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Qibla Direction, Prayer Times
Qibla Direction, Prayer Times1.9_Popularmodapk.com

Qibla Direction, Prayer Times apk app v1.9 for android

1.9 for Android
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The description of Qibla Direction, Prayer Times

Qibla Direction, Prayer Times App offers you all the best prayer times and qibla apps. Also, you can find useful and popular features such as a Qibla Direction, Prayer Times, Monthly Prayer Times, Reminders, Digital Tasbeeh, Quran Radio, Live Stream Makkah, and more on your phone.

Qibla Direction
The best qibla direction apps are a great way to find Qibla correctly and instantly. Our app is providing that so fast and accurately. With the help of the compass, you can find the Kaaba easily and quickly.

Qibla Direction is the most essential necessity for a Muslim. Every Muslim has to know where the Kaaba is. Even he travels all around the world.

Therefore we want to help whole Muslims all around the World. They should find the Qibla direction easily. So you should use our Qibla finder features.

Prayer Times
Besides the Qibla direction, Muslims also have to know when he is going to salat. Therefore we are using the best and free prayer times features.

From now on Muslims can know every necessary Prayer time accurately and rapidly. If you are far away from your home country it doesn't matter. You can find every location's Prayer Times in the world with help of our app's best tools.

Prayer Times Reminder
We have too many things to do in our life. Sometimes we forget the time and maybe we could lose our salat time or in the mornings we couldn't wake up.

Our Prayer Times Reminder tool will help you to get reminded after the azan has been recited and you could snooze it to get reminded again 5-10 or longer minutes later.

Digital Tasbeeh
Muslims have different duties like praying and saluting. Every Muslim wants to pray or dhikrs. Our digital tasbeeh tool will help you to count your dhikrs and your prayings. Besides, it is free.

Digital tasbeeh is the greatest tool for counting your dhikrs. You can use it after the salats, while on the road, while walking, waiting in the mosque for the salat, waiting for busses, etc.

Quran Radio
Muslims should have to listen to Quran for filling their souls with belief and faith. Quran is a guide for Muslims and they should listen, read, etc.

After that, Quran will be a good mentor for Muslims. Everybody should believe that Quran is my guide I should follow the steps where the Quran will lead me. For that, we have added this best feature to our app.

Live Stream Makkah
How much do you want to go to the Makkah? We are helping you to visit Makkah from your phone's screen, but not physically. You can see go how Makkah looks even if you are not there.

Nevertheless, if you are capable of going for a hajj you should go to Makkah for doing your Muslim duty. We are just helping for people who can not go the Kaaba.

Additional Information

Category:  Lifestyle
Publisher:  Highapp Limited
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  11/03/2023
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[Is what a dog needs a ball or a snack?]
How does my dog feel?
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All of this can be solved with a Petpuls.

■Real-time timeline function.
- You can check your emotions/activity through the timeline.
- The comment function on the emotions/activity posted on the timeline.
- You can search past emotions/activity on the timeline.
- Provide a dog's condition by combining emotions and activities.

■Check your dog's activity.
- Provide the total travel distance that the dog has moved.
- It uses a 3-axis acceleration sensor to provide the highest instantaneous speed for dogs.
- Calories consumed by exercise according to the amount of activity of the dog are provided.
- Support for dog walking mode and check walking records.

■Check your dog's emotions.
- Emotional evaluation function through voice recognition of dogs.
- Four emotional state expression functions by analyzing voice data.
- The function of checking the past emotions of dogs.

■Petpuls Lite
- Petpuls Lite analyzes emotions with my pet sounds recorded on mobile phones without a petpuls device.

[Service inquiry]
If you have any questions, please contact [Settings>1:1 Inquiry] in the app or [email protected] You can also check frequently asked questions through [Settings > FAQ] in the app.

[Access Permissions]
- Location: To obtain the Petpuls device connecting SSID & Wi-Fi info when adding devices.

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كبرياء غرور أنثى1_Popularmodapk.com

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Are you looking for cases of vanity and pride female?

Are you looking for ego and pride WhatsApp statuses to share with friends?
Do you want to share the most beautiful female ego and pride phrases with your girlfriend?
Tired of searching for new ego and self-confidence WhatsApp cases on the Internet?
Are you looking for phrases and pictures to provoke ego cases with new designs?
If you are in the right place as the application contains everything you are looking for in one place

.The female can sometimes weaken, cry and grieve, but she should not break or harm her dignity. She must remain tall even if the winds blew without what she desires, and her pride remains the most important.

The psyche of a woman, especially the one with pride, is a tangled forest whose paths are impossible to comprehend and predict.
Pride is what makes a woman seem firm in front of everyone, though everything inside her trembles.
You will search a lot and will exhaust you searching for a female who looks like me and you will not find, just remember what I told you today, that I am a woman who does not repeat.
I learned from my pride that there is a difference between vanity and arrogance and between self-esteem and pride.
Application content
Pictures of pride, ego, female
Female vanity phrases decorated
Female ego phrases
Ruling on pride and lofty
Pride words arrogant female
short female pride and arrogance phrases
Phrases of vanity, pride, female

Application Features
The application interface is easy and simple to suit all tastes
Easy to navigate between sections
Ease of sharing texts via social networking sites
Easy to share photos
The quality of the pictures is very high
The content of the application is constantly renewed and growing
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People are not one-size-fits-all. They’re complex, and often present themselves differently depending on the context. With @buzz, you finally have the freedom to express yourself however you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want.


Don’t waste your time sorting through the outdated information of people you barely know. Share your life with your friends, family, and other important people in your life.

EXPRESS YOURSELF THE WAY YOU WANT: Cultivate different profiles (a.k.a. “personas”) for different contexts. You decide the level of information that specific groups can access.

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST: If someone breaks your trust or doesn’t need certain information anymore, all you have to do is unshare your data with them.

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY UPDATED: Instantly share images, important updates, and contact information with a handpicked group of people — and update this information in one location only.

UNLOCK A WORLD OF ALTERNATIVE APPS: Once you’ve got the hang of @buzz, it’ll be easier to get started on other apps on the @platform.

PRIVACY INCLUDED: Everything you share on @buzz is end-to-end encrypted and totally secure.

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