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Teladoc Health: Virtual care5.1.2_Popularmodapk.com

Teladoc Health: Virtual care

Teladoc Health connects you with complete care, at your convenience and an affordable cost. You’ll find what you need to get well—like 24/7 care—alongside primary care, therapy and programs proven to keep you well. 

Teladoc Health has been modernizing healthcare since 2002. More than 50 million visits later, we are the leader in telemedicine. With our app, top-quality doctors and data-driven programs are just a tap away.

Our app brings together doctors, therapists, dietitians, nurses, coaches and self-guided programs that tend to every aspect of your well-being. If you need in-person care, we can refer you to in-network providers and care sites. But don’t underestimate us. The

With a suite of connected devices, in-home lab services and prescription delivery (in some locations), we cover most common health needs. And with insurance, your copay for care could be as low as $0.

Teladoc Health providers and coaches will get to know you. Our video and phone visits have no time limit. Instead of 15 minutes, you might spend an hour talking about your health and planning next steps together.

The app integrates with our devices and Apple Health to put data in your hands. Analyze it during appointments with your care team, or on your own on the go. Then apply what you learn about your health and your habits to find the right path to your goals. We’ll send you notifications and nudges to keep you on the right track.


24/7 CARE
On-demand appointments any time of day with board-certified physicians for:
- Colds and flu
- Pink eye
- Sore throats
- Sinus infections
- Rashes

Access within a week to board-certified primary care physicians and nurses who become your dedicated virtual care team for:
- Routine checkups and preventive care
- Goal-setting and a personalized care plan
- Lab orders (bloodwork)
- Checking blood pressure and other vitals
- Managing chronic conditions

Depending on your coverage, you may be eligible for:
- Programs to help manage conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure
- Connected devices like a blood glucose meter or blood pressure monitor
- Expert health coaching
- Health data, trends and actionable insights

Licensed therapists, psychiatrists and self-guided content for help with:
- Anxiety and stress
- Depression or not feeling yourself
- Relationship conflicts
- Trauma

Registered dietitians who can help with:
- Weight loss
- Diabetes
- High blood pressure
- Digestive issues
- Food allergies

Dermatologists who diagnose and treat common skin conditions, such as:
- Acne
- Psoriasis
- Eczema
- Rosacea
- Skin infections

Your coverage might also provide access to:
- Specialists for a second opinion on surgery, a diagnosis or treatment plan
- Therapy and coaching to help with back and joint pain
- Imaging and sexual health testing referrals

Sign up to see which telemedicine services are covered by your health insurance or employer. Or, you can choose to pay flat fees.

We take your privacy seriously. Your health information is secure, private and compliant with federal and state laws, including the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

- Company of the Year—Healthcare Dive, 2020
- World’s Most Innovative Companies—Fast Company, 2021
- Largest Virtual Care Company—Forbes, 2020
v5.1.2 · 111.6MB
Anatomy 3D Atlas4.3.0_Popularmodapk.com

Anatomy 3D Atlas

This app is freely downloadable, however in-app purchase is required to unlock the contents.
The complete Skeletal System and a few other contents are always freely accessible enabling you to try the app properly.

"Anatomy 3D Atlas" allows you to study human anatomy in an easy and interactive way.
Through a simple and intuitive interface it is possible to observe every anatomical structure from any angle.
The anatomical 3D models are particularly detailed and with textures up to 4k resolution.

The subdivision by regions and the predefined views facilitate the observation and the study of single parts or groups of systems and the relationships between different organs.

"Anatomy - 3D Atlas" is an application aimed at medical students, doctors, physiotherapists, paramedics, nurses, athletic trainers and in anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of human anatomy.
This app is a fantastic tool to complement classic human anatomy books.

• Musculoskeletal system
• Cardiovascular system
• Nervous system
• Respiratory System
• Digestive System
• Urogenital system (male and female)
• Endocrine system
• Lymphatic system
• Eye and ear system

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Rotate and zoom each model in 3D space
• Option to hide or isolate single or multiple selected models
• Filter to hide or display each system
• Search function to easily find every anatomical part
• Bookmark function to save custom views
• Smart rotation which moves the center of rotation automatically
• Transparency function
• Visualization of muscles through levels of layers from the superficial ones down to the deepest ones
• By selecting a model or a pin, the related anatomical term shows up
• Description of the muscles: origin, insertion, innervation and action
• Show/Hide UI interface (very useful with small screens)

• The anatomical terms and the user interface are available in 11 languages: Latin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
• The anatomical terms can be displayed in two languages simultaneously

• Android 7.0 or later, devices with at least 3GB of RAM

v4.3.0 · 571.1MB
Le Manuel MSD Professionnel1.8_Popularmodapk.com

Le Manuel MSD Professionnel

***Downloading this app is a 2-step process: first download the sample app, then fully download the app content. It may take 5-10 minutes over Wi-Fi on 64-bit devices. This may take longer on 32-bit devices. Do not exit the app until you have completed both download steps.***

Currently, the amount of medical data is doubling every 18 months and the pace is accelerating. Stay informed with the MSD Manual app, version for healthcare professionals.

