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LG ThinQ4.1.28110_Popularmodapk.com

LG ThinQ

Connect your washer, air conditioner, TV, and other appliances to the ThinQ app.
Get away from the busy routine and enjoy a relaxing home life with smart ThinQ. ☕

■ Get immediate notifications
The ThinQ app will keep you informed with all notifications you need so that your laundry will not smell musty or your pizza in the oven will not get overcooked. ThinQ will periodically diagnose the state of your products by itself.

■ Control your home from anywhere
You can check the indoor temperature of your house and turn on your air conditioner even while you are out. You can also remotely run your washer from outside and proceed with the drying process right after coming back home.

■ TV remote control in my smartphone
Change TV channels and adjust the sounds with the ThinQ app. You can enjoy your mobile content in your smartphone gallery on a TV screen. You can also use the Magic Remote feature with your app.
※ The availability of products and services may vary depending on the models you own or the region/country you reside in.

■ ThinQ will automatically access the current state of your products
Get the state of your products smartly assessed in detail. Smart Diagnosis will catch problems and help you troubleshoot them.

The LG ThinQ app supports Android OS 7.0 and higher versions.
If you are using an Android OS version older than 7.0, we recommend that you contact the smartphone manufacturer to upgrade the OS.

The accessibility API is used only to transmit the signal that users input to the TV remote control to the smartphone when using the ‘View Phone Screen on TV's Larger Screen’ function in the LG ThinQ app. We do not collect or use your information except for the minimum information necessary to operate your smartphone.

* Access Permissions

To provide service, optional access permissions are required as shown below. Even if you do not allow optional access permissions, you can still use the basic functions of the service.

[Optional Access Permissions]
• Calls/Contacts
- To contact the LG Service Center

• Location
- To find and connect to nearby Wi-Fi when registering the product.
- To set and save the home location in Manage Home
- To search for and use information about current locations, such as weather.
- To check your current location in the "Routines" function.

• Nearby devices
- To find and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices when adding a product to the app.

• Camera
- To take a profile picture
- To share a home or account scanned from a QR code.
- To add products recognized by QR codes.
- To take and attach photos in "1:1 Inquiry."
- To record and store purchase receipts when registering additional information about the product.

• Files and media
- To attach and set my profile picture in Photos.
- To take and attach photos in "1:1 Inquiry."
- To record and store purchase receipts when registering additional information about the product.

• Microphone
- To check product status via Smart Diagnosis

v4.1.28110 · 149.3MB
와디즈(wadiz) - 라이프디자인 펀딩플랫폼9.1.0.101_Popularmodapk.com

와디즈(wadiz) - 라이프디자인 펀딩플랫폼

◾ 첫 펀딩 혜택 이벤트

✔ 와디즈가 처음이라면 누구에게나 10,000원 쿠폰을 드립니다.
✔ 와디즈 앱 메인 화면 상단에서 ‘첫 펀딩 이벤트’ 배너를 클릭하고 쿠폰을 다운 받으세요.


자신만의 가치를 갖고 펀딩을 여는 사람들과 이를 지지하여 펀딩에 참여하는 사람들이 함께 매일 새로운 트렌드를 만들어가고 있는 크라우드펀딩 플랫폼 와디즈입니다.

새롭고 착하고 놀라운 펀딩을 앱으로 만나보세요.

1. 와디즈에서만 만날 수 있는 제품
펀딩으로 세상에 첫 발을 내딛는 아이템을 매일 공개합니다.
상상만 하던 아이디어, 나와 같은 가치를 가진 메이커를 발견해 보세요.

2. 얼리버드 가격 혜택
와디즈 펀딩에서만 드리는 가격 혜택 놓치지 마세요.
오픈예정인 펀딩에 알림신청을 하고, 펀딩 오픈 알림을 받으세요. 슈퍼 얼리버드 가격에 펀딩할 수 있어요.

3. 만든 사람이 직접 전하는 이야기
누가, 왜, 어떻게 만들었는지 상세하게 소개합니다. - 커뮤니티를 통해 메이커와 직접 소통할 수 있어요. - 마음이 끌리는 프로젝트에 펀딩하세요.

