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Kite Game 3D – Kite Flying(Speed change)
Kite Game 3D – Kite Flying<span>(Speed change)</span>1.1.08_Popularmodapk.com

Kite Game 3D – Kite Flying Mod apk game v1.1.08(Speed change) for android

1.1.08 for Android
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Speed change

The description of Kite Game 3D – Kite Flying(Speed change)

Kite Game 3D - Kite flying is a traditional sports game with Kite fighting around the world for kite flyers and kite game lovers. Included Beautiful kite designs around the world like Fighter kites name as Guda kite, Pan kite flying, Patang kite game, cometa kite and pipa kite, layan layang kite, papalote kite and many more kite with Traditional Kite designs. In Kite Game 3D - Kite flying you need to cut your opponent's kite to get some coins to buy your favorite kite design also you can catch (Loot) opponent kite to get more coins. Kite Game 3D - Kite flying is a traditional sports game like other Traditional games around the world ludo game, gilli danda game, pipa game, tic tac toe etc.

In Kite Game 3D - Kite flying you can fly your favorite kite with opponent kites in the sky. The blue sky is full of colorful kites in awesome weather of night and day cycle. Cut the opponents kite with reels of choice in this Kite Game 3D - Kite flying. Kite Game 3D - Kite flying offers you to fly your kite in different environments where you can fight with other kites. Kite fighting is an interesting part of the kite game where actually the battle starts between the kites of different shapes; you need to give a dheel "Move away" when the pecha "kite fighting" takes place between the kites of different countries. If you need to cut an opponent kite in Kite Game 3D - Kite flying game you need to tap tap as fast as you can to cut an opponent kite in the air. Finally you would be a winner of the kite game. The Kite Flying festival is celebrated internationally for kite fighting games lovers. By playing this Kite Game 3D - Kite flying game you could also learn how to fly kites in real life. You could become a Superhero of Kite Flying Games. Enjoy this multiplayer offline game for fun in awesome weather conditions that represent realistic views.

In Kite Game 3D - Kite flying game you can select your country language and your country kite this will give you the feeling of flying kite game in you favorite place just sitting in your comfort zone. Kite Game 3D - Kite flying is a Popular kite wali game. This Kite Game design for kite flying fun around the world to promote this traditional kite flying sports game.

Kite Festivals in Kite Game 3D

* Kite Game 3D - Kite flying Included, Basant Kite Festival for Pakistan.
* International kite festival, Makar sankranti Kite Festival, Uttarayan for India.
* Pipa Kite Festival For Brazil.
* Indonesia kites, Bali Kite games, layang layang, Balinese kite in the shape of Butterfly kite.
* Vietnam Kites, Including "hum kite", hu kite.
* Japan Kites Festivals, "Yōkaichi Giant Kite Festival" (祝い凧), Hamamatsu Kite
Festival, Rokkaku kite or Tako kite.
* Greece and Cyprus kite game, Bermuda kites game, Māori kite game.
* US/American Kites Fight With the shape of a Dolphin Kite flying.
* Bangladesh Shakrain festivals kite games.

Kite shapes In Kite Game 3D - Kite

* Indonesian Layang layang kite
* Nepali - Lokta Changa kite
* Indian - Patang
* Pakistani - Guda / Tukkal kite
* Japanese - Rokkaku kite
* Afghan Fighter Kite
* Shield Kite
* Chula and Pakpao kite
* American Fighter Kite
* Spanish - Volantines Kite
* Superhero kite
* Robot kite
* Monster kite
* Belgian - Plakwaaier Kite
* Mexican - Papalote kite
* Italian - Aquilone Kite
* German - Drachen kite
* Brazilian - Pipas Kite
* Philippines - Saranggola Kite
* Serbo-Croat - Zmaj kite
* Spanish - Cometas kite
* Thai - Wau kite

Kite Threads / Line In Kite Wali Game

* Manjha
* Spectra
* Hilo de competencia o Hilo Curado
* Manjho
* Gelasan
* Cerol

Kite Game 3D - Kite flying is designed to promote safe kite flying around the world. To save this traditional sports game you can call it basant festival, makar sankranti or pipa flying in your language. Install Kite Game 3D - Kite flying and help us promote this beautiful traditional sports game.

Kite Game 3D – Kite Flying(Speed change) 1.1.08 Update

* New Vietnam flute kites with flute sounds option.

* Kite idle tycoon feature with kite making factory.

* You can now grow hay and build hay tycoon factory.

* Drive delivery vehicle, tractors, harvesting vehicles.

* New kites for basant 2024 kite flying festival.

* Hire managers to control your kite idle tycoon.

* Reduced ads in the game for smooth gameplay.

* Kite flying animations improved.

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  ZK Games
Requirements:  Android 6.0+
Publish Date:  24/01/2024
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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