The MSD Manual app, version for healthcare professionals, provides healthcare providers, nurses and students with clear and practical information on thousands of pathologies in major medical and surgical specialties. It discusses etiology, pathophysiology, prognosis, and options for assessment and treatment.

The MSD Manual app, version for healthcare professionals, offers:
• Thousands of topics written and regularly updated by over 350 medical educators
• Photographs and illustrations of thousands of ailments and diseases
• How-to videos on many outpatient procedures and consultations. Concise instructional videos by medical experts on the following key topics:
- Techniques of cast immobilization and restraint
- Orthopedic examinations
- Neurological examinations
- Obstetric procedures
- Outpatient procedures (including IV, tubes, catheters, dislocation reductions,...)
• Questionnaires* to check knowledge of medical disorders, symptoms and treatments
• Medical news and explanations* on common and important medical topics
• Editorials* written by qualified medical experts

* Internet access is required.

About the MSD Manuals
Our mission is simple:
We believe that health information is a universal right and that everyone has the right to accurate, accessible and actionable health information. We have a responsibility to protect, preserve and share the best current medical information to enable more informed decisions, improve patient-professional relationships, and improve treatment outcomes.
That's why we offer the MSD Manuals in digital format free of charge to professionals and patients around the world. No registration or registration is required and there are no ads.

NOND-1179303-0001 04/16
This application is intended for healthcare professionals.
For more information, please read the End User License Agreement at

To learn more about the protection of personal data, please consult our privacy policy at https://www.msdprivacy.com

Adverse Event (AE) Reporting: To report an AR occurring with a specific MSD product, contact the National Service Center at 1-800-672-6372. Countries other than the United States may have specific AR reporting procedures. For more information, contact your local MSD office or health authorities in your country.

For questions or assistance, contact us at [email protected]

v1.8 · 116.1MB
Das E-Rezept1.4.7_Popularmodapk.com

Das E-Rezept

With this app you can:
• Import recipes via scan
• Receive paperless prescriptions
• Redeem prescriptions, whether on site or digitally.

Your advantages are:

fewer ways

With the app, you can receive the e-prescription digitally and assign it to a pharmacy of your choice. You can pick up your order on site or request delivery by courier or shipping.

Goodbye paperwork

Lost or illegible paper prescriptions are now a thing of the past. From the doctor's prescription to receiving the medication, everything is 100% digital.

Full flexibility

With the e-prescription app, you can determine how the prescription is filled: either in a local pharmacy or in an online pharmacy.

Safe and discreet

Your prescription data is accessible via the prescription code and can only be viewed by you in the app and authorized pharmacies in their system.

An app for (almost) everyone

Anyone with statutory health insurance in Germany can use the e-prescription and this app. Privately insured will follow. The e-prescription has been tested in practice since summer 2021. The e-prescription rollout in Westphalia-Lippe and Schleswig-Holstein will start on September 1, 2022. Outside of the regionally supported e-prescription rollout, the e-prescription can be used nationwide in (dental) medical practices and hospitals to prescribe medicines. Because from September 1, 2022, pharmacies throughout Germany will be able to redeem e-prescriptions and settle accounts with health insurance companies.

who we are

We connect healthcare. Secure.
gematik GmbH designs the telematics infrastructure – the network that connects the participants in the German healthcare system. You probably know us – we are also responsible for your health card. gematik GmbH is 51% owned by the Federal Ministry of Health. The other parts are accounted for by the Federal Medical Association, the Federal Dental Association, the German Association of Pharmacists, the German Hospital Society, the Central Association of Statutory Health Insurance, the Association of Private Health Insurance, the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists.

How the e-prescription works

If your doctor has prescribed you medication, he has previously printed it out on site. This expression can now be omitted - the recipe is saved on a server. This app is there so that you can conveniently access the recipe.
If you want to retrieve recipes, the server will ask you for your identity. You hold your health card to your smartphone, enter the card's PIN - and you will be granted access to the e-prescription server. Or you identify yourself with the app of your health insurance company. All recipes are then synchronized between app and server.
You can either redeem prescriptions with the prescription code in the local pharmacy. Or send it to pharmacies via the app - for example to reserve the medication, order a courier, or have the medication sent to you.