4. 취향에따라볼수있는기획전
호평받고 돌아온 ‘앵콜 펀딩’ 기획전
곧 오픈할 펀딩만 모아둔 ‘오픈예정’ 기획전
지금 가장 인기 있는 ‘베스트 펀딩’ 기획전
지구를 위한 착한 ‘에코 펀딩’ 기획전
펀딩 마지막 기회인 ‘마감 펀딩’ 기획전
시즌 별 혹은 카테고리 별 아이템을 소개하는 다양한 기획전들

5. 일상 속 아이템을 와디즈에서
테크, 패션, 푸드, 뷰티, 홈리빙, 반려동물 등 다양한 카테고리 펀딩으로 일상을 더욱 풍요롭고 특별하게 만들어 보세요.

[선택적 접근 권한]
아래 접근 권한은 특정 기능을 사용할 때 허용이 필요합니다. 허용을 동의하지 않으셔도 서비스를 이용하실 수 있습니다.


E-mail : [email protected]
전화 : 1661-9056
v9.1.0.101 · 46.3MB
簡単アンケートでサクッとポイントがたまる!- MyCue4.5.1c_Popularmodapk.com

簡単アンケートでサクッとポイントがたまる!- MyCue

More than 1.5 million people nationwide are participating! !!
Questionnaire app that allows you to quickly collect pocket money in your free time! !!
* If you have already registered with Queue Monitor, you can log in with your registered email address / password.

◆ What is a cue monitor?
This is a questionnaire service operated by INTAGE Inc., the largest marketing research industry in Japan.

[Registration is free! ]
This service is available free of charge.
Rest assured that it is a company that has acquired "Privacymark" certification!

[Answer the questionnaire and get points! ]
The tile-type questionnaire screen, which is easy to answer even on a smartphone, allows you to answer quickly and easily.

[Abundant point exchange destinations]
The accumulated points can be exchanged for Amazon gift certificates, various net points, and bank transfers.
For 1 point = 1 yen, you can easily exchange from 50 points!
The type of point exchange destination is one of the best in the industry, and the transfer fee is free! It's very convenient because you can exchange it for various things according to your own convenience and taste!
If you use d POINT, you can exchange it on the spot and use it immediately at the store.
Dot Money by Ameba also supports on-the-spot exchanges and bank transfers.

[Your voice reaches society! ]
The contents of the questionnaire are all familiar themes such as sweets and beverages, fashion and games!
The results of the questionnaire are useful for the development and improvement of products and services.
Eventually, it will be reflected in the services and products around us.

▼ Click here for the official cue monitor website!

◆ MyCue service
・ If you have not registered in the queue monitor, you need to register a new one.
・ If you have already registered with Queue Monitor, you can use it by logging in with your e-mail address / password.

[1] Easy login
The app is definitely convenient for smartphones! From the second time onward, you can open it without login.

[2] Let's answer the questionnaire
You can easily participate in the questionnaire anytime, anywhere during your free time such as commuting to work or school and collect points!

[3] Answer MyCue-limited "questions and answers" every day in a fun way and get points!
"One question one answer" is fun because you can see everyone's answer results immediately and post comments! There is one question every day, so feel free to join us!

◆ Recommended for people like this
・ I want to make effective use of the commuting time
・ I want to refresh during housework breaks and work breaks
・ I want to collect points like a game
・ I can't work part-time, but I want some pocket money
・ I want to be involved in product development

◆ User's voice
・ I can't work part-time because I'm busy with club activities, but it's convenient because I can save some pocket money in my spare time! (Teenage high school student)
・ There are various types of questionnaires such as product tests and group interviews, so I'm looking forward to participating. (Students in their 20s)
・ It is good to take a break and earn pocket money in a short time. (Office worker in his 20s)
・ The questionnaire that you continue to participate in is efficient because you can get more than 5000 points every month! (Housewife in her 30s)
・ I like it because I can exchange points from 50 points and there is no fee. (Office worker in his 50s)

■ Recommended environment
Android 5.0 and above
* Depending on the terminal you are using, you may not be able to use it normally.

