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Spanish Civil War (turn-limit)
Spanish Civil War (turn-limit)

Spanish Civil War (turn-limit) apk game v3.0.0.1 for android for Android
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The description of Spanish Civil War (turn-limit)

This is free turn-limited version of Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

You are in command of the armed forces of the Nationalistic Faction, which after its semi-failed coup finds itself in control of two separate areas inside Spain, while the most soldiers and the biggest cities of Madrid and Barcelona stay loyal to the left-leaning Republican side. While most countries choose a non-interventionist policy in the Spanish Civil War (Guerra Civil Española), the Communist Soviet Union gives its support for the Republic (Popular Front) which also operates famous International Brigades, while Germany and Italy provide support for the conservative Nationalist side (fascists).
Can you navigate the chaotic and dispersed setup of your forces (from weak under strength Militia to battle-hardened Army of Africa) to consolidate enough area under your control to entice more support from abroad to continue the struggle for the full control of Spain?

This is a non-political strategy game meant as entertainment, not as a personal ideological belief or statement.

Full version available at the store

Spanish Civil War (turn-limit) Update

+ Revamped movement arrows
+ Generals alter between offering build airfield or build hospital and call-for-support or sabotage action
+ Setting: Alter how strongly hexagon grid is drawn
+ Setting: Scattered Units marked with symbols
+ Artillery/Airforce can use MPs to prepare for the next barrage/sortie to make it more efficient
+ Setting: MAP button shows full screen map with city icons or VP in a circle
+ Setting: support units can have higher/lower selection priority
+ 40 UNDOs
+ HOF cleanup

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Joni Nuutinen
Publish Date:  01/10/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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