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Nota Paraná
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Nota Paraná apk app v2.0.7 for android

2.0.7 for Android
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The description of Nota Paraná

1. General Questions about the Program

1.1 What is the Paraná Note Program?
It is a fiscal stimulus program to citizenship in the State of Paraná, which aims to encourage consumers to demand the delivery of the tax document. Consumers who at the time of purchase, request the inclusion of the number of your Social Security number on tax document will accumulate credits and compete for cash prizes. Credits and awards will be received in a bank account, used for abatement of property taxes or converted into credits for mobile.

1.2 What are the benefits for the consumer program participant?
Consumers who at the time of purchase, request the tax document identified with your CPF will be exercising their citizenship and contributing directly to the reduction of tax evasion. As an incentive, receive part of the tax actually paid by the establishment. In addition, if desired, will run for cash prizes.

The State shall return 30% of the VAT actually paid by the establishment to consumers.

1.3 I have to inform my CPF at the time of purchase?
The consumer is not required to provide your Social Security number at the time of purchase. In this case, however, shall not be entitled to credit or to awards concerning the sweepstakes. In addition, shall not be entitled to register complaints.

1.4 It is necessary for the consumer to send to the Department of Finance tax documents indicating the CPF / CNPJ?
No. The responsible for registering documents in the Department of Finance is the commercial establishment in deadline Resolution. Consumers can track the records by accessing the Program Paraná Note Portal.

1.5 The MEI is obliged to issue notes with the CPF?
The MEI is not obliged to issue tax document in its sales to the final consumer, according to the federal legislation that created it. Soon, it is released from the obligations of Parana Note.

1.6 Proof of purchase must be saved?
After the electronic registration of the tax document in Paraná Note Program system is not necessary to save the voucher. It is important to guard the tax document to verify your registration. In the event of the establishment does not hold the electronic registration, the tax document can be used as proof of the completing of the complaint.

1.7 What are the benefits for merchants?
The Paraná Note Program provides benefits also for establishments because:
Provides greater equality and fair taxation, reducing unfair competition.
Encourages the electronic relationship between trade and its customers.
It contributes to reducing the informal market.
Strengthens the fight against product piracy.

Nota Paraná 2.0.7 Update
- Nova funcionalidade de cancelamento de transação
- Reorganização do "Meu Perfil"
- Inclusão da aba "Contas Bloqueadas", com a listagem de contas bloqueadas vinculadas ao usuário
- Funcionalidade de desbloqueio de conta
Additional Information
Category:  Productivity
Publisher:  Celepar
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  24/11/2022
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aProfiles - Auto tasks3.23_Popularmodapk.com

aProfiles - Auto tasks

Do you want to switch the phone to silent, lower screen brightness, and turn off the Internet connection with one tap?

Do you want to automatically switch the phone to silent when you are sleeping, but switch to normal at 7 am?

aProfiles enables you to automate tasks or many things to happen on your Android device based on location, time triggers, battery level, system settings, connected Wi-Fi access point or Bluetooth device, etc.

★ change multiple device settings by activating a profile
★ automatically activate a profile by a rule
★ support home screen widgets for quickly activating a profile
★ show notification when a profile or rule is running
★ specify your favorite name and icon for a profile/rule
★ disable rules without deleting them
★ reorder the profiles/rules list by dragging
★ backup and restore you created profiles, rules, and places

An action is the most basic part of this app, a thing that the app does. Turning off WiFi is an action, switching to the vibration mode is an action.

A profile is a group of actions. For instance, you can define a Night profile that switches the phone to silent, lowers screen brightness, and turns off the Internet connection.

The basic concept with rules is "if X condition happens, do Y profile". A rule lets you define the start and stop profile in response to events on your device. For instance, you can define a Sleeping rule that activates the Night profile at 11 pm and activates the Normal profile at 7 am the next day.

Some actions/conditions are only available on a rooted device due to the limitation of Android.

This app collects location data to enable Location, Near Wi-Fi, Near Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, and Sunrise/Sunset conditions even when the app is closed or not in use.

