimes not enough to work. However, when using this application, there will not be any restrictions because the application allows users to record videos with unlimited duration. As long as the user has enough battery left, the application is always ready to work. But the user should not use too much because this will affect the device’s performance.
v2.3.5.1 · 28.0MB
Vidify: Status Video Maker1.5.0_Popularmodapk.com

Vidify: Status Video Maker

Introducing Vidify: 🎥✨ Create Stunning Videos with Music and Transitions! 🎵🌟

Unleash your creativity with the ultimate music video editor! Experience captivating video effects effortlessly. Create trending music videos and effortlessly catch trends. Become a top video editor, impress with stunning photo slideshows. Transform your photos into mesmerizing video clips with the best music video editor. Let this app be your gateway to limitless creative possibilities.

📽️ Powerful Video Editing Made Simple:
- Edit videos effortlessly with the free video editor app, transforming them into beautiful videos. ✂️🎬
- Seamlessly combine multiple video clips into a captivating and professionally edited video. 🔄📹
- Add your favorite music to your videos, making them even more memorable and engaging. 🎶🎥
- Express yourself creatively by adding lyric videos to your creations, infusing them with artistic flair. 🎵🖌️

🎵 Create Mesmerizing Music Videos:
- Turn your live photos into visually striking videos with the live photo to video feature, breathing life into your precious moments. 📸🎥
- Transform your photos into a stunning slideshow with the free slideshow video maker with music, crafting a cinematic experience. 🌅🎬
- Craft incredible music videos by synchronizing your favorite songs with captivating visuals, immersing your audience in a harmonious journey. 🎶🌟
- Elevate your videos with the music video editor, adding special effects, transitions, and filters to create a truly immersive experience. ✨💥

🎶 Bring Your Videos to Life:
- Be the star of your own creations using the video maker with music editor, showcasing your talent and originality. 🌟🌠
- Add catchy transitions and effects to enhance the visual appeal of your videos, captivating your viewers from start to finish. 🔀🎨
- Amplify the impact of your videos with the music video maker free, providing you with an array of tools to unleash your creativity. 🎉🎵
- Showcase your talent and passion with the video creator, sharing your masterpieces with the world and leaving a lasting impression. 🎬🌍

🌟 Exciting Features:
- Elevate your videos with mesmerizing video transitions, seamlessly blending scenes and adding a touch of magic. ✨🎞️
- Enhance your videos with lyrics, letting your audience sing along with the rhythm and connect on a deeper level. 🎵🎤
- Unleash your inner artist with the lyrical video maker, effortlessly creating visually stunning lyric videos that captivate and inspire. 🎨🎥
- Stay up-to-date with the latest news by transforming it into engaging status videos with the news status video feature, keeping your viewers informed and entertained. 📰📺

📸 Unforgettable Visuals, Captivating Moments:
- Combine photos and videos seamlessly using the photo and video integration, crafting a visual story that leaves a lasting impact. 📷🎞️
- Craft picture-perfect videos with the pic video maker, adding music and effects to create a truly immersive experience. 🌄🎥
- Create photo videos effortlessly with the photo video maker free, capturing precious moments and preserving them for eternity. 📸📹
- Engage your audience with captivating status videos using the status videos maker, showcasing snippets of your life in a creative and engaging manner. 📱🎥

💫 Vidify: Unleash Your Creative Potential:
- Let your imagination run wild with the video clip maker, offering limitless possibilities for expressing your unique vision. 🌈🎬
- Stand out from the crowd with the video star feature, infusing your videos with personality and style. ✨🌟
- Enjoy a smooth and intuitive video editing experience with the video editing app, making the process of creating professional-quality videos a breeze. 📲✂️

Discover the joy of creating beautiful videos with music, pictures, and captivating effects. Download Vidify now and unlock your creative potential to create videos that leave a lasting impression! 🎉🎥✨
v1.5.0 · 53.3MB
HD Video Player All Format1.0.4_Popularmodapk.com

HD Video Player All Format

HD Video Player All Format is a free video player for android. Small in size, rich in features. In this simple video player app, you can play 4K & 1080p video files with high definition. Video player all format allows you to enjoy the best video viewing experience. 

