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Kannada Alphabet Game
Kannada Alphabet Game2.1.1_Popularmodapk.com

Kannada Alphabet Game apk game v2.1.1 for android

2.1.1 for Android
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The description of Kannada Alphabet Game

Download Kannada Alphabet Learning, Kannada Letters Writing App right away, and start to learn Kannada language.

Practice Writing Kannada Letters and Numbers offline, anytime, anywhere!
Learn kannada akshara.
kannada aksharamala app is easy to use.
kannada app typing is easier with the help of this app.
This app helps kannada typing keyboard easier.
english to kannada translation apps can used by help of this app.
Want to use kannada dictionary app, try this app first to learn kannada.
do you want to use kannada stickers for whatsapp? learn kannda with this app first.

Features : -
◉ Practice Kannada Letter Writing With Animated Path guides, making learning extremely fast and easy.

◉ You no longer need to have paper and a pen, To Practice Kannada.

◉ Multi Color Stroke Helps your brain to remember the path easily, since it’s fun to learn.

◉ Preview Mode will show you how to write the Kannada letter With beautiful animation.

◉ Multiple Dynamic Brushes gives your colourful writing experience that you have never seen.

◉ Beautiful Animations.

◉ Voice from best voice artists.

◉ No Internet Required - Works Also offline.

◉ Learn Kannada Numbers

◉ You wanted to hear the Kannada Letter Sound again, Just press the sound icon on the Kannada letter tracing Page.

The Kannada Flash Cards App has a full range of features designed to help beginning and intermediate learners also kids.

This App help you learn to write Kannada Alphabets And Consonants in engaging, and fun way.

This App provides a step-by-step Line Segment direction for writing each Kannada letter, Makes you to write Kannada Letters properly.

This App is perfect choice for children preschooler or kinder garden kids And Beginners who wants to learn and writing Kannada alphabet.

It is also an educational app not just for kids, For all age people who wanted to learn a keen interest in learning new languages.

The app also includes phonics sounds for each letter.

Surprise animations & colourful graphics will surely keep you engaged on the app which makes your learning easy and fun.

This Beautiful App helps you learn Kannada Easily

Native Kannada number and English Numbers Can be easily practicable in this app.

You can use this educational game as a Preschool Learning Kannada App.

If you are looking for preschool Kannada games, this app would be best choice.

This App also used as Kannada learning book.

Get Ready to learn the powerful Kannada language.

Learn Kannada From This app, Achieve Your goal of Speaking in Kannada, No More Spoken Kannada Class needed.
Are you searching for Kannada book to learn? Use this app once, feel the difference.

Preview mode helps you to view the exact direction that how you wanted to write and which direction you have to write, what is the initial place you want to start the letter, how to end the letter

Kannada Letters voice on this app is made by Kannada voice Professional, this make Kannada voice guidance powerful.
No More Worry On Learning Kannada Phonetic.

Master Now, Practice Kannada speaking, Practice Kannada writing.
A very important app for anyone to learn Kannada.
This Kannada Funny Game Gives you 100 percent fun while learning.
Did you ever wanted to download Kannada Teacher App, Your search stops here.

Save Environment, Save Paper : You no longer need Kannada Letters Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook.

OUR Work :
This app can be used from kids to elders any age.
We hire always best voice artists, Best Designers, Best Musicians to give you rich experience.
We are always happy to help you on your any kind of questions, feedback, suggestions.
Please email us on [email protected]
Do Support us, by sharing this app with friends and family.
Don’t forget to leave comment and rating on the play store.

Kannada Alphabet Game 2.1.1 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Education
Publisher:  Alphabet Tracing
Publish Date:  09/10/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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Clothing store music © Shtar - www.shtarmusic.com
Fruit store music © Sam Semple - www.samsemple.com
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