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Maps, Navigation Directions
Maps, Navigation  Directions1.26_Popularmodapk.com

Maps, Navigation Directions apk app v1.26 for android

1.26 for Android
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The description of Maps, Navigation Directions

Maps, Navigation & Directions Free app have many useful features like offline Streets View, Digital Compass and Altimeter, Speedometer and Sensors, Offline Weather and UV Index, Satellites, Area Calculator, GPS tracking Alarm and Traffic Alerts, Maps and Navigation directions, Location History and Level Indicator etc.

Maps, Navigation & Directions is Free, Fast and Detailed. Getting around in town is easier and more personal with gps navigation and route map app. Use free GPS navigation to get driving directions from anywhere to anywhere on the map in this offline directions app. GPS, maps and navigation tools will help you to find your way during travelling easily and offline. Navigation and location tracker app is the perfect solution for international travellers with limited cellular data plans. Using Offline GPS - Maps Navigation & Directions will show you offline routes to get around on a car or bike or using public transport so you can compare these offline routes easily and choose what's the best route for you. This is one of the best offline route planner app.

Maps, Navigation & Directions and route finder uses the reliable GPS navigation with voice guidance in your car for an easier drive around the world. Walk guidance through this offline maps pro app takes you every step of the way using Pedestrians Driving Directions on offline Map, and you’ll never miss a transfer when you take public transit using offline transit maps. When there is a delay in your current route finder or stuffed with traffic, this offline GPS navigation app will suggest you the best alternate route which will help you to lead the destination. Offline GPS app can find faster traveling alternatives with Maps & GPS navigation free. It will help you to adjust your time, to stay on time by using this offline gps and maps navigation app. This app will give you access to 7 continents maps including Europe Maps, North America Maps, Asia Maps, Africa Maps, Australia Maps and maps of countries. You can find the best road maps of the USA in offline mod and find map directions from my location.

Offline location tracker and route planner app is very helpful to search routes, finding locations around the world using a world map, draw the shortest routes and find the nearest public place offline without internet. Follow accurate voice directions on the app, avoid traffic jams by using offline GPS, Maps tracking app and public transport. You can share this offline direction and route finder app and offline current location map with your friends without any hesitation. Find Millions of interesting Places using nearby places through this offline location app. Search through offline USA explorer maps and explore the world on map free, different categories e.g. hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, banks, fuel station, airports, ATMs and public transport (metro, bus etc.)

- GPS Alarm while driving
- Area Calculator free by this offline maps app
- Digital Compass in the GPS guru
- Speedometer also will help you to measure speed
- Sensors to lead you to right directions
- Offline weather and UV Index free
- Satellites to help you to explore the world offline
- Offline Maps and route finding with GPS for free
- Navigation to different locations
- Traffic Alerts to avoid jams on the route
- Offline GPS, maps and Location History
- Offline Streets View and locations

Download Maps, Navigation & Directions app and enjoy free driving directions in this offline gps tracking and maps navigation for free. Give your positive feedback after using this offline route finder and maps pro.

Additional Information

Publisher:  Abo Ayman Fateh
Requirements:  Android 8.0+
Publish Date:  10/03/2023
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Red Taxi2.0.8_Popularmodapk.com

Red Taxi

Discover Red Taxi, a fleet that lets you get around the city with the highest quality of service and high safety standards. In a few minutes you’ll have a taxi waiting to take you wherever you want. There is no need to wait for public transport or look for a parking place. ETA as low as 5 min.

What advantages does the Red Taxi app give you?

