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Sleep Sounds Calm White Noise
Sleep Sounds Calm White Noise1.0.33_Popularmodapk.com

Sleep Sounds Calm White Noise apk app v1.0.33 for android

1.0.33 for Android
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The description of Sleep Sounds Calm White Noise

Have you been struggling with mental clutter? Will you like to find anti stress anxiety relief and sleep better? If that is the case, you have landed the best of mindfulness apps to help you find the peace that you deserve. Season is an app for Meditation, Sleep and Relax. Our calm meditation and mood tracker app focuses on reducing stress, improving sleep and making you feel relaxed with dozens of high quality guided meditation ambient sounds, rain sound, relaxing music, white noise, sleep sounds and natural sounds. Some natural sounds were exclusively recorded around the world to let you feel the vitality of nature.
Try Season – Guided Meditation, Nature Sounds to Sleep now!

We have a large variety of calm meditation relaxing music and ambient sounds collection of nature sounds, including forest, rain sound, beach, city, white noise, etc, in order to fit your personal preferences. Some natural sounds are categorized by their season when they are recorded. Whether you want to find anxiety relief, meditate on a cozy winter day, or find anti stress relief on a hot summer spot, this amazing calm meditation app has a perfect collection of ambient sounds and relaxing music to help you find peace and relief.

Enjoy the mindfulness apps best moments with sleep sounds section. Guided meditation with amazing nature sounds, like rain sound, in the background, help you reduce your stress before you go to the bed. Play the white noise or relaxing music to meditate before you go to sleep. Choose a journey you like, set your mood and, you are good to sleep better. If you struggle with insomnia or other sleeping issues, the white noise is particularly helpful in reducing mental clutter, improving your relaxation and helping you sleep better fast.

Exclusive calm meditation sessions coupled with ambient sounds and relaxing music help you find anti stress anxiety relief so you can feel more relaxed. Follow the sleep sounds or nature sounds like rain sound to train you how to breath to let out negativities. New session would come in each couple weeks, so you can continuously enjoy the experience of daily session.

We have integrated an easy to use mood tracker function in the calm meditation app. As one of the best mindfulness apps, this platform offers you wholesome experience to alleviate your mood and help you track it. Use the app to check in your daily mood, see how you’re doing and track any habits that ruin your mood so you can manage your emotions effectively.
Features of Season – Guided Meditation, Nature Sounds to Sleep
• Simple and easy to use mindfulness apps UI/UX
• All in one calm meditation and mood tracker app for you
• Wide collection of sleep sounds, relaxing music, ambient sounds and nature sounds like rain sound
• Exclusively recorded sounds along with white noise to help you find anti stress anxiety relief
• Manage your emotions and sleep better with meditation sounds app

Download and use Season – Guided Meditation, Nature Sounds to Sleep today!

To enjoy the full experience of hight quality meditation and nature sounds, we offer two auto-renewing subscriptions.

An auto-renewing monthly subscription at $2.99/month, an auto-renewing annual subscription at $19.99/year, to provide you with unlimited access to Season natural collections. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can go to your Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal.

Sleep Sounds Calm White Noise 1.0.33 Update
Bug Fixes
Additional Information
Category:  Health & Fitness
Publisher:  Rui.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  25/11/2022
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iNuba - Fitness and Nutrition0.5.13_Popularmodapk.com

iNuba - Fitness and Nutrition

The most comprehensive health and wellness app that allows you to track your health and progress in real time thanks to the latest digital health technology, providing hundreds of body metrics and personalized nutritional and training plans.

Why iNuba?

We combine cutting-edge technology applied to the human body creating the best solutions to improve your health and well-being.

We work so you can live a healthier and more active life. Thanks to our artificial intelligence, app and 3D body scanner (iNubaBox), we design plans that adapt perfectly to you so you can reach your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Nutrition and Sport Science teams are behind the entire process to ensure that our recommendations are always based on science and data.

How does iNuba work?

Scan yourself into an iNubaBox to receive all your body metrics automatically, or manually input them into the app.

Select your goals, lifestyle and current physical activity.

We adapt to:

- Experience and preferences.
- Time available.
- Location.
- Equipment.
- Conditions, pains and injuries.
- Allergies, intolerances and nutritional philosophy.

3D Human

Receive your own 3D body avatar and check all your body metrics. View all your health information.

This information is obtained in the iNubabox and is provided by 3 different systems working together: thermographic analysis, 3D body reconstruction and body composition analysis thanks to bioimpedance.