. No ads
. Support more than 5 rules
. Auto backup profiles and rules
. And more, go to Settings > About > FAQ > last item

Supported actions/conditions
. Airplane mode
. App opened, Close apps, Open apps, Launch Shortcut, Send Intent
. Auto-rotate screen
. Auto-sync
. Battery level
. Bluetooth, Mobile data, NFC, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi tether, Internet connection
. Brightness, Dark theme, Display color mode
. Calendar event
. Call state, Carrier name, Roaming
. Car mode
. Default alarm/notification/ringtone sound
. Docking, Power charger
. Headset
. Location, Cell tower, Near Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, GPS
. Mute/Vibrate/Do not disturb
. My activity
. Notification posted, Clear notification
. Notification light
. Play music/ringtone, Play/Pause track
. Reboot
. Send SMS
. Screen off timeout
. Screen on/off
. Speak notification, Voice reminder, Popup message, Vibrate, Flashlight
. Time scheduler/event, Sunrise/Sunset
. Volume
. Wallpaper

If you'd like to help the translation, please send me an email.

Brazilian Portuguese - Celso Fernandes
Chinese (Simplified) - Cye3s
Chinese (Traditional) - Alex Zheng
Czech - Jiri
French - SIETY Marc
German - Michel Mueller, Andreas Hauff
Hebrew - Jeka Sh
Italian - Alessio Frizzi
Japanese - Ysms Saito
Polish - Marcin Janczarski
Portuguese - David Junio, Celso Fernandes
Russian - Идрис a.k.a. Мансур, Ghost-Unit
Spanish - Jose Fernandez
Swedish - Göran Helsingborg
Thai - Vedas
Vietnamese - TrầnThượngTuấn (WildKat)
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Kudos VPN

Kudos VPN is a free and limitless VPN, permitting you to get to any substance, improve your gaming experience, stay mysterious and secure your gadgets. When

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Gift Pay5.0_Popularmodapk.com

Gift Pay

You play, we pay. 💰 “Gift Pay” is here to give you free Gift and Royale Pass for the new season. Complete simple tasks and earn coins. Then buy some free Gift with your coins. That’s all.

👨 You can also get free royale pass and Gift by inviting your friends to the Gift Pay. Go to “Invite” section and share your reference link with your friends. Earn Gift while you sleep ;)

🥳 Our Gift stocks refreshing every Monday. So you can collect coins to buy them right now. This app is completely legit. Don’t worry, we pay all UC’s.

🏆 There is also a “Leaderboard” where you can see who has the most coins in the whole app. And you can compete with your friends. Are you ready to be the king?

💸 In the “Recent Purchases” section, you can see that who has received Gift recently. If you get your Gift then your name will appear in the recent purchases section.

❤️ In the “Quests” section, you can see your tasks to earn coins. Just select your country to list the quests that fit you. Then select an easy task and you will earn your coins right after you complete the quest.

We will add new options to collect coins. You can join the DC server to send your advice about the application.

All you need is a Google account. Then you can start to collect coins and earn UC! Application is secure 100% and there is no risk of fraud.

But yes: they are not enough. If you wish to see new game codes and PINs in the store, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will add new codes to the store based on the players’ feedback!

Download Now
Get free Gift and free royale pass right now.

Legal Disclaimer:
This app is not created, sponsored or endorsed by VNG Game Publishing, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, xFAIRx. This app is not an official app or connected to the developer or publisher. All corresponding software content and materials which are trademarked and copyrighted by VNG Game Publishing, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, xFAIRx or its licensors belong to VNG Game Publishing, Tencent Games, KRAFTON, xFAIRx or its licensors, and usage for this app falls under fair use guidelines. This app is intended purely for the love of the game and aid further skill development and explorati
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Abena AI - Twi Voice Assistant1.0.1_Popularmodapk.com

Abena AI - Twi Voice Assistant

Say "Abena, Dɛn na wobetumi ayɛ?"

Meet Abena. Africa's first hands-free Offline Voice Assistant. Made by Africans for Africa, to solve African problems

*Currently supports the Ghanaian Akan Twi language. Other African languages coming soon.

Abena is fast and works without the internet.

Speak to your phone in Twi to check your credit(airtime) or internet data balance, buy or send credit, buy or send data, send money, check MTN Momo, Vodafone cash, Airtel Tigo money balance, get weather info, get twitter trends or Ghana news, set reminders, set alarms, set timers, control smart home, smart lights like Philips hue bulbs, tv, record voice notes, send instant messages, chit-chat, open third party apps, play music, games & more.

