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Freebie PC Game on Steam, Epic1.3.1_Popularmodapk.com

Freebie PC Game on Steam, Epic

With this application, you can find free pc games on platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Playstation.

You can find free PC and android games from many categories and you can be notified of new free games by opening notifications.

You can find free games from many platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Platstation, Xbox, Microsoft, Google Playstore, Indiegala, ItchIo on the categories page.

You no longer have to search for free games, you can open the notifications of the category you are interested in from the settings page, and you can be notified when the new free game arrives.

The application shares games that were previously paid and free of charge with the campaign for a short time. If you get these games for free within that time, the game is always yours. In this way, you can enlarge your game library for free.

Free Game Categories:
1. Steam
2. Epic Games
5. Humble Bundle
6. Alienware Arena
9. Itch.io
10. Rockstar Games
11. Microsoft Store
12. Origin
13. Steel Series
14. Android
15. IOS
16. Xbox
17. Other
18. Prime Gaming
19. GooglePlay Store

• You can find the latest free games on the homepage.
• You can find free games from 18 different categories on the Categories page.
• You can filter the expired free game campaigns on the Categories page.
• Clicking on the free games opens a page with detailed information about the game.
• On the game detail page, you can find a gallery containing the game's information, system requirements, original price, video and pictures of the game.
• You can go to the page where you can get the game for free by clicking the free buy button on the game detail page.
• On the offers page, you can find the paid games with campaigns affected by us.
• You can change the language of the application and turn on notifications from the settings page.
With this app you can get best free pc games.
v1.3.1 · 4.9MB


game.tv is the world's #1 mobile eSports gaming platform that is empowering the rapidly rising community of content creators and eSports fans. Come, be part of a thriving community of passionate gamers, die-hard eSports fans and an ever-growing roster of gaming content creators, who are making a living by earning real money on the platform. 

For Creators
👉 Earn recurring income as a Creator
Create and manage your own clubs, and monetize exclusive content. Use the power of your community to build a regular income stream.

👉 Wow fans with Fan Pass
Give your loyal fans access to exclusive content with daily, weekly and monthly Fan Pass subscription.
Exclusive Privileges For Fan Pass Holders
- Gamers enjoy exclusive tournaments, shorts and streams created just for them
- Premium badges to show off on all possible avenues
- Priority selection in tournaments
- Fans’ Zone - private chat rooms to know other Fan Pass holders and the Creator

For Gamers
👉 Dive into epic gaming content
Follow your favorite clubs, watch shorts and livestreams.

👉 One platform. For all your tournaments
Play and create tournaments for your favorite games at one place.

And there's more…
Check out other cool features too:
- Gold Coins that can be topped up to buy Fan Passes
- Chat rooms for each of your clubs to catch up with your fellow gaming peers
- Team chat and call during matches to stay in sync as you carve your path to victory
- Club Wars pitting clubs against each other for a fight to the top
- Leaderboards to see where you stand vis a vis other game.tv players.

There’s so much to do and explore, so get started right away.
Do reach out at [email protected] if you have any doubts, suggestions or questions.
v2.6.1 · 45.3MB
Qurbani Collection1.4_Popularmodapk.com

Qurbani Collection

Eid ul Azha is one of the important festivals of Muslims. Every year Muslims slaughter the animals in the name of Allah Almighty. In remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim sacrifice, the bakra Eid is celebrated. In order to complete this obligation, Muslims buy animals, but sometimes they face some troubles. In this regard, the I.T. department of Dawateislami has created an amazing application named Qurbani Collection. By having this online qurbani app, Muslims across the world can complete this obligation by buying animals online and mesmerize their heart by listening to the relevant content of Qurbani with a single touch. It also gives you content related to qurbani ka tarika, qurbani ki dua, qurbani ki niyat and it also gives you fatawa. However, users may download books and read qurbani rules. Moreover, this application is user-friendly and has a beautifully designed UI.

Prominent Features

Book Your Qurbani Online
Users may book their Qurbani animal online. They can buy cow, buy online bakra and complete the obligation by performing cow qurbani, goat qurbani and camel qurbani.

This application contains books related to Sunnate Prophet Ibrahim. It provides you details and gives you information about Qurbani.

It has separate media and book download option. Users will have several videos related to qurbani content.

This application contains Fatwa related to qurbani and they also can download it and share it with others.

This feature allows its users to share any content with other Muslim brothers. It has videos and different important content related to qurbani.

For your convenience, this application allows you to download any content such as books, videos and fatwa.

We warmly welcome your suggestions and recommendations.
v1.4 · 34.2MB
Party Invitation Cards Maker1.2.4_Popularmodapk.com

Party Invitation Cards Maker

Create Invitation Cards and Greeting Cards in just 5 min’s, Is that too good😲! Give easy access to send your humble greetings and wishes to your loved ones. A bundle of categories and easy to create. Create whatever you want according to upcoming events and celebrations.

Grabbing attention now a days is difficult especially when you are organizing an event or a birthday party then you need a platform for invitation. Cards & greetings are the sources where you can find the solution by using Party Invitation Cards Maker. Invitation maker free has a versatile variety of paperless post which provides different perfect photo designs of Invitation & greeting cards.

Party Invitation Cards Maker
📄 Create RSVP CARD

These designs with your editing skills you can create love & hearts cards with the help of Invitation maker. A celebrator looks for any event is invitation, it was never easy for birthday invitation card maker and wedding invitation maker free to create cards. Invitation card maker is the solution of all problems you can easily create greeting cards, text invitations for your loved ones with free template in few mins. Invitation maker has ability to save the date of invitation. Ecards greetings come up with paperless post of birthday cards and baby shower invitation maker as well. Planning for a get together then invite maker will work as a greeting card maker. Paperless post provides digital cards & greeting cards with vast and beautiful collection of invitation template maker that will make you easy in creating birthday cards free and love & hearts cards, moreover invitation maker free helps you in customizing personalized cards of party invitation, Christmas cards and birthday invitation cards free.

Invite maker lets you to design e cards with picture frame and variety of texts and colors of background for the Christmas cards. Happy birthday app is full of greeting cards and party invitation of birthday cards and love & hearts cards through invitation maker free. Best Party Invitation Cards Maker app that helps you to create a wedding invitation template maker and many more through paperless post.

Why you need Invitation Card Maker:
✨Amazing stickers photo island
Best editing features of Gift Cards & ECards Greetings
🤝Sharing your Invitation of Love & Hearts Cards on Social media
💾AutoSave your editing Card
Paperless post with Invite Maker
✍️Superb editing feature while creating Cards & Greetings
Make your own creative cards of Wedding Invitation Maker & Baby Shower Invitation Maker
Best Graphic designs of Happy Birthday invitation App
Add message with different fonts and picture frames
Create your own personalized card designs and templates
Amazing collection of greeting cards and designs
Edit images from your gallery or choose from our background image collection with Invitation Maker.

By using Party Invitation Cards Maker you don't need special design skills for creating e cards. Digital invitation card maker is a user friendly that facilitates you with online invitation. No need to visit a photoshop for the selection of Christmas cards, wedding invitation cards, baby shower invitation cards. Invitation is as important as event because invite maker has its own value in event as it matters a lot how you approach towards invitation of a birthday card maker free.

Invitation maker app is an easy way to invite your friends & family members by sharing invitations through invite maker and express your feelings through cards.

Customize your design, photo and print & send it.
v1.2.4 · 16.3MB
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