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Online Flower Card Battle "Eatanaha! ~ Zodiac Girl Flower Card Battles ~"

Aaand aaand-
Using the suggestions of the cats who were not selected for the zodiac opportunity, we decided to choose a new zodiac sign in the flower card competition....!
Embrace all the beasts, the Zodiac fight the king of cards.
Aaand aaand-

◆ Battle to decide a new zodiac
This game uses the "KOI-KAI" rule of flower cards, and competes with the opponent for a total of 3 rounds (scores) by opponents.
You get closer to the Zodiac by winning the fierce battles of Zodiac Battle.
Not only your skills, but also your luck is on your side to reach higher ranks.
There are no stamina restrictions but you can play as much as you want.

◆Raise a Zodiac daughter!
Playing "The Zodiac Battle" gives you rewards which you can give to your "Zodiac Girl" as your reward.
Gifting gifts will increase the level of the zodiac girls and increase the types of voices and effects.
Once you reach a certain level, your profile will be unlocked and you may get rid of the secrets of the zodiac girls.

◆ Performance, Voices, Titles, Stamps
As the level of Zodiac increases, you can get various voices, effects, titles, and stamps, customize the game to your favorite setting, which makes the battle more exciting.
During the battle, you will be able to communicate with other players through various and unique stamps of each zodiac daughter.

◆ No worries even for beginners
In the game and on the official website, the rules of flower cards are introduced easily.
There is also a "practice battle" where you can practice as much as you want on the computer, so anyone can play casually.



■ Let's play! ~Zodiac Girl Flower Card Battles~
Real flower online game against players from all over the country. We have adopted the Koi Koi rule. Featuring the "Zodiac Battle" game, where you compete with players from all over the country in League Game style, "Friend Battle" against friends, and "Practice Battle" where you can play against the computer as long as you want. Enjoy.

See you later! Then, there are 13 unique Zodiac girls who have added "cats" to the zodiac signs. Looks like other beasts and yokai are about to join the zodiac story! Let's aim for the zodiac writing head with the cute zodiac daughters and challenge in the'Zodiac Battle'.

Featuring popular voice actors, such as Rumi Okubo, Ai Soba, Lynn and more. By giving gifts to the characters, the level goes up and more voices and roles are added. Set up your favorite play and voice to overwhelm your opponents.

"This is it! In charge of role-playing works, "Y allow Noriyo Orioku," the original creator of "Monster Girl Doctor", original pics of "IDOLY PRIDE" comic book and "Ke no Friends 3" illustrations We have welcomed Mr. Hiroki Haruse.

■ Zodiac Voice from a popular voice actor
Mouse: Kokoro Dyokan [Rumi Okubo]
Neko: Cat or Summer Plum
Cow: Mango [Lynn]
Tiger: Oto Tiger UP
Rabbit: Mimi Rabbit
Lu: Ranko Ryosen
Snake: Snake Eyes [Naazu Yada]
Horse: Shiro Shiro [Shiro Hirose]
Sheep: Arie Sheep Palace [Mana Ogawa]
Monkey: Monkey Feeling CANNON [Maki Kawase]
Torii: Torii bridge Sakaki
Dog: Inushin Kou
Wild boar: Mori Inosaka

■ Game Environment
OS: Android 4.0 or higher

■ Let's see! Recommended for:
・Like flower cards
・Want to play online with flower cards
・Want to meet attractive characters (Zodiac)
・Want to play the rules of the royal "Hanafakoi"
・Are looking for a flower card game that you can play for free
・Want to learn the rules of flower cards
・Want to play a game that can be played with easy controls
・Want to play a Japanese card game
· Ehhhhhhhh! Like characters from
・Are looking for a game that you can play in your spare time
・Like Zodiac stories
v1.0.8 · 98.3MB


Friends who have played the UNO board game know that this game is very simple to play and easy to learn, and UNO!™​ has added a lot of gameplay, and the punishment mode is also wonderful.

Video introduction

What are the highlights of UNO!™ APK?

UNO with global partners

Match players from all over the world, let you meet friends from all over the world, and unlock new opportunities for cross-border communication!

Innovative 2V2 opponents share hands

2V2 cooperative combat! Share all the information of each other's cards with your teammate, and cooperate to win the game!

