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Trivia Crack3.207.0_Popularmodapk.com

Trivia Crack

Step up your quiz game by answering fun trivia questions!

Love games with friends? Challenge friends and family in this trivia game! Prove you are the smartest not only by answering trivia questions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions in this brain test!

Play your way to the top! Compete against players from all over the world and see your progress in the global ranking!

Learn about art, sports, science & more while having fun with this trivia game!

🤯 Spin the wheel: We’ll quiz you on one of our six categories. Answer correctly so you don't miss your turn!
👑 Fill the Crown gauge: Get a character by landing the wheel on the Crown section, or answer three questions correctly.
🙌 Collect the characters: Win them by answering three questions correctly or challenging your opponent to a duel to snatch one of theirs! Get all six characters to win the match!

🗝️ Triviatopics: Can you call yourself an expert? Answer questions about your favorite topics and test your knowledge!
☠️ Survival: Adventure, fun and strategy collide at Survival. Play in real time and answer questions correctly to stay alive!
🚩 Triviathon: Answer questions non-stop in single mode. Get as many right answers as you can to climb the ladder and win!
⛏️ Treasure Mine: Collect picks to win matches! The more picks you get, the more chests you will unblock!

Pass the brain test to get delicious cookies to feed your pet. You can name it whatever you want!

❓ Daily Question: Get free rewards every day!
🕹️ Guess & Grab: Get as close as possible to the right answer and get amazing prizes!
🚀 Missions: Complete tasks and win coins!
⭐ Pick-a-Prize: Be careful! If you pick the wrong token you'll lose everything you got.
🐽 Piggy Bank: Every correct answer in Classic mode fills it!

Join us for special events in Treasure Mine.

🖼️ Pic Duel: Do you have a photographic memory? Choose images and challenge your friends!
✊ Tug of War: Prove you are the strongest by playing against a random opponent. It’s a race against the clock!

Show your knowledge by creating trivia questions through the Question Factory! You can also rate and translate them!

Level up or down depending on how many points you get. Can you reach the top of the ranking?

• Chat with other players.
• Share your progress through social networks.

Do you know all the answers to this quiz trivia game? Download this fun brain test now!

Have any questions or concerns? Check our Support page!
triviacrack.help.etermax.com or send us an email to [email protected]

Want the full trivia experience? Follow us on:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/triviacrack
- Twitter: @triviacrack
- Instagram: https://instagram.com/triviacrack
- YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-TLaR04Abrd7jIoN9k0Fzw

v3.207.0 · 162.5MB
World Map Quiz3.14_Popularmodapk.com

World Map Quiz

World Map Quiz APK​ is a casual puzzle game with rich gameplay. Players need to guess the country name of each region according to the map.

Introduction to World Map Quiz Game

A well-made small game with rich gameplay, players can experience it at any time, full of fun.

World Map Quiz Game Features

1. Through the world map puzzle, you can know the location of all countries in the world;

2. Accept the challenge and find out other countries. you don't know where they are;

3. Don't worry! Come learn geography with us.

World Map Quiz Game Highlights

1. The background music is very soothing, allowing players to complete challenges more calmly and allowing you to experience more fun;

2. The visual experience is also very good. Show off your skills to your heart's content and finally unlock other content;

3. You can start playing at any time, with multiple levels of difficulty, and enjoy interesting new modes.

World Map Quiz game review

The game is easy to release stress, full of fun, if you like it, come and download it.

v3.14 · 24.9MB
Bible Games: Trivia Bible Quiz0.2.105_Popularmodapk.com

Bible Games: Trivia Bible Quiz

Are you looking for free Christian games such as the trivia bible quiz games?

Do you want to play bible quiz games for adults and kids, and have fun while testing your bible knowledge?

Download Bible Games now and play the best bible games to enjoy and have fun with friends. Our trivia bible game was made for Christians who are interested in learning more about the Bible scriptures. Testing your bible knowledge is also a good way to grow faith and have fun at the same time.

Our bible trivia quiz game allows you to pick between 3 game modes: Bible Quiz, Bible True or False & Bible Hangman. Each correct answer gives you the bible verse where the answer is mentioned, thus further enabling you to remember and learn.

Each incorrect answer takes 1 of your 3 lives. You lose the game after you lose all 3 lives and then your points are accumulated. On the harder questions, you can use help to guess the correct answer such as Skip question, Remove 2 Wrongs, and Majority Vote. The help you will receive costs coins, which you collect by successfully completing the bible trivia challenges.

Think you have the perfect bible knowledge? Test your bible & Christianity education by playing the bible trivia challenge for each game mode and see your score on the global leaderboard of players. Can you become the bible word trivia master and outsmart them all?

When you decide to relax, you can also play Christian radio stations from within the bible Jesus game including Christian Life Radio, Kids Christian Radio, Cape Christian Radio, and more.

● 3 trivia bible games: bible quiz, bible hangman, bible true or false
● the correct answer also displays the bible verse where it’s mentioned
● 3 lives
● collect coins to buy help
● skip, remove 2 wrongs, and get a majority vote
● watch ads to continue the game
● global leaderboards
● listen to Christian radios
● suitable for kids and adults
● turn sounds on/off
● get daily reminders
● dark mode

Now don’t miss this fun bible trivia game with hundreds of questions about the Bible. It’s finally time to determine who knows the bible the best among your friends, family, as well as Christians across the globe.

☑️ Download and play the bible trivia game free!
v0.2.105 · 17.4MB
Harry : The Wizard Quiz Game2.2.2_Popularmodapk.com

Harry : The Wizard Quiz Game

Hogwarts, the wizardly world where everything is magical and adventurous.

