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Ertuğrul Mounted Horse Warrior
Ertuğrul Mounted Horse Warrior1.0.5_Popularmodapk.com

Ertuğrul Mounted Horse Warrior apk game v1.0.5 for android

1.0.5 for Android
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The description of Ertuğrul Mounted Horse Warrior

Fight for the rise and glory of the Ottoman Empire, play role of Ertuğrul Ghazi a furious leader and Turk fighter. Under the command of his father chief Suleyman Shah lead the Kayi's tribe. Ertuğrul bey has to fight against the Mongols barbarian and Crusaders of Byzantine Empire. Ride horse across Anatolia forest and lands enjoy deer hunting with bow and arrow. Play as Ertuğrul Gazi
and show some real hunter skills and collect food for Kayi's tribe with your friends in this strategy war simulator game.

You can chose Ertuğrul gazi warrior friends like Turgut Alp, Bamsı Beyrek and Doğan Alp. Enjoy fighting with an axe or dual swords as you like to eliminate Byzantine warriors and Mongols barbarian. Live the epic time of 13th century when Ertuğrul bey was become the reason of the rising of Ottoman Empire. Lead your tribe and fight the assassins and warriors of Byzantine Empire. Show mounted horse skill and ride on the roads of Hanli bazaar and Kayi's tribe escort trade caravans and help out Ibn Ul Arabi famous scholar. Rescue people in trouble and conquer the Hanli bazaar and Byazantine castle with your leading skills in this action packed strategy war simulator game.

Step into shoes of Ertuğrul Ghazi and do some deer hunting along with mounted horse riding in this epic war simulator game. Play role of Ertuğrul Gazi use dual sword fight and axe fighting skill to kill Mongols barbarian horde. Unlock his friends like Turgut Alp, Bamsı Beyrek and more to make this Ottoman Empire game more epic. You can do archery shoot arrow with bow or show real warrior skills to fight ninja and mercenaries. Ertugrul Ghazi rise as savior and was the reason of building new civilization and culture known as Ottoman empire today. One of best sword fighting game you can play like a real warrior. Start your journey as mounted horse rider who can use horse racing and bow arrow skills to hunt deer in the forest.

If you looking for mounted horse riding games and want to play role of Ertuğrul Bey then you must play this amazing sword fighting game in your smartphone and tablets. Use bow arrow to take down enemies from far and show real marksman skills in 13th century warrior 3D strategy war simulator game. Conquer the bazar and castle protect your tribe and start journey as a real warrior hero. Hunt deer with bow arrow and show some swordsman skill in this Turk warrior game.

Fight for the glory and rise of the Ottoman!


Ertuğrul Mounted Horse Warrior 1.0.5 Update

Minor Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Super Action Studio
Publish Date:  16/09/2023
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