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Millionaire French 2023
Millionaire French 20231.0.11_Popularmodapk.com

Millionaire French 2023 apk game v1.0.11 for android

1.0.11 for Android
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The description of Millionaire French 2023

🇫🇷 Play and be a Millionaire

An intellectual quiz game (brain game) with thousand of intellectual questions and answers about France in the French language.

🇫🇷 Millionaire France - Quiz Game is totally free and offline. Sign in in order to save your point total in the cloud.

❓There are many interesting questions about the history, famous people, celebrities, art, sport, culture, national attributes, cuisine, national meals, general knowledge, geography of France in the French language.

Millionaire word game will let you feel the relax like never before as you take on the ultimate general knowledge challenge!

The word game works anytime offline and online. With this intellectual trivia game Play Questions about France in the French language and improve your general knowledge. Take it with you on a road trip, on the bus or play a quick game while you are on the go!

🤔 Test your knowledge of France by answering all questions about the history, famous people, celebrities, art, sport, culture, national attributes, cuisine, national meals, general knowledge, geography of France in the French language and gain a lot of points to show your experience in the leaderboard.

Just like you would expect in famous TV shows, you should answer the questions in the French language and climb your way up the money tree to become the ultimate virtual millionaire of France.

The miniature world of knowledge in the French language… Play it right now to be a leader of general knowledge about France and place yourself at the top of the leaderboard.

Gain knowledge by answering questions on the number one quiz game (Millionaire France) about the history, famous people, celebrities, art, sport, culture, national attributes, cuisine, national meals, general knowledge, geography of France in the French language (Your mother tongue).

❓ Smart quizzes (brain games) are an excellent way to improve your general knowledge and IQ - get some real brain training and educate yourself! You don't even have to be online to play - download the intelligent "Millionaire France" quiz app and then play without the internet any time you want!

Get this smart intellectual game app for free to check how much you really remember your school reading about the history, famous people, celebrities, art, sport, culture, national attributes, cuisine, national meals, general knowledge, geography of France.

🇫🇷 About functionality of the Millionaire quiz game (Word Game)

If you need help, you can use the famous hints and enjoy the Millionaire intellectual quiz game.

You can benefit from following helps. The quiz game provides 5 different hints:
★ Refresh - It will change the question.
★ 50/50 - It will remove half of the answers.
★ Show Answer - It will show the correct answer.
★ Genius - Einstein will say you the correct answer.
★ Protection - Preserves your game if you answer wrongly.

★ Thousands of general knowledge questions, the further you go the harder these questions get.
★ Ranking lets you invite your friends to play the game.
★ Google sign in
★ General leaderboard table
★ Achievement list
★ Share your score with Facebook
★ Tweet your score with Twitter
★ Offline play possibility
★ Free 100%
★ 6 achievements to win game

Be a social being, follow us!:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/millionaire.mobile.games
- Twitter: @millionaireappm

The most useful General knowledge quiz with answers for the youth of France to learn about France and its history, famous people, celebrities, art, sport, culture, national attributes, cuisine, national meals, general knowledge, geography. Try this we believe you will like it.

So what are you waiting for? Let's download and play this virtual tool to test and increase your knowledge about France in your mother tongue (French language).


Millionaire French 2023 1.0.11 Update

- L'interface du jeu a un peu changé.
- Des bugs ont été corrigés.
- Les erreurs dans les questions ont été corrigées.
- De nouvelles questions ont été ajoutées.

Additional Information

Category:  Trivia
Publisher:  TobiTobi Games Studio
Publish Date:  04/10/2023
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