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monobank банк у телефоні
monobank  банк у телефоні1.44.5_Popularmodapk.com

monobank банк у телефоні apk app v1.44.5 for android

1.44.5 for Android
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The description of monobank банк у телефоні

more than 6.5 million Ukrainians chose monobank, which makes us the largest commercial bank in Ukraine

How to register?
1. Download the mobile application.
2. Confirm the mobile number.
3. Select the document with which you will register (Deed, ID card, passport book, foreign passport, permanent residence permit).
4. Choose to receive a virtual card now or a physical card at the point of issue.

For the fastest registration, choose registration through Diya, the record for the registration speed is 1 minute 43 seconds.

Still hesitating? Here are 51 random reasons to open a monobank card:
- Monokit lives in the application, which is quite unusual for a bank
- Patriotic card designs for Google Pay
- Flexible card security settings
- Dark app theme available
- No need to cut the card number or IBAN from the message to make a payment, we will do it for you
- There is a mini-chat with the sender of the transfer to confirm the payment or send the TTN
- Open currency cards in dollars or euros without going to branches that do not exist
- Many people from your environment already have a monobank card, and it is more convenient to use monobank together
- Purchase in parts from cool partners
- Within 10 seconds, you can cancel the payment if mistakes have been made
- Splitting the bill for a cafe or taxi among friends
- Banks for collecting donations
- You can scan the card with the camera so you don't have to enter it manually
- We do not block accounts at the request of the executive service, when only the amount can be blocked
- Elite cards with access to the lounge for the price of several cups of coffee
- You can block regular debits from a specific service
- Payments between cards, utilities and mobile top-up — without commission
- Sign e-mail documents to their KEP through Diya
- Pleasant purr of Monokot when receiving money instead of harsh notification sounds
- 1-touch eSIM purchase — a virtual SIM card instead of or in addition to your physical card
- Payment for purchases via Google Pay
- There are regular payments for mobile top-up, transfer to a card, payment by IBAN or transfer to charity
- Buy goods on credit in all land-based or online stores of the planet
- A convenient dashboard with current restrictions of the NBU, so as not to get into unpleasant situations
- Choose for yourself how we should contact you
- Purchases and withdrawals from the card abroad at a favorable rate
- Didn't calculate the budget? Transfer the old expense into installments, and the money will be returned to the card
- You can give gifts: send transfers to friends on behalf of the Cat, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy
- Get cashback from partners, more than 10 partners to choose from every month
- Convenient accounting of finances in one application
- OSCPV insurance and Green card in 2 clicks at favorable prices
- Stylish card and simple application
- The most profitable and transparent tariffs
- Donate cashback to charity — do good deeds inconspicuously for your budget
- Shake the app and make transfers to the person next to you without asking for a card or phone number
- There is no commission for withdrawing salary, FOP payments or social security payments
- Buying military bonds in 2 taps
- Opening currency cards and FOP accounts in 1 touch
- Tag expenses and build analytics in a convenient section
- Calendar to view upcoming recurring payments
- Cashback from the bank
- Transfers contacts from the phone book, no need to ask for a card number
- We send a notification about the appearance of traffic fines
- Credit limit for the card and installment plan
- Opening a card is Support for receiving assistance from the state in 1 touch
- Unsurpassed payment in restaurants without waiting for a waiter
- Get rewards for using your card
- Children's card to control the child's expenses and teach financial literacy
- Incognito mode to hide card balances from prying eyes
- The best support service in convenient messengers
- Receive bank statements and account statements electronically by mail

JSC "UNIVERSAL BANK" NBU License No. 92 dated January 20, 1994, in the State Register of Banks No. 226

monobank банк у телефоні 1.44.5 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Finance
Publisher:  Universal bank | Monobank
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  26/05/2023
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- Your security is our priority
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Bradesco: Conta, Cartão e Pix!

Sabia que você pode abrir sua conta no Bradesco sem ir à agência?
O melhor de tudo é que ao abrir sua conta gratuita pelo App Bradesco , você ganha:
- 1 ano de isenção na tarifa da Conta*
- 1 ano de isenção na anuidade do Cartão de Crédito Elo Internacional
- 6 meses de mensalidade grátis na Veloe
- e muitos outros benefícios especiais :)

Saiba mais e confira as condições em https://banco.bradesco/abrasuaconta/


- Consulta de saldos, extratos e limites da sua conta;
- Pagamentos de boletos por código de barras** e leitor de PDF;
- Pix: faça transferências sem cobrança de taxas em poucos segundos;
- Transferências entre contas Bradesco e outros bancos;
- Cadastro de conta e aumento de limite diário para fazer TED;
- Recargas de celular pelo App e cadastro para recargas via Twitter;
- Pedido e depósito de cheques;
- 2ª via de comprovantes de pagamentos, Pix, transferências e recargas, Câmbio. Visualize ou compartilhe direto pelo aplicativo;
- Informe de rendimentos, baixe ou envie por e-mail seus informes da conta, consórcio e crédito imobiliário;
- Contratação de empréstimos, consórcios, seguros, crédito imobiliário, planos de previdência privada e investimentos (consulta, aplicação e resgate);
- Recuperação da Chave de Segurança;

- Transferências entre Contas Bradesco por comando de voz: Acesse a conta e chame a BIA, peça pra ela fazer uma transferência para você ;)

- Carteira Digital: Pelo App, é só adicionar seu Cartão Bradesco na carteira digital**** Google Play ou Samsung Pay pra começar a fazer pagamentos de forma ágil e muito fácil. Também é possível pagar suas compras com QR Code - basta acessar o App e usar a câmera pra capturar o código da loja**
- Open Finance: Fazer a gestão financeira pelo Aplicativo Bradesco está cada vez mais fácil. Na Aba Meus Bancos, dá pra consultar em um só lugar as movimentações das suas Contas e dos seus Cartões de Crédito Bradesco.