Support ALL video formats: MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS, etc.
✓ Use Popup Play to watch in a floating window while chatting with others
✓ Change video speed from 0.5x to 2x
Background Play allows you to listen to videos with screen off
✓ Gesture controls (e.g. 10s forward/backward)
✓ Auto detect video files and folders on your phone and SD card
✓ Manage videos easily : Delete, Rename, etc.
✓ Sleep Timer
✓ Night Mode & Quick Mute
✓ Five-band equalizer with bass boost
✓ Download & add subtitles for videos
✓ Easily switch audio track
✓ Grid View & List View
✓ Instantly find your video with Quick Search feature

💡 Popup Play & Background Playback
Popup Play allows you to keep watching the video when you are chatting with others. This small floating window is displayed in the corner of your screen. The Background Play makes it easy for you to listen to videos like an audiobook, even after locking your screen.

Media Player with Speed Control
The media player allows users to adjust the playback speed of videos from 0.5x to 2.0x, making it possible to watch videos in slow motion or fast forward through long videos. This feature is especially useful for media content such as educational videos or tutorials.

🎬 MP4 Player with Many Features
The MP4 player offers multiple features, such as 10-second fast forward and rewind, enabling you to quickly jump ahead or back. There's an equalizer that allows you to adjust the sound for the best listening experience. And for late night viewing, the Night Mode feature reduces the brightness to ease your eye strain.

🚀 HD Video Player Lite
This HD Video Player is less than 10 MB to download, installs quickly, and loads fast. The interface of the media player is simple and user-friendly, and functionality is clear and intuitive. With gesture controls, You can enjoy ultra HD and smooth video with just a few taps.

Are you struggling with storage space or have performance issues with your phone ?
Or are you still looking for an extremely light & user-friendly video player in all formats for Android?
If so, this HD Video Player should be your first choice!

Have a try with HD Video Player All Format and enjoy the smooth video playback experience! If you have any suggestions or comments about our video player, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].
v1.0.4 · 6.0MB
YI IoT4.0.3_20230601_Popularmodapk.com


****Attention!!! This app only supports International Version YI IoT Camera. For people who use China Version YUNYI Smart Camera, please download the suitable app in Mi Store. ****

-YI IoT Camera connects you with your family through real-time video and audio anytime and anywhere just a fingertip away
-Equipped with a 111° wide-angle lens, you can extend the area of coverage to enable a clear view of specific areas and objects. Simply double click to activate 4x digital zoom to focus on details
-With a simple tap on your mobile phone, you can initiate a 2-way conversation with your family remotely. Its specially designed microphone and speaker ensures loud and clean voice quality
-By simply panning your mobile phone left and right, a complete panoramic view will be displayed to provide a better viewing experience. The gyroscope support, integrated in the Yi Smart App, is able to follow the mobile phone orientation, making it easier to see every corner being monitored

-The YI IoT camera uses all glass lenses with f/2.0 aperture to produce bright and crystal images. With HD resolution (1280x720), it still delivers excellent image quality even if your enlarged to view small details
-YI IoT camera always keeps an eye on things that is important to you.With built-in high accuracy motion detection technology, the camera sends notification to your mobile phone detailing when, where, and what movement was detected so you always stay on top of things that you care about, instantly!
-Support up to 32GB SD card, it stores video and audio of special moments, fully indexed, for you to cherish at the touch of your fingertip. Best yet, a built-in mode triggers store action only when image change is detected to achieve best storage capacity optimization
-Our adaptive streaming technology automatically adjust to the optimal viewing quality based on your network conditions

v4.0.3_20230601 · 175.0MB
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