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Young Blood Institute1.4.0_Popularmodapk.com

Young Blood Institute

Restore your health with the advanced science and personalized support of the team at Young Blood Institute (“YBI”).

YBI specializes in blood plasma immunotherapies that cutting-edge research suggests could have the potential to restore aging immune systems, pre-empt neurological disorders, improve cardiovascular function, and prevent many age-related diseases. But the foundation of healthier aging and longer lives begins with exercise and good nutrition.

Along with our one-of-a-kind treatment programs, our support staff and coaches at Young Blood Institute stand ready to help you stay on track at every step of your daily journey to restore and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Download the Young Blood Institute’s app and begin rejuvenating your health from the inside-out today.


* We carefully ensure the security and confidentiality of your information. This app is HIPAA compliant, and any information you share with us is stored securely and managed with care.


* Download the app and create your account.

* Sync up your Young Blood Institute app in one easy step with Apple Health or any of our other supported app or wearable to make it easier to keep your daily progress top of mind.

* Enter the Invite ID provided to you by Young Blood Institute to get started and connect with your personal YBI “Coach”.


You can learn more about our programs and science, or get in touch with the Young Blood Institute through our website at http://youngbloodinstitute.org/contact.html

v1.4.0 · 105.7MB
Белая Радуга1.5.200_Popularmodapk.com

Белая Радуга

Белая Радуга - приложение, которое помогает заботиться о персональном здоровье и о здоровье семьи.

● Выбрать доктора и комфортное время визита в клинике Белая Радуга.
● Записаться на прием, перенести прием, оплатить лечение и получить кассовый чек по электронной почте или на мобильный телефон.
● Получать напоминание о визитах в виде Push-уведомлений или смс
● Оставить отзыв о прошедшем приеме и враче.
● Контролируйте состояние полости рта, получайте персональные рекомендации по поддержанию здоровья зубов.
● Приложение напомнит о дате очередной профессиональной гигиены.
● Посмотрите индивидуальный план лечения с детализацией по номерам зубов, количеству приемов и сумме за конкретное лечение.
● Круглосуточно доступна история лечения с фото и рентгеновскими снимками до и после прохождения процедуры.
● Создайте семейный аккаунт для заботы о близких.

Белая Радуга - инновационный формат стоматологических клиник. Подробнее об услугах клиники - https://belayaraduga.ru/krasnoselskay/.
Пишите на почту [email protected]

v1.5.200 · 67.7MB
Body Temperature Calendar1.0.16_Popularmodapk.com

Body Temperature Calendar

The definitive version of the family temperature management app!

No need for complicated settings!
A simple and easy to use family temperature management app.

No need to write in a paper notebook every day.
I want to automatically graph the values.
I want to manage not only my family's temperature, but also their blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, pulse rate, and health status.
I want to keep track of expenses for my family.
I want to attach a lot of pictures for the record.
I want to keep track of my medications and small notes.
I want to start using it for free.
I want to share my family's health condition with the doctor when I visit the hospital for treatment.

Main features of this app

You can record multiple family members.
You can record the health status of family members such as body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and pulse rate.
Each data can be recorded multiple times in a day.
Record expense categories, amounts, and notes.
You can check the balance of your expenses on a chart.
Track your medications.
Customize your calendar by adding your favorite icons and background colors.
Chart your family's data (body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, pulse rate, and expense balance).
Target values for body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and pulse rate can be set for each family member.
Data backup function.
Data can be transferred even when the phone model is changed.
Medication reminders.
Many images can be attached (e.g. receipts for purchased medications, photos of symptoms to share with doctors, etc.).
You can use a screen lock to protect your privacy (passcode lock and biometric authentication are supported).

Terms of use, etc.

Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

v1.0.16 · 70.3MB
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