Customized rules for friends to open a room with UNO

Gathering with friends, but playing differently? +2+4 in a row, changing cards, doubles... Freely define the rules of the game, allowing you to experience different fun, Ma Ma is no longer afraid that my friends and I will not be able to play together!

Shouting UNO loudly is a victory

Shout "UNO" loudly when there is only one card left in hand, challenge the high decibel to activate once, and give you the original party feeling!

Massive fun punishments, exciting adventures

The content-rich truth or dare "punishment card", the winner chooses interesting punishment and punishment object by flipping cards, making the party even more fun!

UNO!™ Card List

Consists of 108 cards, including 76 digital cards, 24 function cards and 8 universal cards. At the same time, UNO cards are composed of four colors, including red, yellow, blue, and green.

Number card

According to the number of cards, it is composed of 0 to 9, and each color includes 1 number 0 and 2 numbers 1-9.

Function card

Including adding 2 cards (the next player draws 2 cards), reverse card (reversing the direction of the card) and prohibiting card (blocking the next player's card), 2 cards of each color.

Add 2 cards: The next player draws 2 cards and skips this round.

Reverse card: The direction of the card is reversed.

Prohibited cards: The next player skips playing cards in this round.

Wild cards

Including color-changing cards (change the color of the current card) and color-changing plus 4 cards (change color and make the next player draw 4 cards). Under any conditions, you can play and change the color of the next card. There are 4 cards of each of the two kinds of wild cards.

Color-changing card, color-changing plus 4 cards

v1.10.7277 · 295.6MB
Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms2.6.2_Popularmodapk.com

Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms

"Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms" is a mobile card strategy game based on the Three Kingdoms era. It is an original table game that combines history, art, cards, and other elements in an original three-country strategy card game. In the game, you can choose to play the famous characters of the Three Kingdoms period. Through the use of unique character skills and rationally playing various types (basic classes, kits, etc.), the cards are strategized, wise and skillful, and achieve the goal of identity and win.

———— Special way to play ――――――――
[Game features]
1-Rank Battle: In 2V2 battle mode, the rank is raised by points for 1 season per month.
The height of the rank is the ability of the player, and can be proven through fair competition.
2- Intense team battle: You can always form a team, you are not fighting alone.
3- Authentic mode: Hides the identity of the main character, loyalty, anti-bandits, and the insider in a 5/8 player game.
4-Offline mode: No need for internet, you can enjoy anytime.
5- Exclusive warlords: Mausoleum, Zodiacity, Admiration, Cao Cao ... Enjoy only the smartphone version!
6-Government System: Recruit warlords, collect skins and raise the government floor, weekly bonus
Let's receive!
7-Guild System: Bring your friends together to create the strongest public corporation.
8-skin (video): animated skin, visual upgrade.
[Event Corner]
1-Game Special: Earn points in battles, improve rankings and win grand prizes.
2- Defeat the demon: Create a team of 3 people and defeat the boss. Get luxurious rewards.
3-Casual 1: 1 to 1: 1, get a gold ticket.
4-Casual 2-to-1: The main character plays against two anti-bandits and gets a lot of gold tickets.
[Gorgeous voice actors]
A leading voice actor in the country seems to face the Mikuni battlefield, making a voice for each warlord.
* ZHENJI : Like a snow fluttering in the wind, light clouds block the moon
* Naoka Son: Please take care of yourself
* Liku: The humble prince is kind and unbearable
* Mr. Shiba: Natural life, ha ha ha!
* Zhou Wei: Let's scratch our feet! In the abyss of blood and darkness
[Artist support]
An excellent painter in the country made a dedicated skin for warlords.
Zeosei series: beautiful and elegant, blooming flowers.
World Series: Feeling timid
Team confrontation series: Unique design, high ground.
v2.6.2 · 372.1MB
TCG Card Shop Tycoon Simulator213_Popularmodapk.com

TCG Card Shop Tycoon Simulator

TCG Card Shop Tycoon is a trading card shop simulator games where you earn money and build your card shop tycoon business.

Upgrade your card store and collect rare cards as card collector! Start with a small card shop and expand into a super trading card business. Buy collection card packs, sell trading cards to become a rich tycoon.

