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dark awakening-idle rpg
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dark awakening-idle rpg apk game v1.0.00 for android

1.0.00 for Android
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The description of dark awakening-idle rpg

This is a dungeon magic adventure game. The game takes Nordic mythology as the story background, and the core conflict is about the salvation of the last days. By portraying many vivid mythological characters and story chapters full of dramatic conflicts, players can be brought into a world full of artistic conception. Epic fantasy world!

The game has designed many distinctive system gameplays, such as the classic BOSS grabbing equipment, as well as high-degree-of-freedom personal systems such as sub-professional systems, free skill branches, adventure missions, etc. The interactive gameplay will make people more motivated to fight!

-Dungeons In Dark Fantasy

Players will embark on incredible dungeon adventures and face unimaginable challenges throughout the journey. Explore deep into the dungeons, defeat enemies with powerful skills that you have mastered from the past, and solve puzzles and traps, to reveal the true evil power behind it all. A surreal adventure full of mysteries and dangers awaits.

-A Versatile Lieutenant System

Remember, you are not alone in this dungeon adventure. The game provides hundreds of lieutenants for you to pick from. Each lieutenant has their own unique appearances, talents and abilities. To face even tougher challenges, you must empower them through cultivation, combining different bond effects to counter the enemies, and collect greater rewards after each adventure!

-Classic Hack And Slash

Fight against fearsome enemies and powerful tyrants in fierce hack-and-slash battles. Your lieutenants can also assist you in battles with their special attacks, such as, sniping, starting a bullet-time, or unleashing a flurry of attacks to devastate the enemies. It is the time to experience the thrill of fighting your way through hordes of enemies as you explore the uncharted depths of each dungeon, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

dark awakening-idle rpg 1.0.00 Update

This is a idle magic rpg game

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  AXG games
Publish Date:  14/09/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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