Fitness and customized training plans

Improve your fitness and lifestyle in a smart way.

Get your personalized training sessions among +2,000 exercises and routines approved by our professional Sport Science team.

Choose the goal, the place, the time you have, the equipment, injuries and you're done.

Injury and pain prevention and recovery

Our body thermographic analysis allows you to detect and prevent injuries or possible pains in advance. Access our recovery plans to follow closed training sessions by levels. Train pain-free while recovering from your injury.
Smart nutrition

Personalized nutritional plans for different goals. Lose weight, gain muscle or just eat healthy.

Change as many times as you want the dishes in the app between +6,000 recipes and all of them will be recalculated to maintain stable nutrients and calories.

In addition, we generate a smart shopping list based on the dishes selected in your nutrition plan so you do not have to worry about anything. We even give you the exact amounts you will need of each ingredient for the selected recipes.


Track your progress and adapt your nutritional and training plans in real time. You can connect the app with your favorite devices to recalculate everything based on your daily activity.


You will have a free version with limited features and a 14-day trial period with the full version. If you really want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term and enjoy exclusive benefits, you can subscribe to our Premium plan.

Terms and subscription

You have subscription options with automatic renewal to enjoy the full iNuba experience:

Premium (1/3/12 months)

By subscribing, you accept our Terms and Conditions (https://inuba.com/en/terms-conditions/) and our Privacy Policy (https://inuba.com/en/data-protection/).

Contact us at https://inuba.com/en/contact/ or follow us on social media if you want to keep up to date with all the news regarding our app. A healthier lifestyle is waiting for you, join the digital revolution in health and wellness!

v0.5.13 · 66.3MB


myNFP hilft dir, deine Zyklen nach der symptothermalen Methode (NFP) auszuwerten.
- Zyklen auswerten nach dem Sensiplan-Regelwerk
- Automatische Auswertung berücksichtigt alle Sensiplan-Regeln
- Manuelle Auswertung für maximale Kontrolle
- Alle wichtigen NFP-Symptome eintragen: Temperatur, Zervixschleim, Muttermund, Brustsymptom, Mittelschmerz, Blutung
- Zusätzliche Erfassung von Daten wie Schwangerschaftstests, Libido, Kopfschmerzen, Verdauung, Sport und vielen weiteren
- Auswertungsprotokoll zeigt transparent, welche Regeln zur Auswertung angewendet werden und woran eine Auswertung scheitert 
- Funktioniert komplett offline
- Speichert alle Daten lokal auf deinem Gerät ab
- Optional: Online-Backup & Sync über mehrere Geräte
- Statistiken
- Dark Mode
- PIN-Sperre
- Export aller Daten
- Import von Zyklusdaten aus einer Backup-Datei
- NFP-Pausen mit Katalogen möglich
myNFP wurde speziell für Anwenderinnen der symptothermalen Methode konzipiert. Wenn du myNFP sinnvoll verwenden möchtest, solltest du dich mit der symptothermalen Methode befassen.
myNFP benötigt nach 30 Tagen Testphase einen kostenpflichtigen Account.
Wozu wird myNFP verwendet?
Die myNFP-Software unterstützt Anwenderinnen der symptothermalen Methode bei der Protokollierung und Auswertung ihrer Zyklen.
myNFP kann anhand der von der Anwenderin eingegebenen Daten eine Zykluskurve erstellen und diese nach der symptothermalen Methode (auch NFP genannt) auf Basis des Sensiplan-Regelwerks auswerten. Dabei zeigt myNFP transparent, welche Methodenregeln zur Bestimmung des Fruchtbarkeitsstatus angewendet werden, damit die Anwenderin die Auswertung stets nachvollziehen und gegebenenfalls manuell ändern kann.
Voraussetzung für die regelgerechte Anwendung ist: Kenntnis der Methode, regelmäßige und sorgfältige Temperaturmessung (mittels eines CE-gekennzeichneten Thermometers mit mindestens 0,05°C Auflösung), regelmäßige und sorgfältige Erfassung aller relevanten Körpersymptome sowie die Abwesenheit von außergewöhnlichen Umständen, die die Zyklusauswertung stören könnten.
Ausgewertete Zyklen müssen von der Anwenderin stets auf Plausiblität geprüft werden!
myNFP zielt auf die Erkennung des Fruchtbarkeitsstatus, ist aber weder ein Verhütungsmittel, noch kontrolliert es physiologische Prozesse. Die Informationen, die myNFP liefert, sind nicht für diagnostische oder therapeutische Zwecke bestimmt. 
Informationen über die Anwendung der Methode gibt es im Wissensteil von myNFP sowie in den zugrunde liegenden Publikationen; z. B. im Buch Natürlich und Sicher (TRIAS Verlag).
v3.4.0 · 5.3MB
HealthyDiet - A Diet Plan App2.7.4_Popularmodapk.com