Buy your first pack of trading cards and sell them in this idle tycoon simulator game. Manage your money to stock up, upgrade card pack and make your business grow! Make important management decisions to build your empire and transform your small shop into one of the greatest in the world!

Start with the basic racks and build a card shop you will be proud of. Order counters, shelves, create store names, restock your supplies, collect card, and more! Upgrade your shop and restock more card packs in this shop simulator games!

If you like idle and tapping games, you will enjoy this casual card shop management game. Tap on the customer button faster to serve more customers and earn more revenue by selling card packs. For every 1000 packs sold, you get to open and add monster cards to your card collection! Be a card trader and collect all the rare cards in this collection games.

Check the TCG shop simulator goals and achievements to earn more rewards. From restocking levels and shelf unlocking to card collection challenges and shelf upgrades, these fun challenges will make our tycoon collection game even more fun!

- trading card shop simulator game
- casual and easy card collections
- amazing animations and 3D graphics
- build, upgrade and manage store
- collect all trading cards like TCG
- tap fast to serve more customers
- expand your card shop business
- dedicated card game shop to purchase upgrades

Now it’s time to play one of the most fun tycoon card shop simulator games!
👉 Download Idle Card Shop Tycoon Simulator for FREE!

Idle Card Shop Tycoon Game is created by Sia Ding Shen, a recognized game developer who already created MegaBots Battle Arena and Dragon Merge Master - games played by millions of users worldwide.

Internet connection is required to play this game.

If you have any queries regarding this trading card shop simulator game, please send them to [email protected] Till then enjoy playing the role of a card store manager and card collector in one of the most exciting shop simulator games of 2022.

v213 · 183.3MB
Briscola Più – Card games4.10.2_Popularmodapk.com

Briscola Più – Card games

Briscola Più – Card games

Play Briscola Più online completely free, your enjoyment is guaranteed! Private messages, chat, monthly trophies, badges, personal statistics and much more awaits you!

Compete for the monthly leaderboards in the multiplayer mode or play for fun and meet new people in social mode. You can also challenge your friends… or single play against the PC.

Don´t wait any longer and join our fun community with millions of players from all over the world.

Develop your playing ability even more with:
• 100 skill levels
• 3 levels of difficulty to play against the computer AI
• 27 badges to win
• Playing statistics to check on your progress
• Offline mode to play when you're travelling or stuck with no reception

If you are more the competitive type:
• Play the ranked multiplayer mode (up to 4 players)
• Compete for the monthly and global leaderboards and win one of our trophies

If you'd like to be more social, take advantage of:
• Private matches against friends (up to 4 players)
• Private messages with other players
• Chat to communicate with your game opponents
• Rooms to find new opponents and meet new people from all over the world
• Invites to challenge your Facebook® friends
• Internal friendships system within the game

Personalise your game freely with:
• 11 packs of Italian regional cards
• Different game boards and card types

Play from your smartphone or tablet, in horizontal or vertical mode, Briscola Più will win you over with its speed, fluidity and precision. You will feel as if you´re playing with your friends! Start playing directly without even registering or log in via Facebook®, Google® or email to play the social and competitive matches!

Remember that you can play Briscola Più completely free.

Subscription: "Upgrade to Gold" to remove ads and unlock other features like uploading your own profile pic and having access to an unlimited number of private messages, friends, blocked users and recent opponent list.
Length: 1 week or 1 month
Price: €1,49/week or €3,99/month

The payment will be charged directly to your Google account once the purchase is confirmed. It will be up for renewal within 24h prior to the end of the current period and will identify the cost of renewal. The auto-renewal can be turned off in your account settings after its first purchase.

Give our Gold subscription a try with our 7 day free trial.
These prices are for EU customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.

Visit www.spaghetti-interactive.it and find all our other fun classic Italian and international card games: scopa, tressette, burraco, scopone, traversone, rubamazzo, assopiglia and scala40. You will also find board games like checkers and chess!

