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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS<span>(Mod Menu)</span>4.12.0_Popularmodapk.com

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mod apk game v4.12.0(Mod Menu) for android

4.12.0 for Android
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Popularmodapk.com info MOD Info :
Mod Menu
1.Damage Multiplier
2.Defense Multiplier
3.Unlimited KI
4.No KI Cost
5.No Swap CD
6.Auto Complete Challenge
7.PVP PVE mod
8.All cards gives dragon balls
9.Unlimited vanish
10.Insatll win [ READ NOTE ]
11.One wave win
12.Kill one enemy win
13.All cards gives rishingrush skills
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 4_Popularmodapk.com
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 5_Popularmodapk.com
The description of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS(Mod Menu)

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mod Menu is an action-fighting mobile game with excellent graphics. Players will get various stages of level adventures in the overall battle idea. The feeling of the world's number one martial arts tournament. There are even group duels. In the vast world, there is a battle royale game. Come and try the most direct fighting fun in the Dragon Ball Legend cracked version of the unlimited diamond and gold coin game.

Game introduction

1. There are not too many restrictions on the choice of characters, so all your gameplay must ensure the pursuit of your own preferences, and don't give up.

2. Various scenes are simulated by Dragon Ball film and television dramas, and there is a lot of authenticity in the adventures of players.

3. The performance of various links is to show the fighting skills of both sides to the fullest. You will feel the shock of the two sides, and you will not let yourself miss it.

Game Features

1. The fluency of the action fighting system is very high, and it will not become stuck due to the large number of people, and the requirements for mobile phone configuration are not high.

2. The exclusive mine is developed for you again, no need to worry about not having material refining equipment, everything is enough!

3. With magical and changeable game maps and groundbreaking visual images, users will have a good gaming experience when playing

4. The free trading system allows you to easily buy the equipment you need, or sell the ones you get.

lineup recommendation

1. The exciting battle scene allows you to experience the wonderful duel in the world of Dragon Ball.

2. Simple operations can release powerful character skills, and various battles can be completed without complicated operations.

3. Exquisite recovery effects allow you to enter the limit world and go beyond the limit. The best fighting duel in the world will bring you unlimited fun.

4. The bloody battle screen and the ignited Dragon Ball plot bring you super fingertip battles.

5. Collect Dragon Ball characters to fight for you, you are their master, control them to control the world.

Two ways to play

There are two types of challenges in this game, time-limited challenges and ordinary challenges.

Time-limited challenges currently include the Universe's No. 1 Budokai, Demon Resurrection, Kaiser's Training, Cell Games, Fighting Competitions, Strong Enemy Invasion, Galaxy Raiders, and Legion Hegemony.

Ordinary Challenge, Kalin Tower, Snake Road, No. 1 Martial Arts Association in the World, Legion Challenge, Satan Vault, Imprint Challenge, Spiritual Time Room, Turtle Immortal Special Training, Growth Road, Babidi Spaceship, and Field Mines.

In ordinary challenges: it is mainly for everyone to collect diamonds, gold coins, meditation fruits and other materials required for daily upgrades and recruitment. It is recommended for novice friends to clear all the limited times per day, including Satan's Vault, Snake Road, and Guixianren Special Training, and at the same time upgrade your fighters first. Wait until the level is 30 enough to brush more, Babidi spaceship, growth path, collect UR fragments, SSR fragments. If you lack diamonds, use more Kalinta, starting from level 1 is more suitable for novices. The imprint challenge is a little more difficult, and you can also brush it after the fighter level exceeds 30.

Time-limited challenge: It can be understood as a daily time-limited boss level, the overall difficulty is relatively high and the rewards are relatively generous. Among them, Galaxy Raiders and Legion Hegemony must join the Legion. It is recommended to join the thigh first. What’s more special is the No. 1 Martial Arts Club in the universe, which is a pvp arena. After matching opponents, you can fight. After unlocking the rankings, you can reach the leaderboard and exchange honors for items in the honor store.

Demon Resurgence is a world boss that is open for a limited time every day, and the recommended fighters will be replaced every week. Using the recommended fighters to fight, the damage is doubled. At the same time, you can also spend 10,000 diamonds to unlock the avatar to help you participate in each event on time and not miss the time

Gaming Strategy

1. Equipment depends on fighting: Adhering to the classic classic gameplay, equipment can only be obtained by killing monsters. Explosive equipment, depending on character, has created a good environment for players to compete fairly. We do not sell 1888 enhanced skill books, nor 6888 ingot equipment sets, the monsters in the game are the porters of the equipment!

2. PK Explosive Equipment: PK Explosive Equipment is the most thrilling and exciting link in the classics, and it also continues the classic feature. Freely switch the combat mode, free PK, heads-up or team battle, completely free. Bring your little friends to fight!

3. Free trading, no handling fee: The completely open free trading system does not charge any handling fee, providing players with a completely fair and open game environment. Players who don't spend money can also use their own efforts to move ingots in the game. There is no transaction fee, no additional consumption, and you can buy and sell as you like!

4. Skill books rely on hitting: Like equipment, all skill books are exploded by killing monsters. There are 5 levels of skills. The store sells primary skill books, while other level skill books need to kill monsters to drop, and they cannot be bought with money. Let me tell you, what we leave for players is the opportunity to make a fortune!

Krypton gold player lineup recommendation and soul stone support recommendation

Xiaokrypton plays UR

UR lineup:

UR master C Gohan or pure Buu choose one

Other pendants: Buu Evil + Vegeta Majin + Trunks Super 2 + Zamasu + Super Three Goku

Soul Stone:

Main C 2 Cell 2 Vegeta If there is Super Saiyan Vegeta Main C Soul Stone, you can start with 4 Vegeta, pendant 2 Cell + 2 others, or 2 No. 17 and No. 18


There are only three ssr's that are more powerful. I look at the combination. They are Jake (stealth and stealth), Trunks GT (dodges one more action, but PK does not dodge) Neru (this is resurrected)

UR has 6 assists, the main C chooses Monkey King GT, or all 6 can be selected and the main promotion is Monkey King GT

Krypton lineup recommendation

LR Super Saiyan Vegeta Goku Spade Goku Frieza Super Blue Goku 0 Star Halo + Master C UR Gohan or Buu purely choose one

Krypton lineup recommendation

LR Broly (main C) LR Super Race Vegeta Goku UR Black Goku (Super Evil Wave or LR Super Blue Vegeta) Broly Super (block and counterattack)

LR Super Saiyan Goku (main C) LR Super Saiyan Vegeta (Freeza, Spade Goku, Super Blue Goku, don’t want one of the three, if you don’t have violence, you don’t want Frieza) UR Super Three Goku, Black Goku (crit lineup)

Hao Krypton lineup recommendation

LR Super Race Vegeta Goku (Main C) Spade Goku Frieza Super Blue Vegeta Goku (Crit Lineup)

LR Super Race Vegeta Broly (Main C) Spade Goku Frieza Super Blue Vegeta Goku (block and counterattack)


The Mod Menu version provided by Popularmodapk allows you to adjust the damage multiplier and defense multiplier in the game, and has unlimited energy. The game energy will not decrease in the game, and you can continue to use skills without cooling time. All challenge levels have been completed, and all cards are presented with dragon balls... A lot of content has been modified, I believe you will enjoy it.

Tips: The game will load more data, it is recommended to run under WIFI.

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS(Mod Menu) 4.12.0 Update
【Issues Fixed】
- Fixed various bugs
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  23/11/2022
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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