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iRemind: The Activity Party Ga
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iRemind: The Activity Party Ga apk game v3 for android

3 for Android
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The description of iRemind: The Activity Party Ga

"iRemind" is the new funny and exciting social group activity party game 

by Naltex Studio e.U.
Whether at home, on vacation or at the next party, "iRemind" is played with only one smartphone. It is set up fast and can be played by at least four people to an unlimited number of players.

Guess with your friends different words in a variety of disciplines, that involve expressing yourself through body language, rhetoric, sounds, and through other individual ways.

It is always played in a team of two people.
But no worry! If you and your friends make an odd number together, a team of three will automatically be created for you.

Teams are randomly mixed by "iRemind" after each game start.
Of course you also have the opportunity to define who plays with whom.

Set as many words as each player may write.
Each player may then enter his/her words secretly, which are then to guess.
In addition, you can determine how much time each player has for his/her respective discipline.

There are 5 different game modes.
If you want you can skip modes in the preset.
After each completed game mode, the written words are remixed again.
The game modes become more difficult.
But you should still have one or the other word in your head.

Now it's up to your teammate to say, "iRemind".

The game modes:

All you have to do is explain the word to your teammate. Of course you can not say the word!

Use only your body to describe the word. Pointing at something is not allowed as well as making noise!

You are only allowed to say 1 word. Nothing more than one! Think twice before saying something!

You are only allowed to make sounds. It's best to turn around so that your teammate doesn't see you.

Just use your face! No noise, no hands, only your face! You are allowed to turn your head.

As a final climax, the points are not shown until the end. Only when all game modes are over, you will see who the brain champions are.

This is the free lite version.
Restrictions are:
Not free of advertising
No premium settings
Limited number of players
Limited number of terms
Limited number of time

Since I have developed this game alone,
I would be happy about your support.

iRemind: The Activity Party Ga 3 Update

"iRemind" is now online playable with your friends & family!

Additional Information

Category:  Word
Publisher:  Naltex Studio e.U.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/05/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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