Join our Facebook community on https://www.facebook.com/spaghettiinteractive

For support, email [email protected]
Terms and conditions: https://www.briscolapiu.it/terms_conditions.html
Privacy policy: https://www.briscolapiu.it/privacy.html

NOTE: the game is aimed at an adult audience and it is NOT categorised as a real betting game, it is not possible to win real money or prizes by using this app. Playing Briscola Più often does not correspond with a real advantage in betting sites where this game can be found.

v4.10.2 · 59.2MB
Solitaire Ocean4.5.1_Popularmodapk.com

Solitaire Ocean

🐠 New Way to SOLITAIRE Klondike! ♣ Play Card Games and Create Your Own Dream Aquariums!

✨ Shuffle the cards and get ready to have fun with Solitaire Ocean! The FREE, OFFLINE, CLASSIC & FUN card games of Solitaire - Klondike!

Play card deals and unlock the cute fish, decorations and aquariums of different themes to build the beautiful ocean world of solitaire of your own taste while playing the classic solitaire klondike cards!

💎 Join us to discover the ocean world in this classic Solitaire Klondike card game with an underwater nature theme and aquarium decoration!

♥ Klondike Solitaire card games
♥ Playable Offline
♥ Unlimited free Undo & free Hints
♥ Auto-solve feature
♥ Left-hand mode
♥ 100% Winnable Solitaire
♥ 1 card mode or 3 cards mode
♥ Customizable card theme
♥ Lucky card for free coins
♥ Collection of lovely fish, decorations
♥ Design of your own aquariums

● Enjoy your favorite gameplay: Solitaire card game to build your aquariums
● Train your braind and eliminate your boredom through playing solitaire cards
● Unlock more unique aquariums for your lovely fish friends in Solitaire Ocean
● Design your own dream aquariums the way you want with dazzling decorations
● Play challenging solitaire cards anywhere without internet conection nor wifi
● Classic klondike card games with creative ways to have endless fun
● Free to download, and fun to play for card game & fish ocean lovers
● Continuously update and introduce the new unique fish and special aquariums!

🐟 Create your dream aquarium with dozens of adorable fish by playing solitaire card games!
All your fish friends want to meet you soon in the SOLITAIRE OCEAN free card game!

Try out this FREE Solitaire game - SOLITAIRE OCEAN which is finally available for Android devices! Download for free now!

💌 We'd like to hear your Solitaire Ocean idea!
Contact us for any suggestions or ideas for Solitaire Ocean!
[email protected]

❤️ A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played our free card games Classic Solitaire Klondike!

v4.5.1 · 48.4MB
Solitaire Klondike Classic24.1.000_Popularmodapk.com

Solitaire Klondike Classic

Play the best classic solitaire card games. Remember playing the amazing classic solitaire on your old Microsoft windows computer. Now you can play your favourite essential classic solitaire on the Mobile too. Play the free classic solitare on our app. Play our classic Solitaire with daily challenge to train your brain. Solitaire is a great way to relax the wires of your brain during short breaks and after a long day at work. Original solitaire levels will help you recharge your batteries. Sharpen your mind and have fun with this addictive solitaire card game. Our Android version of the game contains all the classical elements combined with new features like customizing the deck of cards and changing the background. We also have an iOS version of Klondike Solitaire free for ipad and iphone.

This version of the game is called Klondike Solitaire or the patience game. Free card game Klondike Solitaire's main rule is that all cards, which are initially arranged in four piles in an random sequence, must finally be arranged in ascending order, starting with the ace and finishing with the lowest card, and each pile can only include cards of a specific suit. The player will score more points the quicker they play the game. It becomes increasingly more difficult to complete the assignment when you play solitaire all at once in the sophisticated variant known as Klondike.

♠ Classic Solitaire gameplay:
🃏 Klondike Solitaire uses a standard 52 card deck of playing cards without jokers. The objective of the game is to expose all cards and move them into the foundation piles. There are 4 foundation piles (one for each suit) that are represented on the screen by an “A” written on it. These piles are built upward in suit from Aces to Kings.
♣️ In Klondike Solitaire there are 7 tableau columns that are built downward (in decreasing rank from Kings to Aces) in alternating colours (red and black). The aim of the game is to clear all the rows into the suitable foundation piles.
♥️ Addictive and challenging levels:
Practice your logic skills, memory and patience with the all-new Solitaire Daily Challenges. Play these free Klondike solitaire card games anytime on your mobile device and become a real solitaire master! Keep your mind super active with original Solitaire Klondike levels.
♦️ Play a match against others in real time:
Race against the world when you play Klondike Solitaire with others in multiplayer. Brag about your scores and show off to your friends with the leader-boards that are included in this game!