HealthyDiet - A Diet Plan App

Healthy Diet app is the simplest and most effective healthy eating & weight loss app

The primary goal of this app is eat healthy and get fit. This app focused on health goals like daily calorie intake goal, diet plan & steps goal. We believe that if anyone completed their goals then he or she can definitely get positive result for fitness. That's why we build this app.

Low fat diet, high calorie or low calorie, low carb or high protein? This app help you to find a diet suited according to your need.

Need a fitness tracker(steps and exercise tracker)?. Want to track steps and exercise on daily basis. Then HealthyDiet app is made for you.

This App basically contain major features like eat Healthy Diet, Diet plan, food tracker, food diary, calorie tracker & healthy food recipes, keto diet, step tracker, workout manager and workout tracker, and lose weight with in a single App.

Healthy Diet Features-
● Food planner & macro tracker
● No Coach Needed
● Diet plan & diet tips for your goal - lose weight & eat healthier food
● Calorie counter & food tracker with all nutrients
● Macros calculator - track your daily macros, nutrition & calories
● Meal planner - eat healthy food from delicious recipes for any plan
● Step and Health tracker - stay on top of your fitness & health
● Browse a large food database
● Create custom foods and meals
● Get a personalized daily calorie goal based on your profile information
● Keep track of your weight and progress over time
● Review detailed data and create custom daily goals for your nutritional intake of protein,
fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, sodium & more
● Easily keep track of your water intake

CALORIE COUNTER & CALORIE TRACKER:- Calculate you daily calorie goal and track daily calorie with this app and feel healthier. Count or track your daily calorie with respect to your daily goal.

WEIGHT LOSS WITH BEST DIET PLAN:- Lose weight with your personal diet plan. Create your diet plan with Healthy Diet app with easily and calculate results of diet plan after one week and one month. Create diet plan according to your weight lose goals.

RECIPES & MEAL PLANNER:- There are millions of Food and recipe available for meal planner. Healthy Diet app will suggest you low fat recipe, High protein, low carbs recipe for meal planner with all nutrients.

HEALTH TRACKER & FOOD PLANNER:- Step tracker, workout tracker, Calorie counter & food diary features will help you track your daily nutritional values at a glance.

FOOD DIARY, FOOD TRACKER & MACRO TRACKER :- It’s very easy with macro tracker - will help you achieve the right type of nutrients with the macro calculator.
v2.7.4 · 24.0MB
Stoic Bible2.5.4_Popularmodapk.com

Stoic Bible

Stoic Bible is a reading and journaling app that helps you learn and practice Stoic philosophy, and cultivate mental and emotional resilience and well-being.

It brings the works of the ancient Stoics in one place, and gives you the opportunity to:
- Access and read the most original and relevant books in the Stoic cannon
- Highlight while reading
- Write down your thoughts about selected pieces of wisdom from the text,
- Bookmark sections of the text to revisit later,
- Sharing inspiring quotes or portions of the text on social media.

Stoic Bible also comes with an intuitive private journal, that helps you follow in the footsteps of Marcus Aurelius to keep a collection of your most intimate thoughts to your self.

Taking a few minutes each day to record your thoughts and feelings in the app will help you focus and contemplate on topics most important to you. It will also help you develop a relationship with yourself, understand yourself better, and develop objectivity that would help you gain resilience.

A quote attributed to Kurt Vonnegut says that "Reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found."

Stoic Bible gives you exactly this opportunity: to read the thoughts of some of the most interesting minds in history and to collect your own thoughts as well; a process which helps you develop mental and emotional resilience and well-being in a world with so much distractions and distress.

The app grants a 2 weeks free trial upon sign up, after which a monthly or yearly subscription will be needed to unlock all content and features.


Stoic Bible offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
$5.99 per month
$59.99 per year (that's 2months free and almost 20% saving!)

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

The subscription will automatically renew unless turned off in your iTunes Account Settings at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. If you subscribe before your free trial ends, the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed.

Read our terms and conditions here:

Read our privacy policy here:
v2.5.4 · 7.7MB
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