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GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)
GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas<span>(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)</span>1.09_Popularmodapk.com

GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mod apk game v1.09(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2) for android

1.09 for Android
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Popularmodapk.com info MOD Info :
Mod Menu(Swipe down to open)
Imitation GTA V2
GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas<span>(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)</span> screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas<span>(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)</span> screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas<span>(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)</span> screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas<span>(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)</span> screenshot image 4_Popularmodapk.com

The description of GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2)

The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD MENU has ultra-clear and realistic 3D city scenes, and can switch freely from multiple perspectives, bringing an unparalleled sense of immersion. Here, you will play different roles to obtain the corresponding task system, and stage a passionate battle of destruction in the city. Combined with the motion operating system created by the physics engine, you can control the way you want, and move flexibly. If you like it, download it and experience it.

Basic introduction to the Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menus

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas players need to survive in the city of San Andreas, you can perform many missions every day, these criminals do all kinds of evil, fight in various places, use different weapons to defeat the enemy, Also don't forget about supplies, they will keep you in good shape at all times. You need to arm yourself and find resources, you can hold a gun to rob money, you can also rob vehicles on the road, you will attract the attention of the police, you need to get rid of them smoothly, and don't let the police catch you.

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu guide

1. Be sure to make good use of the map: the map in this game is much larger and there are many more facilities. If you don’t pay attention, you may not know where you are and where you should go. Press the ESC key and then look at the MAP key to view the map, and the left key is to make a mark. The latter is very useful and can be used to mark frequented facilities or mission destinations

2. Still a map: There are many viaducts in the roads in this work, but they cannot be reflected on the small map. Therefore, it often appears on the map that it is clearly

It’s a crossroads, and I found out that it’s a bridge when I got there. I can’t turn left and right, which delays the player’s time~~

3. How to make time pass quickly: Some tasks can only be received at a specific time. The best way to make time pass quickly is to go home and remember

4. Driving: There are a lot of car chase scenes in this work, it doesn't feel good for the teacher to be chased behind. But don't just use acceleration, you can completely

Sudden stop or even reverse at the right time, the effect is unexpectedly good~~

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu background

In 1992, Karl Johnson, who had spent five years in Liberty City, was called home by his brother Sweet because their mother had been shot dead. Shortly after Carl left the airport, he was stopped by the corrupt policeman Tompenny, who used to have a festival with Carl. Tompney implicates Carl in the murder of a police officer, threatening to send Carl to jail if he doesn't cooperate. After Carl returned to his hometown of Grove Street, Carl reunited with Sweet, and the old members of the gang, Ryder and Smoke. When Karl learned that the Grove family had lost a lot of land during his departure, Karl decided to stay in his hometown and revive Grove Street with Sweet Johnson. Through Carl's efforts, Grove gradually regained his strength, regaining a large amount of territory from his opponents, the Balas Gang and the Mexican Gang, and reducing the circulation of drugs on the street. But in the decisive battle, Smoke and Ryder defected and joined Balas and the corrupt police group. The Grove family was torn apart, Karl was exiled to the countryside, and Sweet was arrested.

Later, Carl gained strength in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Sweet was released from prison, but all the sites were taken away. Carl and Sweet decided to revive the gang. During the mission, Carl successively killed the two traitors Ryder and Smoke, and finally killed the corrupt policeman Tang Pony. Carl and Sweet got their revenge, and their gang became the most powerful in San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu Video

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu features

1. Genuinely produced GTA series of mobile games, adapted from the classic mode, players can now experience the original Grand Theft Auto style of play on their mobile phones, where all kinds of people experience a rich and interesting world;

2. The online mobile version of the game, here uses the operation method customized according to the mobile phone terminal, let the friends use the virtual touch button or handle to start the operation, and drive the vehicle quickly and smoothly while competing for the ownership of driving;

3. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the big city, there are many different places such as high-rise buildings, beautiful beaches, music bars, etc., to restore the original appearance of the city, where you can enjoy the scenery while triggering some hidden tasks to complete the tasks to get money;

4. Free rule mode and destruction method, except for buildings that cannot be destroyed, other items including vehicles, pedestrians, and transportation facilities can be destroyed, but you must be caught in the police station!

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu highlights

1. The background of the criminal urban environment, the real crime scene, and the realistic simulation of the mobile version are waiting for you to experience;

2. Ultra-real environment construction, rich resources can be used freely, and strive to keep yourself alive;

3. Exciting impact, realistic environmental special effects design, 3D city background can be destroyed at will.

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu instructions

In the game, players will get vehicles, motorcycles, planes, tanks and ships. The vehicle itself has durability, collision volume, and a corresponding passenger capacity. When the player character is in the vehicle, the vehicle will bear all the attacks except that the observation port will have a certain probability of injuring the players inside. Except for the tank with its own artillery, other vehicles have no weapons. But all vehicles can drop a lot of props.

The vehicle can knock down passers-by while the vehicle is moving, and the character can shoot freely in the vehicle, but the melee skills cannot be used, the vehicle does not need to be refueled, and the durability can be repaired through the maintenance station.

The types of vehicles are as follows

Vehicles: The most common vehicles, fast, divided into ordinary cars and convertible cars.

Motorcycle: It can start faster and be more flexible, most of which are smaller models.

Aircraft: Flying vehicles, which are very maneuverable and can traverse the entire map.

Ship: Use the propeller as power, it can move faster on the sea level, and the speed is good.

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea Mod Menu tutorial

Language setting method

1. After opening the game, slide the screen directly to switch the menu.

2. Find the [Gear] pattern and click it. This is the setting button.

3. Enter the setting interface and slide the screen again to switch the menu.

4. There is a chat pattern at the end, which is the language setting, open it directly.

5. Enter the language setting interface and click the penultimate JAPA... language to switch.

6. Click to switch, and then return to the game.


GTA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas(Mod Menu/Imitation GTA V2) 1.09 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Rockstar Games
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  23/08/2021
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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