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Salaat First Prayer Times5.9.2_Popularmodapk.com

Salaat First Prayer Times

Salaat First calculates local prayer times accurately using multiple conventions

Application Features:

• Notification for each prayer with the ability to choose the sound from multiple adhans.
• Reminder before adhan with the ability to choose the duration for each prayer.
• Finding the location using GPS, or manually by searching in a database with more than 40000 city, or using internet.
• Multiple widgets
• Ahadith nabawia from Sahih Al Bukhari
• Updating location in background to get accurate prayer times without the need to change configuration.
• A Compass to show the Qibla direction.
• View monthly prayer times.
• Hijri Calendar
• Ability to adjust prayer times manually.
• Multilingual: Arabic, English, and French.

Implemented Calculation Methods:

1- Umm Al Qura University
2- Moroccan Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs
3- Muslim World League
4- University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
5- Egyptian General Authority of Survey
6- Islamic Union of North America
7- Union of Islamic Organisations in France
8- Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait
9- Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs in Algeria
10- Ministry of Religious Affairs in Tunisia
11 - Grand Mosque of Paris
12 - General Authority of Islamic Affairs And Endowments - UAE
13 - The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of Palestine
14 - Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey (Dyanet)
15 - Muslim Executive of Belgium (EMB)
16 - Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG)

We are trying to update the app regularty to have prayer times as accurate as possible, but it stays the responsibility of the user to ensure that the times provided by the app matches the official times of his location before applying them.
v5.9.2 · 15.8MB
Lambus | Travel Planner9.1.2_Popularmodapk.com

Lambus | Travel Planner

Lambus is your new all-in-one travel app: everything you need for your next trip combined into one platform. Manage your expenses, travel documents, photos and more with Lambus. We support you with various features; before, during and after your trip, so you can simply focus on enjoying it! Whether it's for a solo trip or a group trip, the Lambus trip planner is great for both!

# Plan your next adventure

So much world. So little time. All the more important not to unnecessarily waste time with planning your travel itinerary. Save your destinations as waypoints in your itinerary and add interesting places nearby. If you want to change something, simply move or delete the waypoint. Trip planning has never been this easy!

# Import your route

Planning a bike ride or motorcycle tour? Or do you want to go hiking? Just import your .gpx files from popular manufacturers like Garmin into Lambus and the itineraries are automatically available for all participants of your trip. Or plan a new route and add it to your travel itinerary.

# Bring order into your travel documents

Put an end to cluttered lists, spreadsheets and disappearing emails. Gather your travel documents in one place. That way you (and your fellow travelers) can access them at any time - even offline!

# Split expenses

Lambus makes it easy to keep track of your travel expenses. Want to split expenses on a group trip? No problem, we'll even do the math for you! Just select the expense, calculate your debts and pay them directly.

# Manage private and shared notes

Whether you want to share your Airbnb PIN code with the group, create a packing list, or just jot down your passport number, Lambus helps you manage notes easily and securely.

# Get inspired

Still no idea where to go on your next trip? Browse through the many travel destinations in our Discover feature and get inspired: Whether it's a road trip through the USA, a city-trip to a European metropolis or a sunny beach vacation, there's something for everybody. New exciting trips are published here weekly, fully-equipped with waypoints and travel tips!

# Book your tickets

With our Transportation feature you can not only plan your routes, but also conveniently store or book your transportation. Once booked, the tickets will automatically be added to your travel documents!
v9.1.2 · 61.3MB
T locker 또타라커 - 지하철 물품보관전달함1.33.0_Popularmodapk.com

T locker 또타라커 - 지하철 물품보관전달함

도심에 설치된 무인보관함(또타라커) 및 개인창고(또타스토리지), 보관함 퀵서비스를 이용할 수 있습니다.

또타라커 : 서울교통공사 운영전역사(단 1호선 : 서울역~청량리역, 9호선 : 삼전역~중앙보훈병원역)
또타스토리지 : 5호선 답십리역, 7호선 이수역, 8호선 가락시장역

- 앱 하나만으로 출입통제 및 잠금장치를 제어하여 비대면 서비스는 물론이고, 비밀번호 노출 우려 없이 안전하게 사용 할 수 있어요.

- 내 주변 물품 보관함과 창고를 지도에서 바로 검색하여 사용해 보세요.
역사별 사용가능한 보관함과, 창고를 실시간으로 확인해 이용 할 수있어요.

- 보관함 퀵서비스로 물품을 안전하고 빠르게 전달할 수 있어요.

- 연중무휴! 언제든지 앱을 통해 쉽게 예약, 결제, 보관, 찾기를 할 수 있어요.

- 소형가방부터 이삿짐까지 넣을 수 있는 보관함과 창고를 용도에 따라 내 맘대로 선택하여 이용 해 보세요.

- 1:1 챗봇 상담으로 궁금한 점을 빠르게 안내 받을 수 있어요.

- 위치 감지 기능으로 오작동과 오사용을 방지하여 안심하고 사용 할 수 있어요.

- 한 달 이상 장기보관 서비스를 이용하면 지하철보관함을 개인 락커 처럼 이용할 수 있어요.
개발자 연락처 :
서울시 강동구 아리수로 87길 32 고덕차량기지 내 관리동 2층
T: 02-6311-8819 F: 02-6311-8739
v1.33.0 · 13.1MB
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