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Zeroverse apk game v1.0.16 for android

1.0.16 for Android
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The description of Zeroverse
ZeroVerse - Millions of players come back for love and create a new generation of wealth codes together.

The world's first blockchain game adapted from the game which tops the Japanese free game ranking.We sincerely invite any game player and you can get free NFT that can never be destroyed to earn cryptocurrency (bitcoin).

In recent years, whenever you open FB and Youtube, it will be flooded with all kinds of game advertisements, from giving away mystery boxes ten consecutive draws to giving away mystery boxes 300 consecutive draws; from the slogan that equipment is obtained by fighting and the chance of getting all these advertisements to use game CG or even filming natural scenes to pretend to be the game screen. All these advertisements aim to attract people to enter the game and then make them keep recharging to draw cards by giving away virtual items. However, when you think about it retrospectively, you will discover:

-Disliked character which is drawn by recharging will only be deserted in the backpack or be exchanged for a little game token.
-Even if you draw a lot of favorite characters, you can only use a maximum of 5 characters per battle.
-After having played for a few months and not wanting to continue to play, you just realized how impulsive the recharging was.
-It is not easy for you to find a play-to-earn game on FB and you have to buy expensive NFTs before participating in the game and earning money.
-Make up your mind to recharge and buy a NFT. But after entering, you find yourself a victim.

We believe that everyone has all had similar experiences, so we wonder whether the appearance of Zeroverse can make you a little bit excited?

-Zeroverse,as the world's first blockchain game adapted from the game which tops the Japanese free game ranking, has millions of players.
-No threshold: We sincerely invited any game players and you can get free NFT that can never be destroyed to produce coins.
-Sustainable: NFT are available for all adventures’ of Zeroverse. There’s no need to worry about waste and devaluation.
-Worry-free return on capital:Besides ZVC,get free USDW that will be repurchased in the future.
-First 25VS25 turn-based RPG game: each battle can be played with 25 characters, and all your favorite characters can be played for epic battles.

Perhaps you will no longer trust any advertisement and text for the games, but Zeroverse is indeed a game that can earn a fortune with Free-to-Play mechanism. We are eager for all gamers to try it out, and from now on every comment and every suggestion you make will touch our hearts!
Zeroverse 1.0.16 Update
Bug Fixes
Additional Information
Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  WANG KAI MIN
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  27/11/2022
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