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Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank
Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank1.1_Popularmodapk.com

Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank apk game v1.1 for android

1.1 for Android
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The description of Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank

A Taser gun app is a type of electrical weapon sounds app that uses to hear the buzzy stun gun sounds on mobile touch sensor and hear stun gun sounds on touch screen. The sound emitted by a Taser gun is typically a loud, crackling noise buzzy sounds that is similar to the sound of electricity. This Taser gun sound simulator is caused by the rapid discharge of stun gun buzzy sounds, which creates a series of small sparks or arcing on mobile screen. This Taser gun simulator might also emit a clicking or buzzing sound when it is armed and ready to use.

Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank free app to have fun and play joke with friends. The Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank only simulates a stunner which have to play a sound and vibration on touch sensor on Taser gun, when you touch the phone to someone the mobile flashlights will on with vibrate and make taser sounds that simulate electric shock.

Electric stun gun sound simulator is a prank sound app that simulates the sound and noise of different taser gun sound that you can use to scare and to shocker taser joke with your friends and family. You can play with real image of taser gun and stun gun on screen and the best feature of this “Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank” is the touch sensor and flashlight, which emit a loud stun gun sound effect with screen lights blinking with vibration.

This Taser Gun simulator is a prank taser gun app with real taser sounds with flash and vibration. Use this stun gun prank and taser gun prank only for entertainment purposes. Free to Play with different taser gun with beautiful animations and lighting effects.

Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank Features

All tasers gun, machine guns and stun gun are in different skins

Buzzy taser gun sounds with realistic electric sounds effects

Taser gun sounds and stun gun sounds are played with mobile flashlights on effects

Vibration on touch sensor which look for a more real like electric shock

Awesome style taser gun skins are free to use

Best taser gun app for pranking and fool friends and family

How to use Taser Stun Gun sounds Simulator?

Download Taser gun prank: shock taser gun simulator

Start the taser gun sound simulator

Select any favorite taser gun skin

The electric taser gun sound will be played with touch sensor and the mobile flashlight also on with buzzy sounds.

Taser Gun Simulator is a prank prank app use this taser stun gun simulator only for entertainment this taser gun prank simulator is not a real electric shock device. Play a joke with friends and family and write a funny comments 😂

❤️ Thanks for using our SHOCK TASER GUN SIMULATOR APP if you have any problem feel free to contact us

Taser Gun: Shock Taser Prank 1.1 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Gun Sounds Apps & Games
Publish Date:  27/08/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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