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Secret Agent Scuba Diving Game
Secret Agent Scuba Diving Game1.6_Popularmodapk.com

Secret Agent Scuba Diving Game apk game v1.6 for android

1.6 for Android
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The description of Secret Agent Scuba Diving Game

Are you ready to play one of best spy stealth games then you must download Secret Agent Scuba Diving Underwater Stealth Game. 

Lost Island And The Underwater Laboratory:
Agent MAX is back with new adventure of spies life. Agent Maxximus trained as ghost best known for his stealth operation got arrested by enemy army on the border. He was transported to the army prison camp where he was succeeded to gather intel from fellow agent Benjamin. The enemy are doing experiment to take control over sea wildlife, so they can dodge any US army submarine and can shoot torpedo by using killer orca whale and great white shark horde. Agent Max made an escape plan and was succeeded in jailbreak from enemy army forces. Now his mission is to locate the underwater enemy base and destroy their laboratory. Play the most challenging full of drama Secret Agent Scuba Diving Underwater Stealth Game for FREE.

Infiltrate Enemies Deep Sea Underwater Base:
Live spies life full of thrill and challenges and secret agent had to fight to save mankind from rogue militant groups in spy stealth games. The secret service agency assigned you mission to destroy then underwater laboratory. Kill or be killed you are chosen secret agent for this impossible mission, gear up with scuba diver suite and harpoon gun. Play spy agent a first of kind underwater scuba diving and spear gun shooting game where your are authorized to use deadly force to strike enemies scuba diver guards and white shark horde. Wear oxygen mask and swim deep sea underwater and hunt all angry sharks who attempt to eat you and kill you. Infiltrate enemies underwater facility with scuba diving skills and take down enemy scuba diver guards and steal sensitive information and hack server in stealth operations. You need a perfect escape plan for escaping the facility after deploying C4 bomb into underwater enemy base in spy stealth games.

Hunt Great White Shark And Deploy Bombs By Infiltrate Underwater Laboratory:
Take on underwater siege mission swim under deep sea water and plant bomb into underwater laboratory of splinter groups. Play role of spy agent on stealth sneak mission into deep sea water as scuba diver. Secret service agency assign you impossible mission to destroy terror cells under water. The American counter intelligence gather info that the terror cells are planing to attack US naval border with these mind controlled great white shark army. Before escaping facility you have to destroy it so they can no longer continue this project for taking control over sea wildlife.

Play the newest spear hunting game as secret service agent, and destroy underwater facility by planting explosives. Kill great white shark and scuba guards in intense battle field spy agent game.

breathtaking underwater siege mission for spy stealth games
get ready to fight with hungry sharks and orca whales with harpoon gun shooting game
best scuba diving underwater action game for hunting great white shark and enemy scuba diver
if you love spear hunting and spy stealth games then you must play this secret service impossible mission
swim underwater and spy agent and use stealth skills to take down enemy army laboratory in this action packed game

Secret Agent Scuba Diving Game 1.6 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  Torque Gamers
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  26/05/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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