Temos outros produtos inovadores, acesse https://banco.bradesco/inovacao/ e descubra!

E não para por aí! Você ainda conta com a BIA para tirar suas dúvidas. Fale com ela pelo App Bradesco ou pelo WhatsApp (11 3335 0237).
Ah, conta pra gente, pelo Facebook.com/Bradesco ou Twitter: @Bradesco, o que está achando do App.

* Válido para Clientes Classic, Exclusive, Exclusive Digital, Prime Clássica 2.0 e Prime Digital
** Funcionalidade disponível para celulares com câmera de foco automático.
*** Para consultar os cartões elegíveis, acesse a opção Cartões, no App Bradesco, toque na carteira digital e em Mais detalhes.
****Para compras em lojas com máquinas da Cielo habilitadas.

O Aplicativo Bradesco é compatível com sistema operacional Android 5 ou superior.
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Green: Bitcoin Wallet

Blockstream Green is a simple and secure Bitcoin and Liquid wallet that makes it easy to get started sending and receiving Bitcoin and Liquid-based assets such as L-BTC and Tether’s USDt.

Built by one of the most respected teams in the Bitcoin industry, Blockstream Green is supported across multiple platforms and is designed for Bitcoin beginners and power users alike.

No registration or personal details are required to get started, just write down your 24-words mnemonic and start making Bitcoin transactions right away.

Smart fee estimation ensures your Bitcoin payments arrive on time without being charged excessive fees.

We speak your language. Green includes support for Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. And more to come!

Send and receive Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), Tether’s USDt, and any other Liquid-based assets with the Liquid wallet.

Unique dual-key security with one key protected by two-factor authentication. Multiple authentication options are available including, Google Authenticator, SMS, and email.

Bitcoin power users will feel right at home with a wide range of advanced features and industry-firsts:

Fully customizable transaction fees with replace-by-fee support so that you can start low and adjust the fee if necessary. Great for pushing through urgent transactions without overpaying.

Integration with multiple hardware wallets, including Trezor One, Ledger Nano S, and Ledger Nano X (see the official docs for latest compatibility across iOS and Android).

Require two-factor authentication for large payments only, by setting a two-factor threshold. Total payments up to the threshold can be completed without 2FA.

Keep an eye on your Bitcoin balances while on the go and receive payments from others without needing to grant payment permissions to your device.

Easily make test transactions on Bitcoin testnet.

No documents, personal information, or KYC required. An email address is needed for wallet recovery purposes only. Connect via Tor at the tap of a button, no other apps needed.

Verify transactions on your own full node with SPV support.

v3.8.0 · 81.0MB
DANA Dompet Digital Indonesia2.25.1_Popularmodapk.com

DANA Dompet Digital Indonesia

DANA adalah dompet digital Indonesia yang aman, tepercaya & bisa diandalkan kapan saja, di mana saja. Dengan DANA, kamu bisa bertransaksi non-tunai bahkan non-kartu untuk kebutuhanmu sehari-hari, mulai dari transaksi pembayaran offline, hingga bayar tagihan & cicilan secara online. DANA juga punya banyak fitur yang membuat pengalaman transaksimu lebih praktis & cepat.

DANA Protection - Garansi Uang Kembali
Transaksi dompet digitalmu lebih tenang dengan DANA Protection yang menjamin keamanan untuk setiap transaksimu di DANA.

Scan Kode QR untuk Bayar
Pembayaran di kasir jadi lebih praktis & cepat dengan menggunakan kode QR DANA.

Kirim & Terima Uang Semudah Kirim Pesan
Transfer uang bebas biaya admin & tak perlu nomor rekening bank, cukup nomor ponsel penerima saja. Kamu bisa juga menunjukkan kode QR DANAmu untuk terima uang.

Bayar Tagihan Bebas Repot!
Mulai dari beli pulsa & data lebih hemat di DANA, bayar cicilanpun bisa! Bayar tagihan seperti listrik, air, BPJS, asuransi semua bisa di DANA.

Saldo DANA atau Saldo Kartu Bank?
Kamu dengan mudah bisa memilih pembayaran menggunakan Saldo DANA atau Kartu Debit & Kartu Kreditmu yang sudah tersimpan dengan aman di DANA.

DANA Surprize
Sekali dayung, bisa dapat cashback & untung! Setiap transaksi min. Rp20rb kamu bisa dapet token untuk main DANA Surprize, dan menangin berbagai voucher menarik untukmu!

Pilih DANA, dompet digital Indonesia yang aman, tepercaya & bisa diandalkan!

*Untuk alasan keamanan, DANA tidak bisa digunakan di perangkat jailbreak/root.
v2.25.1 · 48.6MB
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