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Country Flags Quiz 21.1.16_Popularmodapk.com

Country Flags Quiz 2

How much do you know about country flags or capital cities? If you like quiz like this, this app is for you. This is a game that is fun and relax. With all country flags and capitals in the world, you can try to guess the name of all of them with high image quality. Learn while having fun playing this quiz. 

Now you can learn flags separately for each continent: from Europe and Asia to Africa and South America.

In capitals game or capital quiz, you will be given capitals of countries and you will try to guess the correct country. So, you will learn countries and capitals in a fun and entertaining way.

Our application contains 5 continents covered:

* America (North and South)
* Africa
* Asia
* Australia and Oceania
* Europe

You can choose if you want to play Country flags Quiz or Capital cities Quiz inside of every continent!

Our app is made for entertainment and to increase knowledge about Country Flags and Capital Cities. Every time you pass the level, you will get hints. If you can't recognize a flag/ city, you can use hints to get clues even answer to the question. Guess the country name from 4 flags or guess the flag from 4 countries. Guess the country flag of given capital city name. No confusing mechanics. Simple and modern design. In capitals game or capital quiz, you will be given capitals of countries and you will try to guess the correct country. So, you will learn countries and capitals in a fun and entertaining way.

App features:

* this quiz contains all Country Flags and Capital Cities in the world! Some of them are:

- Germany
- Spain
- Russia
- United States of America
- Japan
- Brazil
- Berlin
- Madrid
- Moscow
- Washington, D.C.
- Tokyo
- Brasilia

* 10 levels for each one, from easy to difficult.
* 6 modes:

- continents
- level
- time restricted
- play with no mistakes
- free play
- unlimited

* detailed statistics
* records (high scores)

How to play Country Flags and Capital cities Quiz:

- Select the "Play" button
- Choose the mode you want to play
- Choose the answer below
- At the end of game you will get your score and hints

Download our app and see if you`re really the expert in this as you think you are.
v1.1.16 · 28.4MB
Pasapalabra: Words Quiz Game1.10.2_Popularmodapk.com

Pasapalabra: Words Quiz Game

*Official app of Pasapalabra, Atresmedia and ITV, licensed by Games Momentum.

Welcome to the Official game of Pasapalabra, star TV contest, enjoy all the tests and quizzes, crosswords and trivias with the same format as the TV program.

Prove your knowledge by overcoming all the tests of questions and answers, mental quizzes, word search puzzles and solve the program's doughnut.

Face the same challenges as the contestants of the program, compete against thousands of users in the version of Pasapalabra for your mobile, challenge players from around the world and rise to the top of the ranking.

Ideal for fans of the quiz games that appear in the Pasapalabra program:

- Blue chair: A series of 5 questions, which the answers begins with the letter chosen from the two offered. If you fail twice, the stack of questions ends and the game ends.

- One out of four: Series of 15 questions, each question has four answer options.

- Word Search: The goal is to uncover the 6 word search panels. Each one contains words related to a common theme that are hidden in a panel of 5 letters per side.

- Where are they?: This is a memory test that takes place in a panel of nine numbered boxes with nine words. The player must remember where the words shown for a brief moment at the beginning of the game are located. If he/she gets the word right, he/she continues playing, if he/she misses, everything he/she got right is hidden again and the game starts over.

- The Rosco: The player must match 25 words, each one starting with a letter of the alphabet, except for some letters that instead of starting with the letter, contain it inside the word to be matched. Can you match all the words in the Rosco?

Get great rewards in Pasapalabra mobile:

- If the quizzes are played independently (Games mode), points are accumulated according to the number of correct guesses and you will be able to Level up.

- If the quizzes are played in TV Show mode or Duel mode, with each correct guess you accumulate seconds to use in the "El Rosco" game.

- If you play in the "Rosco diario" mode and you are in the top 5 of the ranking at the end of the season, you will have the option of casting Pasapalabra to participate in the TV contest.

- Playing the game will unlock achievements and avatars.

If you like the Pasapalabra Board Game you can't miss our new 100% online application:

Ideal to play with friends, to play with family and to play with one, two or more people. Do you like word games, quiz games and word searches? Show your knowledge in the different quizzes, improve your vocabulary, learn new words and definitions, a challenge to play online every day.

What are you waiting for to try the leading TV quiz game?

Lightweight and simple application, with performance on a wide range of devices. Download the app, challenge your friends, enjoy and learn with Pasapalabra.

Welcome to Pasapalabra, the Official TV quiz words game. Solve tests, crosswords, find words, play trivia online and enjoy!
v1.10.2 · 52.4MB
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