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Forgotton Anne(All Unlocked)
Forgotton Anne<span>(All Unlocked)</span>1.4_Popularmodapk.com

Forgotton Anne Mod apk game v1.4(All Unlocked) for android

1.4 for Android
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All Unlocked
Forgotton Anne<span>(All Unlocked)</span> screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
Forgotton Anne<span>(All Unlocked)</span> screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
Forgotton Anne<span>(All Unlocked)</span> screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com

The description of Forgotton Anne(All Unlocked)

Have you ever thought about all the little things that you’ve lost or left forgotten over the past few years? They could be a pair of socks, an old watch, your wallet, and so on. Have you ever wonder where they have gone to?

Well, you would probably think that they’ll be at the same spot right? We’re pretty sure that after experience this, your thoughts will change forever. Join Forgotton Anne in a completely unique adventure into the land of the lost and forgotten items.

Find out more about this amazing game from Square Enix as we experience a heart-warming and impactful story in the world of Forgotton Anne.


The game takes place in a rather strange place called the Forgotton where all the lost and forgotten items got send to. These are referred as the Forgotlings which find themselves being given a new life as the arrive. In Forgotton Anne, you’ll find all the Forgotlings having their own human-like characteristics and traits, it’s like they were once human. Whether it be a lost sock, a broom, a ring, or even an old refrigerator, they’re nothing like them seconds before.

However, the situations in Forgotton aren’t exactly right at the moments. And that’s because the human who’re in charge of the world is forcing the majority of the Forgotlings to works in selective factories. Here, they’re forced to work to generate a special energy called anima as well as to construct a large bridge that would head to the real world. This causes many light-minded Forgotlings to believe that they could also use the bridge once it’s finished. Still, they still live under the harsh conditions and being treated like animals by the rulers.

Our main character, Anne might look like a genuine heroin from an anime, but she starts as an amoral officer for Gestapo. Most of the Fortgotlings are afraid of her and called her The Enforcer. With the strange device in the wrist, Anne can turn any opposing Forgotlings into raw anima energy. In facts, you can see her actually enjoy doing it. Unless you try to stop her, things will become worst and worst, then the story will head into a really dark path.

And on the other hand, there are also a group of ruthless rebellions who care nothing about the Forgotlings as they always try to capture them and collect their anima. There ultimate goal was to sabotage the constructing bridge and prevent Anne and her master, Bonku to leave the Forgotton realm. Play your own game and have your own stories.


Let’s take a good look at all the exciting features that the game provides:

Simple and intuitive control

To start with, gamers in Forgotton Anne will be introduced to really simple and intuitive control options where they’ll find themselves extremely comfortable moving their characters around. Guide Anne as you join her in an epic quest. Travel through dangerous locations by effectively leap over the obstacles or dodge enemies’ attacks. Unlock the gesture commands and feel free to unleash effective attacks to the enemies. In addition, the simplified interfaces also make the game less overwhelming for the new gamers. That being said, you can easily get familiar with the controls in no time at all.

Discover a beautiful world with lively characters

In addition, you’ll find the world in Forgotton Anne extremely fun and exciting to look at as it features incredibly lively Forgotlings that you can’t believe that they were just some soulless items in the past. That being said, the game is your opportunity to discover a beautiful material world where the charming objects are brought to life and develop their own personalities.

On top of that, you’re also introduced to varied locations, each having its own unique elements. Encounter interesting new characters as you travel and spend time observing the beautiful nature in Forgotton Anne.

Follow an addictive and heart-warming adventure

And to top it all, the writers of Forgotton Anne have given us an exciting story that will touch every parts of your souls. Join Anne as she discovers the truth behind the conflict between her master and the ruthless rebellions. Enjoy a heart-warming storyline as you get involved in many characters’ own stories. Share meaningful moments with the awesome characters and learn more about their past.

Explore the power of Anima and unlock its secrets

In this adventure, the power of the Anima will be the key to solve your problems. What makes the energies so special that it allows the users to achieve great things? And how do we gain the proper control over it.

Join Anne as she learns how to harness the power and use it as a key to solve the problems in Forgotton lands. And maybe, with the powers in your hands, you can even learn how to have complete controls over the Forgotlings.

Choose your own stories and developments

And to make the game more exciting and enjoyable for Android gamers, you’ll have the options to choose your own stories in this game. Select between different words and actions to guild the stories to varied developments. If the choices are hard, just spend your time listen to your heart, and it’ll guide you through the darkest hours.

Enjoy the exciting platformer gameplay

In addition, Forgotton Anne features an exciting platformer gameplay where gamers and get involved in many exciting activities. Make uses of your dexterity and agility to run, leap, and even soar above the sky. Get past tricky obstacles and guide Anne home.

Unlock the traditional hand-animated visuals

If you’re fans of the traditional anime, Forgotton Anne will surely impress you with its hand-animated visuals. By having it created using the traditional techniques, the game introduces to gamers beautiful animations with huge amounts of details that you can hardly find on any other similar Android title.

Visual and sound quality


You can easily notice the beautiful 2D graphics in Forgotton Anne as the game introduces detailed hand-drawn images that’s not like any other. In addition, the traditionally-made animations are on a whole new level compared to the other games.

Moreover, the high-definition images make your characters extremely beautiful and realistic even when they’re zoomed. The background is also incredible as they feature stunning hand-drawn artwork from the world best artists.


And to cope with that, Square Enix has introduced the incredible orchestral soundtracks to the game. Now, gamers in Forgotton Anne can enjoy immersive audio experiences with incredible details and clarity. Moreover, the voiced characters will make you feel completely lost in the actions. It’s like you’re actually in the game, following Anne footsteps, and listen to her stories.

Download Forgotton Anne latest 1.4 Android APK

For the long-awaited Android gamers, Forgotton Anne will definitely be a great title for you to enjoy. Beautiful graphics and sounds quality that’s beyond your imaginations. Addictive and captivating story to keep your enjoyed for hours on end. And an epic gameplay that would surely satisfy even the most skeptical gamers. There is nothing more you could expect from such a perfect game.


Forgotton Anne(All Unlocked) 1.4 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Adventure
Publisher:  Hitcents
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  04/08/2022
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