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Minecraft Beta(Invincible)
Minecraft Beta<span>(Invincible)</span>

Minecraft Beta Mod apk game v1.21.0.21(Invincible) for android for Android
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The description of Minecraft Beta(Invincible)

Minecraft is a game about cubes and adventures. Players can explore a randomly generated world alone or with friends to create amazing miracles! Whether it is to build a simple and rustic cottage, or a towering castle, you can freely use your imagination. With a variety of game modes, players can experience them one by one. Different modes bring players different game experiences. Friends who like to play this game should not miss it!

Introduction to Minecraft Invincible Edition

 Minecraft MOD APK (Invincible/Unlocked)​ is a 3D first-person sandbox game. Players can freely create and destroy different types of blocks in three-dimensional space, and use imagination to build and explore a world exclusively for players. The game has a unique style of painting, mainly building block mosaic style. In the game, players can create exquisite buildings and art by destroying or creating blocks in single-player or multiplayer mode, or complete the main task of the game by collecting items to explore the map, and experience the god-like world through their own creations. Feel.

Basic introduction of minecraft invincible version

Players can not only create houses and buildings, but even create their own cities and worlds. Players can experience God-like feelings through their own creations. In this game, not only single-player entertainment, but also multi-player online, players can also install some mods to increase the fun of the game. Minecraft focuses on allowing players to explore, interact, and change a map that is dynamically generated by one-cubic-meter-sized blocks.

Minecraft Invincible Edition Raiders

How to transfer minecraft MOD APK

  1. In minecraft, the map is very big. But sometimes we are very anxious to return to the respawn point or a specific location and need to open the dialog box.

  2. Then enter "/tp name (object) destination xyz" in the dialog box just opened, this is the code.

  3. There is "/xyz" in the code just entered, and "xyz" means the spatial coordinate number of the destination.

  4. After completing the above steps, click send, and then we can send to the sky above the geographical location just entered.

Minecraft Invincible Edition Highlights

*Create the freest sandbox world, experience a brand new adventure journey that belongs to you, and constantly develop new ways to play;

*Find the freest self, let go of your dream, the free and unrestricted sandbox world is waiting for you to swim;

*Challenges are endless, you need to constantly discover and change yourself in order to get more happiness.

Description of Minecraft Invincible Edition

How to use various things in my world?

No.1 stone

Destroy him to get cobblestones, which are very important~ Only with cobblestones can you make stone manuscripts, with stone manuscripts, you can dig iron, with iron, you can dig diamonds, which can be obtained by digging stones through accurate mining, Without Silk Touch he will drop cobblestone. It can also be obtained by burning cobblestone through a furnace, and stone bricks can be obtained by filling a 2x2 space in the crafting frame, which is a good building material.

No.2 Soil

It doesn't work much, but if you want to farm mycelium grass blocks, you can put a few dirt, put mycelium in the middle, and the dirt will slowly become mycelium.

No.3 water

No.4 Magma

Obsidian, stone (monster egg), and cobblestone (monster egg) can be made with the water above.

No.5 sand

It’s very scientific. Affected by gravity, you can use sand to make it shorter when you go down the cliff, and you can burn it to make glass

No.6 gravel

Gravel also has the same characteristics as sand

No.7 gold ore

No.8 Ore

The most needed ore in the early stage! You can dig diamonds only if it can make an iron pickaxe.

No.9 coal ore

Obtained with accurate collection, because coal mines are generally not used to show off local tyrants, so it is not very useful, and it is good to collect some.

No.10 wood

Very important, the origin of all things, with it you can make planks, with planks you can make sticks, with sticks you can make wooden drafts, and with stone drafts, you can make iron Pickaxe, you can dig diamonds only with an iron pickaxe.

No.11 leaves

No.12 lapis lazuli ore

Lapis lazuli was useless before the modless 1.8.1 version except dyeing.

But in 1.8.1, lapis lazuli became more in demand as a medium for enchanting.

No.13 Sandstone

Not much use, building material.

No.14 Diamond Ore

super rare!

No.15 redstone ore


No.16 snow block

Only the snow on it is useful. You can shovel out the snowball with a shovel, which is necessary for killing dragons in the later stage.

