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Iron Soilder:SUPER CITY HERO0.9_Popularmodapk.com

Iron Soilder:SUPER CITY HERO apk game v0.9 for android

0.9 for Android
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The description of Iron Soilder:SUPER CITY HERO

Time to try this superhero game: Iron Hero Games: Super City Hero

The best superhero game where you can use all your superpowers from flying to telekinesis.

Let's fight against gangsters and mafia in the grand city and become a steel superhero in this fighting game.
You are Iron Man, let's avenge humanity. You are the only iron hero with a strong iron fist
Who can save humanity and create a horde of sworn enemies. Don't wait for rope spider hero and captain hero
world because iron man superhero is here for fighting games. Iron Robot Man is the best superhero game.

The city is full of dangerous criminals and it's up to your rope swinging moves to stop the criminals, the ultimate crime fighting power of real rope hero will save the day. Show off your amazing rope swing action skills in battle and explore the huge city as an ultimate rope superhero!

- You have complete freedom of movement on the map: you can shoot, fly, climb, drive cars, fight criminals
- Real 3d city with racing cars, pedestrians, skyscrapers
- Super powers that can be improved: air flight, telekinesis, eye laser shot, super kick, rope and hook
- Breathtaking main military missions with additional storylines and great prizes
- Wide variety of soldier weapons
- Exquisite outfits, capes and accessories designed for real gangsters
- Cool racing cars, trucks, military tanks, helicopters that can easily turn into robots
- Abilities like flying, shooting and telekinesis will be used for combat and tactical decisions
- Low performance requirements and small application size
- Different areas of the town have their own scores
- Smart enemies who are a real threat to society
- Incredible physical abilities like super kicks, eye laser shots, climbing with ropes and hooks to make your enemies escape the city
- Use twine and hooks for incredible accuracy

Wall climbs buildings and reaches the top of the tallest skyscrapers, overlooking the city and getting an eagle-eyed view of the crimes that are taking place. Jump down to save the world and defeat street enemies in amazing acrobatic crime fighting style!

Iron man is the only one with superhero fighting skills and steel hero powers to bring justice in gangster league
super city. Let's be the flying superhero and join the steel hero war. Become a steel ninja hero, upgrade your superhero fighting skills and
Create a horde of dead enemies in this iron man superhero street fighting game.

In this cool crime thriller game, an intense mix of superhero action and crime fighting, shoot spider webs at bullet shooting opponents and slam all enemies.

Iron Hero Games: Super City Hero Gameplay:

- Superhero fight with cool music and sounds in gangster crime city
- Steel mech hero game with beautiful graphics and grand crime city animations
- Amazing mech robot hero game with various superhero levels
- Thrilling action game of superheroes and super mech heroes
- Super mech hero fight against incredible mutants destroying buildings and offices

Steel Hero Games: Super City Hero vs Rope Hero Climb No one can defeat you in this grand crime city due to your flying strategy in this superhero league battle.

Iron Hero Games: Super City Hero fight with your support, you are everyone's hope, they call you my amazing steel hero, show some super villain stealth moves, let you survive and be safe in the futuristic grand city .

Iron fists of the iron hero can make a pool of dead enemies in one fight shortly. This is a top iron robot hero game in the outstanding fighting genre.

Save the grand city from gangsters and mafia. Police and even army forces can't do anything with it, however you are a superhero, the savior of the city. Come and make justice! Superhero fighting with iron hero is the game you were looking for.

Iron Soilder:SUPER CITY HERO 0.9 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  IronmangameHulkgameSuperHeroGames
Publish Date:  30/08/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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