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Dekaron G
Dekaron G1.1.112_Popularmodapk.com

Dekaron G apk game v1.1.112 for android

1.1.112 for Android
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The description of Dekaron G

〈Garion’s Letter〉

Welcome, brothers!
You have probably come here after hearing about the two moons.
You have come at the right time. The day, Miseria, the moon of misery and Ricchez, the moon of abundance align,
the day the absolute evil ‘Karon’ appears, is approaching.

I have been waiting for decades.
Decades for those who will come together to protect our land, our family, and our freedom.
Now is the time to pick up your swords and whips, bows and staves.
This is the destiny of the Dekaron.

Are... you still gripped by fear?
The greatest honor for a Dekaron is to sacrifice.
But there is as much to gain as there is to lose.
Now, let’s learn of the benefits only a Dekaron can experience.

Dekaron Membership Benefits
◐ Adventure: Explore the mysteries of the Trieste Continent, such as, Ardeca, Haihaff Snow Fields, etc.
◐ Trade: Freely buy and sell the items such as weapons, armor, skillbooks, etc.
◐ Guild: Through guild membership, you and your fellow Dekaron can perform honorable feats, like, subduing otherworldly creatures.
◐ PVP: In principle, all PVP actions are permitted outside of restricted areas. However, indiscriminate hostile actions may cause discomfort to others.
◐ PVE: There are no restrictions for dealing with evil. After all, that is the reason why we’re here.
◐ Dekaron Newsletter: We offer a lifetime subscription to our newsletter below.
· Homepage: https://www.dekaronglobal.com
· Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl1rw1ktl_uaPH_vXFlVAEg
· Discord: https://discord.gg/CXaZQcnNSW
· Facebook: https://facebook.com/DekaronMGlobal/
· Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dekaron_G

What do you think? Aren’t you excited?
Ah, time flies.
I will leave for Ardeca first,
so please read the conditions for becoming a Dekaron before following me.

I will sincerely pray for your safe journey.
See you on the battlefield again in good health.

[Customer Center]
[email protected]

[Terms of Service]

[Privacy Policy]

[Required Permissions]
1. Disk Space (Device Pictures, Media, Files) Access Permissions
- Required to save files on the device to run the game.
- Request read/write permissions to download resources.
- Disk Space (Device Pictures, Media, Files) Access Permissions includes permission to use storage, and without these permissions, the game cannot read/write information, therefore permission is required.

* After agreeing to access permissions, you can reset or revoke access as follows.
* Minimum Specifications: RAM 4GB

[Android 6.0 or Higher]
1. Revoking Access by Permission: Device Settings > Apps > See More (Settings and Manager) > App Settings > App Permissions > Choose This Access Permission > Choose Allow/Revoke Access Permission
2. Revoking by App: Device Settings > Apps > Choose This App > Choose Permission > Choose Allow/Revoke Access Permission

[Lower than Android 6.0]
Since it is impossible to revoke each access permission due to the nature of the OS, access can only be revoked by deleting this app.
Recommended to upgrade to current version of Android.

Dekaron G 1.1.112 Update

1. "DK Arena" Added
2. Exchange improvements to enable cross-world transaction
3. Server transfer function added
4. Proceeding a new event
3. New In-app products added
6. Minor bug fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  ThumbAge Co., Ltd.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/12/2022
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