No.17 ice cube

Put ice under the block, he can speed up the flow of water or magma, which is necessary for semi-automatic wheat fields.

No.18 Cactus

No.19 clay block

Burn it and it can be turned into bricks. Bricks are great building materials.

No.20 pumpkin

Can be placed in one grid to synthesize four pumpkin seeds

1.8.1 is really a conscience update! Farmers can trade watermelons and pumpkins, so many pumpkin villagers will be incredible.

No.21 brown mushroom

It can only be collected with precise collection. It can be used for decoration, and can also be used as building materials to make mushroom houses.

No.22 large red mushroom

For decoration, it can also be used as a mushroom house, and the effect of building a mushroom house is better.

No.23 mycelia

Do you want to grow mushrooms in the sun? Do you want to know how the sun-exposed mushrooms on Mushroom Island are formed? It is because of him! Mycelium! He gives mushrooms the opportunity to grow whatever they want.


No.25 emerald (hat) ore

The emeralds dug out can be traded with the villagers. If you dig the raw ore, it is a good choice to show off the local tyrants.

No.26 round stone

For construction, it is also a very important survival item. You can only make stone manuscripts if you have cobblestone, and you can dig iron if you have stone manuscripts, and you can dig diamonds only if you have iron.

No.27 Static water

The key is he won't flow ==

No.28 Obsidian

The most eye-catching thing for newcomers

No.29 plank

It is very important, you can make wooden sticks only if you have wooden boards, and you can make wooden manuscripts only if you have wooden sticks, and you can make stone manuscripts.


No.31 black wool

A must for pixel art

No.32 bookshelf

His biggest role is still used for enchanting. Surround the enchanting table with 15 bookshelves (remember to place one space apart at the top, bottom, left, and right sides) to raise the highest level to level 30. Thirty-level enchantment is very attractive~

No.33 moss stone

Very rare item, only found in jungle temples and dungeons, if you close the building you can't get moss stone at all, so moss stone is very rare

No.34 Strange Spawner

Zombie Cage: Experience Tower Great Love (1.8.1 Carrion Trading You Deserve It)

Little White Cage: Item/Experience Tower Great Love

Spider cage: fuck!

No.35 box

store things

No.36 Workbench

The source of all things! Only with it can you make wooden manuscripts and stone manuscripts.

No.37 Cultivated land

Pumpkin Watermelon Wheat Carrot Potato Pie

No.38 Furnace

Very important, with it you can burn iron to mine diamonds,

No.39 monster egg

No.40 stone brick

building materials

No.41 soul sand

Can slow down mobs, and can grow nether wart.

No.42 Yingsha

A light source that is more beautiful and brighter than a torch, recommended for later architecture

Minecraft Invincible Edition Beginner's Guide

1. The first thing to do when you are born is to dig 3 wooden cubes, first build a workbench, and then build a wooden pickaxe. In order to save hunger, dig down about 3-4 blocks in place, and dig the stones under your feet. At this time, you can use stone tools as survival tools. Early stone tools were very important tools.

2. Wheat occupies a very important position in the early stage, so you can harvest grass while opening up wasteland. As long as you have it, you don't have to worry about animal reproduction or food sources.

3. If you want to escape the night smoothly, when you encounter a sheep, you must kill the sheep to get wool, and use the wool to make a bed. This is also a thing that must be done to open up wasteland.

4. Whether it is coal or iron, as long as it is encountered, it must be dug out. Items such as land reclamation in the early stage are very important. When encountering animals, you don’t need to think about killing them directly. The meat you get can be roasted and eaten. The hunger degree increased by roasted meat is twice that of raw meat.

5. Choose a suitable place to build a house. It is best to have an open terrain and a wide view. More importantly, find a place that is convenient for building. Find a suitable place to live. It is best to have cattle around your home. The value of cattle in the early stage is much higher than that of pigs and sheep.


Minecraft Beta(Invincible) Update

Bug Fixes


Additional Information

Category:  Sandbox
Publisher:  Mojang
Requirements:  Android 8.0+
Publish Date:  11/04/2024
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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