How secure the e-prescription and the e-prescription app are

Extensive analyzes to be carried out continuously parallel to the development have been agreed with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The expert opinions commissioned confirm that the applications meet gematik's security and data protection requirements. There is ongoing coordination with the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI). The source code of the e-prescription systems is published.

gematik GmbH
Friedrichstrasse 136
10117 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 400 41-0
Fax: +49 30 400 41-111
[email protected]

v1.4.7 · 68.1MB


Platform to address mental health matters with qualified professionals using powerful assessment tools and treatment modalities

As you may know, access to mental health services in our community is constrained due to the limited number therapists in the region and the wide distribution of those needing mental health services. These two factors make it difficult for therapists and clients to make contact with each other.

In addition, awareness of mental health remains sub-optimal and the stigma of mental illness prevents many sufferers from seeking a mental health professional of any kind. This is compounded by some cultural factors that prevent certain demographics from reaching a therapist. And even if such obstacles are overcome, a large proportion of those needing mental health services live in rural areas where face-to-face sessions with a therapist are, at times, an impossibility.
These unfortunate facts are reflected in the increasing burden of mental disorders on the individual and societal levels.

Differentiating factors:

1. Language: Our service is primarily directed towards clients from the Middle East by supporting Arabic content. Also, the majority of our therapists perform therapy in the Arabic language.

2. Security: We focus on protecting consumer data both from an internet security standpoint, and by adhering to requirements of international data protection and privacy standards.

3. Complete solution: We provide video conferencing capabilities, coupled with other tools such as: a comprehensive electronic health record, a powerful appointment scheduling system, and screening and assessment capabilities - with more features to come in the future.

v2.0.9 · 44.9MB
Burjeel Hospital0.0.186_Popularmodapk.com

Burjeel Hospital

The App enables you to schedule appointments, view and download medical records, take advantage of special offers, and access all the other convenient and secure features you require on the go. We will continue to add new features that will help us improve patient engagement and health management. Among the top features of the Burjeel Hospital Mobile App are the following:

• Book Hassle-Free Appointments
• Access All Your Health Records in One Place
• HealthTap: A-Z of Health
• Avail Special Promotions and Offers on Services

Book Hassle Free Appointments -

Booking an appointment has become even simpler with our new Mobile App. Now, book your appointment in four simple steps,

1. Log in to the App

2. Locate a Physician by facility or specialty

3. Select an appointment slot

4. Receive the Appointment Confirmation

Access All Your Health Records in One Place -

With our new Mobile App, we've made it easier for you to access your health records across all your devices, allowing you to manage your health information from anywhere, at any time. The App contains a patient portal that enables secure access to your health records from your prior hospital visits.

Health Tap: A-Z of Health -

The Mobile App enables you to easily monitor health symptoms and receive expert advice from doctors while on the go, as well as ask our doctor health-related questions.

Avail Special Promotions and Offers on Services -

The new Mobile App enables you to conveniently discover promotions and special offers at our hospitals and pharmacies.

Download our App to enjoy the best in healthcare on the go.

You can also visit our website www.burjeel.com.

We would love to know what you think about us. We are reachable at [email protected].

Burjeel Hospital is a luxury healthcare brand of VPS Healthcare, a multinational healthcare conglomerate headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, that operates hospitals and medical centers throughout the Middle East, Europe, and India.

v0.0.186 · 68.6MB
e-motion® M252.6.0.0-168_Popularmodapk.com

e-motion® M25

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. It goes without saying that e-motion also makes full use of the benefits of this technology. The e-motion Mobility App is divided in three sections.

The free section provides you with four pre-set driving profiles that influence the driving behaviour of your e-motion. You can also display the current speed, mileage or charge level on your smartphone and even record and save tours via GPS.

In addition the app informs you about eventual errors and helps you to solve them. It shows you how to properly use the e-motion and the app helps you to prepare when travelling. If necessary you can also update the software of the e-motion wheels via your smartphone.

You want to have both hands free while moving or an extra dose of speed to go faster? With the Mobility Plus Package you can activate a variety of clever additional functions in the Mobility App.

With the Mobility Plus Package you can increase the support speed from 6 km/h to 8,5 km/h and benefit from the Cruise Mode that allows you to keep a permanent speed with only one deflection on the push rim.

In addition you can use all functions of the ECS remote control on your smartphone and remotely control you wheelchair for parking. Moreover the Mobility Plus Package allows you to count the amount of pushes during a recorded tour. All this gives you even more from your e-motion!

In the protected professional section you can individually adapt the driving behaviour of the e-motion. The following parameters can be adjusted: Maximum speed, maximum torque, sensitivity of the sensors as well as the ramp-up and follow-up time.

v2.6.0.0-168 · 52.4MB
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