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WARPATH-武装都市- apk game v7.10.30 for android

7.10.30 for Android
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The description of WARPATH-武装都市-

Agent, we need your strength to face the Raven Legion.

Receive a top-secret assassination mission, engage in ground and air battles on tense stages, and sneak into enemy lines while making full use of powerful modernized firearms to eliminate the target. Become a sniper to capture strategic locations, attack enemies to finish them off, help your allies to take control of the battlefield, and thwart the enemy's machinations.

Ready to take down your enemies?

[Tense sniper operation]
Freely roam the combat map from ground to air, complete over 100 missions, and practice your skills and rate of fire.
Choose from a variety of powerful assault rifles, submachine guns and sniper rifles. Collect parts to build the strongest firearm. Easy and smooth firearm shooting control, rich animation design and sound, slow motion of shooting is thrilling!

[Over 100 real weapons]
There are over 100 types of military weapons used during World War II. In addition, legendary weapons that are still being tested or designed, such as the non-activated weapons "Panzer VIII Mouse" and "T-43 Tank", will also appear in the game. Get the blueprints necessary to manufacture weapons, complete all the weapons, organize your own invincible army, and destroy the enemy army!

[Enhancement and modification of weapons]
Let's upgrade the manufactured weapons by strengthening, remodeling, and attaching parts!
Weapons can be enhanced from various aspects, such as main guns, cavity lines, suspensions, side skirts, radars, and engines! Create your own ultimate weapon!

[High quality visuals]
With 360° high-definition 3D graphics and realistic sounds, you can feel the atmosphere of the actual battlefield. The design of the buildings and the terrain of the battlefield have all been examined in detail, allowing you to experience the traces of the war era in the game.

[Attractive battle content]
Observe the battle situation comprehensively on the real-time map.
Skillfully use reconnaissance, aim for the opening of the enemy's departure, and surprise the sky castle!
It is possible to bring all kinds of strategies such as raids, siege, and decoys to the battlefield!
Engage in epic battles with millions of players around the world!

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◆ App price
App body: Basic play free
*Some paid items are available
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using.

◆ User support
[email protected]



WARPATH-武装都市- 7.10.30 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  LilithGames
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  01/04/2023
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