The story of Harry potter started in 1997 & bang on the world by taking to a different world. People got amazed after seeing it and the essence of it is still alive in the heart of everyone whether it is a child or an adult.

So now it's time to test how much it is being remembered by playing this game.

So basically Harry:The Wizard Quiz is a quiz game app which is based out of harry potter series written by J.K Rowling. This game doesn't require any kind of login. All you need to do is just download and start playing the game.

In this game you will have a question displaying on your screen which you will have to answer correctly.

Every question has 4 options out of which one is the correct answer.

For every correct answer you score 15 points. So you have to be very careful while choosing the correct option.

Initially, You get 500 coins which you can use anytime during the quiz for taking hint to remove two options from the screen by using 50-50.

For using 50-50 in finding the correct answer you will need to spend some coins.

Answering 3 questions correctly, will lead you to the next level of the game and in such a way that wizard will go ahead in the game.

★Unofficial Application★ - Though this game somehow based on harry potter series but it is an unofficial quiz game app which is not affiliated by the harry potter books and movies in any means.

- Also it is not in any way related to Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

v2.2.2 · 13.1MB
Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles1.6.16_Popularmodapk.com

Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles

A brand new puzzle and riddle game comes from the makers of fun-favorite Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories! If you like brain games and mind games then you will relax with this puzzle game and play for your brain training.

Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles is a completely free riddle game, which will challenge your brain and mind. Each level consists of difficult choices, riddles, puzzles, and questions. You will solve complex riddles by finding clues, objects, and hidden secrets. Brain games will get harder and challenging as you complete the levels filled with tricky riddles and logical puzzles. Play hundreds of amazing jigsaw puzzles for your brain out and exercise with brain games and logic games. If you like IQ games or IQ quizzes you will also find many tricky questions for healthy brain training.

This puzzle game will test your brain and tease your mind with crazy puzzles and riddles. You will think outside the box and find clever solutions. Answers to the riddles will blow your brain and surprise you! Players will increase their IQ and brainpower as they solve a variety of puzzles and riddles. This puzzle game is not easy and you will find out many tricky puzzles.

This mind game offers a great user experience with artistic and funny graphics and animations. You will play a variety of crazy riddles where you solve the problems such as who is the mother, who is cheating and who is the lover. You will solve crimes, uncover hidden secrets, and complete complex puzzles by finding clues.

This free mobile game can be played anywhere and anytime. Puzzles & riddles can be solved comfortably with one hand and you can enjoy the game without pushing yourself too hard. No reflex testing or phone shaking is needed to complete logic game levels. You can relax and enjoy solving our funny tricky riddles for funny brainwash. Stupid test, moron test, or dumb test, all of them are in this brain game.


● Mystery solving and clue hunt levels: Who is lying? Who is the mother? Who is the killer?
● Free to download, free to play, and free to enjoy. No hidden fees.
● Dozens of levels filled with Tricky & Crazy riddles.
● Choice-based complex scenarios and gameplay.
● Professional graphics and animations.
● Immersive and funny sound effects.
● A great game to develop brain skills and IQ.
● Funny stories and characters.
● Levels filled with brain teaser humor.
● Clue detection system for complex puzzle lovers.
● Find hidden object levels to test your perception.
● No copy-paste levels, each level is %100 unique.
● Intuitive Help and Hint systems to help you along the way.
● Addictive and relaxing gameplay.
● Can be played offline.
● Play without the internet.
● Brain games and Brain Go for adults to boost their brainpower.
● Great exercise for brain training.

What are you waiting for? Download Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles now to start solving the craziest and trickiest riddles ever!

Have fun!

v1.6.16 · 185.8MB
Car Logo Quiz: Trivia Game1.0.67_Popularmodapk.com

Car Logo Quiz: Trivia Game

How much do you know about car brands? If you like quizzes, this app is for you. This is a game that is fun and relax. With hundreds of brands from all popular companies, you can try to guess the name of each, with high image quality. Learn while having fun playing this quiz. Finally, a quiz on cars that will test your knowledge of automotive history, details of specific models, and the origin of car companies!

Our Car Logo Quiz consist logos and brands from all car companies in the world :

- Audi
- Mercedes
- Volkswagen
- Ferrari
- Porsche
- Cadillac
- Citroen
- Hyundai
And all others …

This Logo Car Quiz app is made for entertainment and to increase knowledge about car brands. Every time you pass the level, you will get hints. If you can't recognize a picture / logo, you can use hints to get clues even answer to the question. Test yourself how good you are as a car fans, try to guess as more logos as you can in this car logo quiz game!

App features:

* this Car Quiz contains logos of more than 300 brands
* 10 levels
* 6 modes:
- level
- brand country
- time restricted
- play with no mistakes
- free play
- unlimited
* detailed statistics
* records(high scores)
* frequent application updates!

We offer you some helps to go further with our app:

* If you want to learn more about car brands, you can use help from Wikipedia.
* You can solve the question, if the logo is too hard to recognize for you.
* Or maybe eliminate some buttons? It’s on you!

How to play Guess the Car Brand Quiz:

- Select the "Play" button
- Choose the mode you want to play
- Choose the answer below
- At the end of game you will get your score and hints

Download our quiz and see if you`re really the expert in cars, you think you are!


All logos used or presented in this game are protected by copyright and/or are trademarks of companies. Logos images are used in low resolution, so this can be qualified as "Fair use" in accordance with copyright law.

v1.0.67 · 15.0MB
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