- Your safety is our priority. All journeys are geolocalized and you’ll know the details of your vehicle, the driver and your pick up point.
- Share your ride details with your loved ones while enroute. They will receive a text that’s track your trip and ETA.
- Escalates safety concerns in a single click with the SOS Button to our safety response team in real time.
- We’ve added Effortless Service. Now in one app you’ll find more options. You decide what kind of car or taxi you want to ride in.
- The best drivers in the market. In Red Taxi the criteria to accept drivers on our platform is the most selective around and all drivers go through and on-boarding process.
- Know the price before you travel. We always show you the price before you order a ride. This way you can travel relaxed, knowing how much you’re going to pay.
- 100% personalization. You decide how you want to get around. Choose the payment method that best suits you either through Cash, Paytm or Red Wallet.
- Book for others. You can book a ride for your friend or family member and make sure they arrive at their destination safely.
- With just one account, 7+ cities. If you like to travel with Red Taxi you can do so in more than seven cities without the need to create new accounts.

Where is Red Taxi available?

Red Taxi is available in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, Trichy, Madurai and Dindigul. See the upcoming list of cities where we operate at redtaxi.co.in

What services are available?

Download our app to see our various services and discover which are available in your city.
- Red Sedan: Vehicles in this segment are sedans which gives you a complete business-class ride. Use this cab for your comfortable family rides and business trips. 
- Red Mini/Go Taxi: Mostly Hatch Back vehicles are included in this segment. Red Taxi ensures the same comfort, quality and maintenance of cabs as equal to Red Sedans.
- Micro: Micro is a city rider from Red Taxi. This is to help you save more on your intracity rides
- Red Rentals: You can avail Innova, Xylo and Traveller for your outstation rentals with your family or friends from Red Taxi. Not just this, you can avail Red Taxi for Hourly rentals too.
- Pink: This is a special segment driven by women chauffeurs exclusively for women customers. This is an initiative taken by Red Taxi, the first time in Tamil Nadu. Now “Pink” is operated only in Coimbatore and soon to take flight in other cities too.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]
Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redtaxicabs/
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redtaxi.ind
Website: www.redtaxi.co.in

v2.0.8 · 8.6MB
Street View Map HD: Satellite1.19_Popularmodapk.com

Street View Map HD: Satellite

Street View Map HD: Satellite View & Earth Map app will let you search live maps and satellite view of your area’s different places. Live street view app is very simple and free to download with the help of satellite world map. Free navigation with satellite app will allow you to determine your current location & view buildings while using maps street view. Street view enhancer app will give you mountain panorama view on satellite maps in any point all over world. Live street view map app also gives you all the information about the traffic status on the roads. Just add your location in this live earth map view app where you want to go then satellite world map will provide you the shortest route towards your destination. Free navigation with satellite app will offer you indoor maps and visual maps for your guidance on road. Discover world famous places at your home with this street view live 2019 and satellite map app. Street View Map app will give a streets viewer with accurate GPS navigation satellite services.

Street View Map HD: Satellite View & Earth Map can let you search street view maps and find my house with new earth navigation apps. Discover 360 satellite earth map using 3d street view GPS navigation system. Enjoy street view live map through this HD street view application. GPS street view direction map gives you street view HD live street view navigation map where you can find 360 panoramic maps using live street view & route map 2019. Explore street view real-time with world map street view app. Search your area street live view and find locations nearby you or all over the world with this live HD street view and route direction app. Live street view navigation map shows a live view of streets with perfect 360 view of earth streets. Street view app download from play store and enjoy live street view HD with voice navigation GPS route map.

GPS street view voice navigation and direction route map use live street maps of satellite to track your location on the panorama and give your street location a 360 view with a clear picture of streets map. Street View Map HD: Satellite View & Earth Map application is very simple and easy to use to view street live. Enter your favorite location name in search box and get street view live maps any time anywhere using this satellite street view map. Now you can easily track nearby place and can explore world famous places with street view map HD. This voice navigation street view app combines a large list of world famous airports as well as all famous places around the world so you can get navigations and route maps anywhere using this street view earth map application.

Features of Street View Map HD: Satellite View & Earth Map:

Full HD street viewer global map
Updated 3D maps for finding street address
Search location and direction with voice
Find shortest road routes with live route map HD
Track my house location or search view of street live
Check nearby places and explore world view online
Discover famous places around you or all over the world
Save you favorite street view location from map
Enjoy beautiful panoramas of city, mountains, streets
Visit famous airports of the world with famous places of us, Norway, Canada etc.
Complete free street view, satellite view earth map app
v1.19 · 6.4MB
MA GPX: Create your GPS tracks2.13.29_Popularmodapk.com

MA GPX: Create your GPS tracks

Better than a hiking GPS, MA GPX is the complete hiking application.

