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Zombie Island Survivor FPS(unlimited money)
Zombie Island Survivor FPS<span>(unlimited money)</span>1.0.0_Popularmodapk.com

Zombie Island Survivor FPS Mod apk game v1.0.0(unlimited money) for android

1.0.0 for Android
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unlimited money
Zombie Island Survivor FPS<span>(unlimited money)</span> screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
Zombie Island Survivor FPS<span>(unlimited money)</span> screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
Zombie Island Survivor FPS<span>(unlimited money)</span> screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
Zombie Island Survivor FPS<span>(unlimited money)</span> screenshot image 4_Popularmodapk.com
Zombie Island Survivor FPS<span>(unlimited money)</span> screenshot image 5_Popularmodapk.com

The description of Zombie Island Survivor FPS(unlimited money)

Prepare for a heart-pounding horror adventure in this thrilling first-person shooter (FPS) game set in a post-apocalyptic city overrun by zombies. Are you ready to face the ultimate battle for humanity's survival?
Game Features:
Zombie Horde: The dead have risen, and the city is crawling with hordes of flesh-eating zombies. It's a fight for survival in a world gone mad. Fight back against the relentless undead!
Diverse Locations: Immerse yourself in a variety of apocalyptic landscapes, from a deserted military base to the sunny beach and the chaotic city streets teeming with zombies. Each location presents unique challenges and opportunities for survival.
Extensive Weapon Arsenal: Arm yourself with a diverse range of weapons to combat the undead menace. From the trusty MP5 and iconic AK to the powerful F4 assault rifle, old, but reliable revolver, double-barrel shotgun, famous M1, and hunting rifle, choose your favorite tools of destruction to mow down waves of zombies.
Vehicle Warfare: Take control of helicopters and cars to gain the upper hand in your fight for survival. Helicopters allow for aerial attacks and swift movement across the battlefield, while cars provide both transportation and firepower to mow down hordes of zombies.
Camp Upgrades: Establish and upgrade your camp to gain access to vital resources and abilities. Enhance your Workshop for weapon customization, upgrade your Garage to maintain vehicles, expand your Factory for crafting, and fortify your Camp to improve your overall survival capabilities.
Intense Shooting Action: Experience fast-paced shooting action as you engage in epic battles against waves of zombies. Use a variety of realistic guns and weaponry to shoot, kill, and survive the relentless onslaught.
Explore the City: Immerse yourself in a detailed and immersive city environment, filled with dark alleyways, abandoned buildings, and hidden secrets. Unlock new levels as you progress in your quest to reclaim the city.
Stunning Graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world with realistic graphics and dynamic environments. The cityscape comes to life as you battle the undead.
Challenging Elements: Face diverse challenges and events as you progress through the game. The difficulty increases as you advance, requiring strategy and teamwork to survive.
Deadly Combat: Engage in intense combat scenarios with precise controls and fluid shooting mechanics. Every shot counts as you fight for your life.
Tiered Gameplay: Climb the ranks and unlock new content as you prove your skills in battle.
Download Now: Start your adventure in the modern combat zombie apocalypse. Craft your strategy and shoot your way to safety.
Join the ultimate battle for survival in this action-packed mobile shooting game. Download now and become the ultimate zombie war master!

Zombie Island Survivor FPS(unlimited money) 1.0.0 Update

bug fixed


Additional Information

Category:  Shooting
Requirements:  Android 5.1.1
Publish Date:  11/09/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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