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ボーテアップ - シャープドライヤーで新しいヘアドライを発見2.1_Popularmodapk.com

ボーテアップ - シャープドライヤーで新しいヘアドライを発見

BeautéApp is a hair dryer that changes temperature, so you can discover new comfort and texture.
This is a dedicated app for Sharp Plasmacluster Drape Flow Dryer.
You can customize the blowout temperature and temperature switching timing to your liking, and you can customize the switching operation of the MODE button.

◆ Features
・Blowout temperature and temperature switching timing can be set with a smartphone
・Customize your favorite comfortable mode from about 1.2 billion combinations
・You can select the mode and set the order to your liking from 5 dry modes (IB-WX3 / IB-WX2)

◆ How to use My Loop
1. Create your own loop by combining up to four temperatures and times
Tap "+" to increase the menu up to 4
2. Open the menu tab and tap & slide the combination of temperature x time to set easily
The temperature can be selected from 7 levels from hot to cold, and the number of seconds can be selected from 1 to 30 seconds.
3. Plug in the dryer and send the settings from the app
Easy setting without pairing

My loop is stored in the dryer's "APP" mode.
When the mode is selected, the set My Loop will automatically operate the loop.

◆ How to use MODE button customization (IB-WX3 / IB-WX2)
1. Tap Settings to open Customize MODE button
Up to 5 dry modes can be selected.
2. Select your preferred dry mode in order
You can use only the modes you want to use or change the order in which they switch.
3. Plug in the dryer and send the settings from the app
If all the LEDs for the mode you set light up, you're done.

Depending on the season, family composition, etc., skip unused modes, etc.
Simple to use as you like

◆ What you can do with the app
・Customize MODE button and send
・Customize and send my loop (addition of "APP" mode)
・Set recommended loops according to hair length and mood (concier)
・My loop favorite registration, history confirmation, reading
・Sending reset information for application settings
・Browse link for detailed usage and support page

◆ Correspondence dryer
・Plasmacluster drape flow dryer
 IB-WX3 / IB-WX2 / IB-WX1

◆Recommended setting example
・When you want to warm up the beauty mode a little more because you are sensitive to cold, make the high temperature time longer.
Hot air (10 seconds) -> Cold air (5 seconds)

・Comfortable on hot summer days with intermittent cooling air.
Hot air (3 seconds) -> Cold air (2 seconds)

◆Terms of use
Please agree to the terms of use before using.

Click here for more information

v2.1 · 5.6MB
Text on Photo | Text Fonts Art1.0.81_Popularmodapk.com

Text on Photo | Text Fonts Art

Have you ever tried to Add text to photos & Photo text Editor for giving them an eye-catching appearance? If you haven’t, then it’s the right time to create attractive images or Create Quotes Maker by placing captions on them with our Quote Maker app!

Texture Art provide Text to photo & Text Art on image is a simple app that helps users easily add Text on Photos. Applying text on wallpapers or plain images wasn’t easier before this app came to your rescue. Are you looking forward to editing your pictures, photo text editor on images, adding Picture Quotes Maker to photos, and making your photographs more tempting? All you need to do is get hands-on with this Photo Text Editor on image app as it is providing all features to a professional touch to any image.

Now, you don’t need to install massive size software on your device to add text on photos, as this fantastic online Text on Photo editor tool assists you in applying tempting text to your images. You can Text on Photos font to edit your pictures of any kind and make them attractive and splendid by using this photo text editor on the image. Additionally, this amazing online Typorama tool gives you many amazing additional features that you couldn’t find in a single app ever before.
The process of using this online and adding text to photos app is straightforward. You can simply choose an image from your smartphone’s gallery, upload it on this app, and that’s all. You can place write on Picture Quotes add on photo application.

Highlights of our Quote Maker app & Add Text On Photo:

    The main features that you can enjoy on this app are listed below:
  • This online Quotes editor app offers a super-friendly interface to use.

  • You don’t have any limitations in selecting an image.

  • This app provides a massive collection of stock photos and solid colors for writing on image

  • You can add Text on Photo & font on photo in multiple languages.

  • You can select an image from the your device’s gallery.

  • The app is enriched with a vast collection of text styles that can be used to write Text on Photo.

  • You can add Text on Photo and save them on your device or upload them to social media platforms without any hurdles.

  • You can adjust the position of layers with a few taps on this app.

  • After add Text on Photo or text pictures the app allows rotating the text in any dimension or direction.

The Typorama and Image Text Editor App allow you to photo text editor on images and give them artistic appearance with the effects of shadow and blurring. This app is providing you presets for getting the app in the size you desire.
There is no need to crop, cut, or reduce the dimensions of the image according to different social sharing platforms, such as Facebook covers, Twitter posts, YouTube thumbnails, or Instagram stories. It is because this app is allowing you to type any Text on Photos after selecting any social uploading options mentioned before and even more.

Furthermore, this fantastic app offers you to add Text on Photo and give them an artistic look within a blink of an eye. You can get a vast collection of fabulous filters, and amazing fonts to apply to your images by using this photo text editor fonts art app.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this fantastic 3D Text on Photos & photo text editor on image now to caption any photo or add words on pics.
Add Words to Photos & edit them with amazing filters anytime & anywhere without worrying about paying as this app. Text on Photo is the best way to create a message with Text on Photos and Share it with family and friends. You can find photos for any occasion with search features Add Text on Photos & Typography.

Add Text on Photo Quotes and Image Text Editor by picking them from your gallery with this fantastic writing on Photo Editor App.
v1.0.81 · 31.8MB
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