# Prepare your GPS tracks

You import your tracks from KML or GPX files and modify them as you want.
You draw the track, instantly obtain the distance and then the measurement of the elevation.
To create the track, you draw the track with your finger, you can stretch it, delete sections, cut it, add sections,...
Your tracks are stored in the tracks history. You can then resume each of the tracks.
You display your tracks on the map, share them with your friends, or simply display profiles and statistics.

# Offline Maps (outdoor activities)

To be guaranteed to get the necessary maps of outdoor activities, you download maps by advance.
You download the maps from a predefined area on the map or simply from a track to follow.
The cache containing the downloaded maps can be viewed to obtain the size rate.

# Outdoors

Thanks to the quality screen of your smartphone MA GPX replaces any hiking GPS, as you can:

- see on the map your position at any time.
- display the tracks of your choice.
- display statistical data (altitudes, distances, breaks, speeds, percentage of slopes and instantaneous speed)
- save your road.
- save points of interest (POI) on your track.
- Make a sight line with the compass of your device to obtain the point in sight. The azimuth will be plotted on the map at the target point.

And from the voice guide, you are able to:

- to be guided by the sound assistance to follow a route.
- to listen to the directions and the deviations from the trajectory.
- to suspend or resume guidance at any time.
- to change the route to follow at any time.

# Maps

Many quality maps are available such as Swiss, France, Belgian, Spanish maps and many more.
You have access to specific layers (overlay maps) allowing
- to obtain the inclination of the terrain
- to obtain the OpenStreetMap paths
- to obtain the European paths of great hikes

# Other features

Useful feature are available such as:

- Share your position by SMS or email (In an emergency, for example).
- Save or restore all your tracks in a single operation.
- Obtain the geographic coordinates of a point and share it.
- Search a geographic position on the map from latitude and longitude or place name.
- View or edit the track(s) of your choice when the GPX file contains several tracks.
- Merge a track composed of several tracks.
- Add POI to track.
- Cut the track into several sections.
- Easily resume each modification from the "Undo/Redo" buttons.

# Conclusion

This application is ideal for preparing and carrying out many outdoor activities:

- Hiking,
- Running,
- Trail,
- Mountain biking,
- Skiing,
- Horseback riding,
- Racket,
- Hunt,
- Mushroom picking,
- ...

# Help / Support

Help is available in the main menu under "Help":

For problems encountered, improvements, contact: [email protected]

v2.13.29 · 7.4MB
99 - Private Car and Taxi6.24.6_Popularmodapk.com

99 - Private Car and Taxi

99 is the biggest Brazilian e-hailing app. Our mission is to revolutionize mobility and transform people's lives. With few taps, you can request a car or taxi and also decide how you pay for it, whether it's with cash or straight in the app, where you'll have access to exclusive promotions!

Why request a 99 ride?

Power of choice
We have several options for you to choose how to move around in your city. Cars with private drivers, taxis or rides billed to your company through our corporate vouchers. Every moment in our day to day asks for a specific solution and it's you who is in control. Where are we going today?

Safety first
99's partner drivers go through a rigorous selection process. They rely on in-person and online training to ensure all the safety and comfort you deserve. The cars are comfortable and inspected, and of course, we keep a close eye on the passengers' ratings. That reminds us: don't forget to rate your last ride!

Fair rates
Our service is the most cost saving option in the city. And since transparency is one of our key values, we will always provide you with an estimate of how much you'll pay before you request your car. And with our newest feature, you can also track your POP ride's price in real time during your ride!

99's coupons are smart! If you have more than one in your wallet, the app itself shows you the best discount before ordering your car and applies it automatically. Keep an eye on your message inbox and do not miss any of them. To enjoy our fantastic discounts, you must register a card or PayPal account in the app.