♠ Classic Solitaire gameplay
♣️ Play right handed and left handed
♥️ Draw 1 card or 3 cards at a time
♦️ New puzzles with unique ways to train your brain with the classic game Klondike Solitaire!
♠ Daily Challenge! Win a gift simply for showing up!
♣️ Customizable Backgrounds and card decks.
♥️ Multiple Hints and Undos to help you in the card game.
♦️ Play games online or go offline with random deals. No WIFI required to play anywhere for free!

Progress tracker:
♥️ Record all your wins
♥️ See your improvement in real time

Basic Klondike Solitaire rules:

Klondike Solitaire Card game is easy with simple rules:

- Tap or drag to move cards arranging them in descending order with alternating colors.
- Multiple cards can be moved together, as long as the cards in the sequence being moved are in descending order and are in alternating colors (red/black, etc).
- Move cards up to the foundation to sort all of the suits from Ace to King.
- Only a King or a pile starting with a king can be placed in an empty space on the solitaire Tableau

Klondike Solitaire is a great opportunity to train your brain, improve your problem-solving skills! Train your brain with our great puzzles and solve each Daily Challenge to receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Play our Daily Challenges and Solitaire FREE!
v24.1.000 · 69.2MB
Crazy 8s - Mau Mau1.46.981_Popularmodapk.com

Crazy 8s - Mau Mau

Mau Mau Palace – Your live community for Crazy Eights’ German cousin.

Mau-Mau is one of the most popular card games in the world, with close ties to UNO™ and Crazy Eights. You always need to discard smartly and adjust your gameplay quickly! We offer you the classic game ad-free and free to play in a lively card game community.

Whether you are a hardcore fan or a casual player, or a newbie – with us, you will always find an opponent at eye level. The joy of playing cards is our priority, and we invite you over to our card tables.

- Play live against real opponents at any time.
- Experience an active community of players.
- Chat with other card game fans.

- No need to register; just start playing.
- Enjoy direct play thanks to automatic player search.
- Check the rules at the press of a button.

- Use original Mau Mau playing cards or house cards with optimized legibility.
- Choose your card deck: French, Tournament, German, …
- Discover custom rules: Jack on Jack, Reverse Direction with 9, Idiot Mau Mau, and many more.
- Adjust the game to your personal preferences.

- We provide constant support by our customer service team.
- Our card shuffling is independently tested and reliable.
- The privacy settings in the Mau Mau Palace are flexibly adjustable.

- Gather Experience and level up.
- Mau Mau brings entertaining action into your everyday life.
- Make your way through the league up to the top 10.
- You can boost your endurance in tournaments and at long-lasting tables.

In Mau Mau, you want to discard your hand cards one by one and as soon as possible while drawing as few cards as possible. You are only limited by the previous card. But special cards can divert the game’s flow: Wishing for a suit with the Jack, skipping players with an Eight, or drawing two cards due to a Seven – that can change everything. So, be on guard!

🔍 Learn more about us and our games:

You can download this app for free. It is permanently completely free to play. However, you can purchase optional game enhancements such as game chips, premium membership, and special playing cards within the game.
The game requires an active internet connection.
By downloading the app, you agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.



If you ever need help, feel free to contact our friendly customer service:
[email protected]

Mau-Mau is mainly intended for an adult audience. According to German law, Mau-Mau is not a gambling game. In our app, there is no real money and no real prizes to win. Practice or success in casino games without real winnings ("Social Casino Games") does not imply future success in games for real money.

Mau Mau Palace is a product by Spiele-Palast GmbH (Palace of Cards). Playing with family, friends, or dedicated groups is one of the favorite pastimes for many people! Our mission is to give this joy of playing a digital home at the Palace of Cards and build a lively community of players through high-quality implementations of online card games.

♣️ ♥️ We wish you a good hand ♠️ ♦️
Your Mau Mau Palace Team
v1.46.981 · 31.0MB
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