■ Precautions for use
-Before installing MyCue, please check the privacy policy of Queue Monitor from the following page.
By performing the installation of MyCue, it is considered that the user has agreed to the privacy policy of Queue Monitor.
・ If you do not register with Queue Monitor, you will not be able to use this service.
・ Registration to Queue Monitor is limited to those who are 14 years old or older and who live in Japan.
・ The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user's inability to use this application normally.

v4.5.1c · 6.9MB


Wedding News is a comprehensive marriage preparation app born from real voices of brides. Even if you don't buy a magazine, you can find out all the information about marriage and weddings with one hand. Just by opening it every day, you can naturally encounter the information you need to know.

This app was born by interviewing 100 senior brides.

"Too many 'I wish I knew sooner'"

I have heard this phrase from many brides.

I can't wear the dress I've been destined to wear, I can't ask the hair and makeup artist I admired on Instagram to do my makeup, I can't make the Takasago sofa I wanted to try, and I can't make a wedding cake that looks great in photos.

Did you know that this kind of thing often happens when you don't take care and negotiate in advance?

I went to a wedding hall and got an estimate of 2.9 million yen for a total of 2.9 million yen off if I decided today. After the wedding, money became very difficult.

What luxuries did you choose? You may think that, but in fact, even if you don't intend to have a special luxury, it's a common occurrence.

These can be avoided if you know in advance, or you can make an informed decision. Most of the information already exists on the net. However, it is very difficult to search for, and many people find out about it later because they are reluctant to look it up.

Marriage preparation requires information armed.

That's why I made this app.

Create your own wedding preparation dandri on my dandori and proceed with the preparations, and you will receive personalized and perfect information for you. Getting smarter and smarter. In addition, you can set the date, so you can rest assured that your tasks will not be missed! !

Nearly 10,000 senior brides have posted their marriage reports (my reports) on Wedding News.

There are 4,000 wedding news original articles made by making use of the voices of senior brides, such as regrets, saving points, and ingenuity.

Furthermore, in addition to original articles, reference articles such as affiliated marriage information media, bride blogs, SNS, etc. are manually selected and updated by Graduation members every day.

If you use this app and just look at the title every day, I'm sure you'll be able to know in advance what you need to do to prepare for marriage.

◆ I want to prepare for marriage at a great price

Weddings can be very expensive, so it's important to save smart and save money.
Therefore, Wedding News has two functions.

Part 1
A GoToWedding campaign is underway in which everyone can receive 91,000 yen by achieving the conditions.

We are running a campaign where you can get up to 91,000 yen just by entering in advance and participating in the bridal fair. You can choose a cancellation compensation of up to 5 million yen as a contract benefit, so you can enjoy preparing for marriage with peace of mind. Just before the wedding, even if we catch the corona virus, the flu, or a big typhoon hit directly, the insurance will compensate for the cancellation costs, so you can rest assured.

Part 2
Exclusive to Wedding News - Absolutely profitable with coupons

In the "advantageous campaign" category, advantageous information for marriage preparations is aggregated. There are campaigns where you can get Disneyland tickets just by visiting the store, and campaigns where you can get a 3,000 yen Amazon gift card just by going to a jewelry shop (depending on the season).

In addition to the campaign, you can always get an amazon gift card with the Wedding News original coupon, so you can make a reservation at the best value.

◆ Isn't it faster to consult a professional?

For those who find it easier to prepare after consulting with a professional rather than doing some research on their own, Wedding News offers a professional advisor to help you prepare for your wedding.

By analyzing the types of 10,000 senior brides, we can suggest the perfect wedding style for your bride type.

This service is recommended for those who are looking for a wedding venue, as we can propose the most advantageous reservation method and introduce private plans.

May your wedding be a wonderful and unforgettable day.

●Trend information is being updated daily on Instagram

● Website

● A site where you can search for reports from 7,000 senior brides
(Reports that can be published on the web from about 10,000 posts)

v3.4.2 · 142.5MB
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