Easy to use
Just open the app, choose your destination and you're done! 99 has the best technology in the world to find the right driver for you, and in minutes a car will arrive at your doorstep. Also, talk for free with the driver, by text or audio, using the new feature chat within the app.

Feeling like driving with 99? Come join us! Download 99 app for drivers and register here: http://m.onelink.me/85a6df7c


This new version is a totally upgraded experience! Enjoy amazing discounts on your rides and discover all the new facets our service has to offer.
v6.24.6 · 56.6MB
АЗС Газпромнефть Казахстан2.0.1_Popularmodapk.com

АЗС Газпромнефть Казахстан

Сеть АЗС «Газпромнефть» - и лучше, и выгоднее!

Присоединяйтесь к участникам программы лояльности «ЖОЛЫМЫЗ БІР» сети АЗС «Газпромнефть» Казахстан.

- Будьте в курсе баланса вашей бонусной карты;
- Узнавайте цены на топливо прямо в приложении;
- Следите за изменениями бонусного счета онлайн;
- Управляйте вашими данными в настройках профиля;
- Получайте максимум выгоды от акций и специальных предложений;

За каждую заправку и покупку товаров на АЗС «Газпромнефть» Вы получаете баллы и становитесь участником программы лояльности «Жолымыз бір». А это значит, что на всех АЗС для Вас открываются новые возможности. Не забудьте перед совершением покупки предъявить свою карту программы лояльности!

По вопросам приобретения карт «Жолымыз бір» обращайтесь к операторам-кассирам АЗС «Газпромнефть».

Присоединяйтесь к программе лояльности сети АЗС «Газпромнефть», уточняйте цены на бензин и находите заправки рядом с вами! Карта заправок вашего города уже в нашем приложении.

Спасибо вам за отзывы! Мы продолжаем работать над улучшением приложения.

Ваши пожелания и вопросы присылайте нам на адрес [email protected]

v2.0.1 · 15.4MB
NVV Mobil5.5.0 (48)_Popularmodapk.com

NVV Mobil

The NVV-App is the mobile timetable information for all means of transport, such as train, RegioTram, tram, BUS, AST and Mobilfalt in the area of the Nordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund (Stadt and Kreis Kassel, Kreis Waldeck-Frankenberg, Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, Kreis Hersfeld Rotenburg, Werra-Meißner-Kreis, Hann. Münden, Warburg).

- Connection information with footpath routing (door to door navigation)
- Simple one-touch search through supporting suggestions
- Favourite function for start, destination and routes
- Departure and arrival board for a specific stop
- Display of traffic information
- Product filters (IC, R, RT, Tram, Bus and AST)
- Display of ambient stops
- Ticket purchase (single tickets, MultiTickets Single, MultiTickets and Hessentickets with payment by direct debit, credit card or mobile phone bill.)
- Calendar of events for Northern Hesse
- Map with the display of trips, stops and points of interest (e.g. leisure destinations)
- Single field search for quick and easy search for connections and information.
- Customizable location favorites (also with photo) for a quick connection query.

An active online connection is required to use the timetable information.
No guarantee can be given for the completeness and correctness of the information.

In addition to Internet access, the program (app) requires the following authorizations:

- Your location: To use "Current position" as start/finish or stops in the area.

- Calendar access: To store connection information in the calendar.
To do this, the app must ask for the list of installed calendars.
The app does not read any calendar entries.

- Read contact details: In order to transfer an address from your contacts as start/destination as easily as possible, the program has access to the contact data. By selecting a contact, the address stored for this purpose is transferred to the start/finish field. During the connection search, the address specified in the contact is then transferred as the start/destination in the query (the system cannot distinguish whether you have selected the address from the contacts or entered it manually). These authorizations are used exclusively within the mobile device for the purposes described. The call list is not read out by the app.

If the purchase via user account no longer works after the update, it may be helpful to reset the user data (tickets - User account settings - Reset).
v5.5.0 (48) · 12.6MB
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