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Eysenck Personality Inventory
Eysenck Personality Inventory1.1.2936.release_Popularmodapk.com

Eysenck Personality Inventory apk game v1.1.2936.release for android

1.1.2936.release for Android
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The description of Eysenck Personality Inventory
Eysenck's personal questionnaire for your Android

[ also known as Eysenck’s Personality Inventory (EPI) (Extroversion/Introversion) ]

Passing our test, you can determine what type of nervous system (temperament)
Treat you and your friends:

✔ Sanguine;
✔ Choleric;
✔ Phlegmatic;
✔ Melancholic;

Also, according to the test result, the so-called Aisenk Circle will be built (graphical representation of the test)

The questionnaire contains 57 questions, 24 of which are aimed at identifying extravagance-introversion, 24 others - at assessing emotional stability-instability (neuroticism), the remaining 9 constitute a control group of questions designed to assess the subject's sincerity, attitude to the survey and the reliability of the results.

EPI consists of two scales, the so-called scale of introversion-extraversion (determines how oriented you are to the outside world or inside yourself), the scale of neuroticism.

Neuroticism Characterizes emotional stability or instability (emotional stability or instability of the test).

Neuroticism, according to some sources, is related to the lability of the nervous system.
Emotional resilience is a trait that expresses the persistence of organized behavior,
situational focus in normal and stressful situations.

Characterized by maturity, excellent adaptation, lack of great tension, anxiety, and inclination
to leadership, sociability. Neuroticism is expressed in extreme nervousness, instability, poor adaptation,
propensity to quickly change moods (lability), feelings of guilt and anxiety, concern,
depressive reactions, distraction of attention, instability in stressful situations.
Neuroticism corresponds to emotionality, impulsivity; unevenness in contacts with people
volatility of interests, self-doubt, pronounced sensitivity, impressionability,
tendency to irritability. Neurotic personality is characterized by inadequately strong reactions.
in relation to their stimuli. In individuals with high rates of neuroticism in adverse
stressful situations can develop neurosis.


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So I can not affect the contents of the banners, if it seems offensive, or you disagree with the rules
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Eysenck Personality Inventory 1.1.2936.release Update
👌 Updated design
👌 Reduced application size
Additional Information
Category:  Trivia
Publisher:  Walhalla Dynamics
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  09/10/2022
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