Works like magic!

Speak to your house in Twi to control lights & devices (Check out the Video). No need to rewire your home or require any electrician to get things going. It takes only 2 minutes to setup.
Say "Abena, Sɔ kanea no ma me"

Voice technology has become one of the main ways people interact with devices but the world’s most popular voice assistants, Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant, still don’t support a single native African language. This means millions of people who speak African languages can’t use voice tech to do something as simple as checking the weather.

Abena is here to solve this problem. Abena isn't just a Twi Siri, Twi Alexa or Twi Google assistant clone - Abena solves problems faced by africans in Africa. Best part is - unlike other popular virtual assistants - Abena.ai works offline; saving you money & protecting your privacy. A voice assistant for African languages

What can Abena do?

"Abena, Dɛn na mɛtumi ayɛ?"
"Dɛn na wobetumi ayɛ a ma me?"
"Edwuma bɛn na woyɛ?"

-What's trending on Twitter & Ghana News?

"Abena, Dɛn na ɛkɔ so wɔ twitter?"
"Dɛn na ɛtrendi wɔ twitter?"
"Kyerɛ me nsɛm a ɛkɔ so wɔ twitter"


"Abena, ɛndɛ nsuo bɛ tɔ?"
"ɔkyena ewia bɛ bɔ?"
"Weather no te sɛn?"
"Ewiem tebea no te sɛn?"

Check Credit or Airtime balance: (No internet required)

You can check MTN Credit, Vodafone credit, AirtelTigo credit, Glo credit:

"Abena, Aka me credit sɛn?"
"Aka me airtime sɛn?"
"Aka me MTN/Vodafone/airtelTigo/glo credit sɛn?"
"Credit sɛn na mewɔ?"
"Checki me airtime no ma me"

Buy Credit or Airtime: (No internet required)

Buy MTN airtime, Vodafone airtime, Airteltigo airtime

"Abena, Tɔ credit ma me"
"Tɔ airtime ma me"
"Tɔ MTN/Vodafone/airtelTigo credit ma me"
"Mepɛ airtime"
"Wobetumi ah tɔ credit ah ma me"

Transfer Credit or Airtime: (No internet)

"Mepɛ sɛ me sɛndi credit"
"Mepɛ sɛ me sɛndi airtime kɔma obi"
"Mepɛ sɛ me mane credit kɔma obi"
"Sɛndi credit ma me"
"Mepɛ sɛ me mane MTN/Vodafone/airtelTigo credit"

Check MOMO balance (MTN MOMO, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Money)

"Abena, Aka me sika sɛn?"
"Aka me MOMO sɛn?"
"Checki me MTN MOMO/Vodafone Cash/airtelTigo Money no ma me"
"Sika sɛn na mewɔ?"
"Mewɔ sika sɛn?"

Transfer Money:

"Mepɛ sɛ me mane sika"
"Sɛndi sika"
"Transfer MOMO ma me"
"Mepɛ sɛ me sɛndi obi sika"
"Mepɛ sɛ sɛndi MTN MOMO/Vodafone Cash/airtelTigo Money"

Also buy data, transfer data, check data balance..

Set Reminders:

"Abena, Kae me biribi"
"Mepɛ sɛ wo kae me biribi"
"Wobɛtumi a kae me biribi"
"Sɛti reminder ma me"
"Sɛti nkae/nkaebɔ"

Set Alarms:

"Sɛti alarm 7am"
"Sɛti alarm ma me"
"Mepɛ sɛ me sɛti alarm"

Set Timer:

"Sɛti timer 30 seconds"
"Sɛti timer 1 minute 30 seconds"
"Sɛti timer ma me 45 minutes"
"Sɛti timer ma me"

Smart Home (Control lights):

"Abena, Sɔ kanea"
"Ma kanea no nyɛ blue"
"Dum kanea no nyina"
"Sɔ asa so kanea"
"Wobɛtumi asɔ abɔntene kanea no a ma me"
"Ma kanea no nhyerɛn"
"Ma kanea no nkɔ fam 5%"
"Sɛti brightness no 5%
"Ma no nyɛ fitaa"

Africa social network - Connect with friends & family

There are many other features. Install & tap help(? icon) to see full list. Voice assistant Ghana

v1.0.1 · 64.6MB
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