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Canva Mod apk app v2.131.0(Unlocked) for android

2.131.0 for Android
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Canva<span>(Unlocked)</span> screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
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The description of Canva(Unlocked)
Canva is your free photo editor and video editor in one graphic design app! Create stunning social media posts, videos, cards, flyers, photo collages & more. Stand out with one-tap animations and fun music for Insta stories and video collages. 

No design experience or expertise? No problem! From photo editor to collage maker, to logo maker – we made Canva really simple & easy for anyone in the world to design. 

THOUSANDS OF TEMPLATES – endless creative possibilities
• Start inspired with thousands of customizable templates
• Playful Facebook posts, Insta layouts, Instagram post maker, IG Story, & mood boards
• Professionally-designed invitations, flyers, gift certificates, etc. to boost your business or event
• Showcase your product with our logo maker
• Visualize data with sleek presentation templates and slideshow maker

PHOTO EDITOR – free to use, no ads, no watermarks
• Effortless picture apps to crop, flip, & edit photos
• Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, etc.
• Auto Focus for background blur & sharpen photo subject 
• Apply your style with aesthetic filters & effects (Retro, Pixelate, Liquify, etc.)
• Top it off with text on photos and loads of stickers
• Fun photo grid & photo collage maker 
• Design easily on a small screen without disruption from ads

VIDEO EDITOR – make amazing videos in just a few taps
• Produce professional videos right on your phone
• Trim, cut, & split video layout and audio tracks
• Crop, resize, and flip videos & images to any dimensions
• Make static images move with one-tap animations & page transitions
• Overlay multiple audio tracks of music, sound effects, & voiceovers
• Use the video editor as a video collage maker & slideshow maker too!

SOCIAL MEDIA – hit it big with on-trend content
• Discover thousands of templates for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc.
• Queue your planned posts on Instagram with Scheduler [Canva Pro]
• Play with our photo editor for thumb-stopping Instagram layouts
• Use as a banner maker for eye-catching thumbnails & ads
• Easy collage maker & video editor to create photo grids, collages

HUGE STOCK LIBRARY – over 2M+ assets for you
• Complete package: all the elements you need are here
• 2M+ royalty-free images
• Thousands of watermark-free stock videos
• 25K+ pre-licensed audio & music tracks
• Add text on photos with 500+ fonts & effects (curved, neon, and more)
• Graphic design elements - illustrations, stickers, photo frames, etc.
• Beautifully animated charts, graphs, & tables from any data

SMART MOCKUPS – see your designs on a shirt or poster 
• Look professional by visualizing your designs on products 
• High-res mockups for phones, laptops, posters & other displays
• Order printed flyers, mugs, and apparel for gifts or business

REAL-TIME COLLABORATION – with anyone across any device
• Edit team projects & presentations anytime, anywhere
• Start a design on mobile & finish on your desktop seamlessly
• Work with your team in real-time, leave comments & apply changes

CANVA PRO – get more for a low monthly cost
• Access premium templates, images, videos, audio & graphic design elements
• One-click Background Remover
• Magic Resize - Instantly resize your project to any photo & video layout
• Brand Kit - Stay on brand with consistent logos, fonts, & colors
• Scheduled publishing to Instagram, Facebook & more

• Personal - Layout designs for creative & professional pursuits like Instagram templates, resume, photo collages, etc.
• Entrepreneurs - Grow your business with our logo creator, video editor, poster maker, etc.
• Students & Teachers - Engage with beautiful presentations and worksheets
• Social Media Managers & Content Creators - Use the photo editor and collage maker for consistent visuals & mood boards for your brand
Canva(Unlocked) 2.131.0 Update
• lift, roll, bounce, and burst! Try our latest text and element animation to add fun to your design. • You can now mix arc and shadow effects to make any font more visible. • This week's new model: maps, labels and briefings that meet the needs of business, schools and visual information charts. Do you need help? Welcome through https://canva.me/android Contact us. I wish you a happy design!
Additional Information
Category:  Art & Design
Publisher:  Canva
Requirements:  Android 5.0+
Publish Date:  08/10/2021
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ibis Paint X10.0.2_Popularmodapk.com

ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X 是一款流行的多功能绘图应用程序,作为一个系列,总下载量超过 2 亿次,它提供了 7100 多种画笔、2800 多种材料、900 多种字体、79 种滤镜、46 种网纹、27 种混合模式、记录绘图过程、描边稳定功能,各种标尺功能,例如径向线标尺或对称标尺,以及剪贴蒙版功能。

绘图课程在YouTube频道上,我们分发了许多使用ibis Paint的有用方法。

- 真正的绘图应用程序超越PC插图软件!
- 使用OpenGL技术,平滑,高速操作感觉愉快!
- 能够将绘画过程存储为电影!
- 使用SNS功能绘图应用程序,以了解如何绘制图片!


- 平滑,最大60 fps刷
- G笔,笔,数码笔,气刷,圆刷,平刷,铅笔,油画颜料,木炭,蜡笔,邮票等超过7,100种画笔图案
- 各种画笔参数,例如开始/结束厚度、开始/结束不透明度和初始/最终画笔角度
- 快速滑块,刷子厚度和刷子不透明度准备好操作
- 可以实时检查的画笔预览

- 可无限添加的图层功能
- 混合模式,例如每层不透明度,alpha混合,加法,减法,乘法
- 剪切功能,便于剪裁图像
- 各种图层命令,如图层复制,从照片库导入,左/右反转,颠倒,图层旋转,移动,缩放
- 图层名称设置功能,用于图层识别

- 全文工具功能,支持垂直书写,水平书写,修剪,字体选择,多文本
- 46种屏幕色调功能,如点,噪声,水平,垂直,对角线,十字,方形等。

- 选择范围,每像素 256 级(选择层)
- 在选择范围内翻转、移动、旋转、放大、缩小
- 画笔、填充、复制图层、组合图层、移动图层、旋转、缩放,考虑选择范围

- 从调色板中选择,对注册数量没有限制,从色调圆圈中选择,从HSB中选择,从RGB中选择,丰富的颜色选择
- 通过拖放到调色板保存
- 点击并按住吸管功能

- 用于绘制图形等的标尺工具功能(以前的标尺,圆形标尺,椭圆标尺,浓度线标尺)
- 79种滤镜功能,包括亮度·对比度,色彩平衡,线条提取,灰度,渐变,模糊,渐变,动画背景,漫画背景,色差
- 材料工具功能,可以使用2,800点或更多的纹理和色调
- 除了各种画布尺寸,如SD,HD,Twitter标题,明信片,可选的画布尺寸规格功能
- 画布的任意旋转功能
- 背景颜色(白色,明亮透明,深色透明)设置功能
- “取消”“撤消”功能最多100步或更多(取决于存储的可用空间。)
- 刷子,橡皮擦,指尖工具,模糊工具,填充和吸管功能
- 快速,流畅的平移和缩放功能

- Wacom Intuos (仅限兼容机型)
- XP-PEN Tablet (仅限兼容机型)
- SonarPen
- HUION Pen Tablet (仅限兼容机型)
- S-Pen
- Z Stylus
- Smart Stylus Pen
- Direct Stylus 2

- 我的画廊功能,以欣赏我的插图
- 绘图过程的播放功能(具有播放速度调整功能)
- 导出功能到插图静止图像(PNG / JPEG)和电影(MP4)照片库
- 绘图过程电影编码功能和上传功能
- 分享您在Twitter或Facebook上发布的图片网址
- 评论来说明时推送通知
- 下载另一个人的插图功能(工作文件)
- 收集功能,以欣赏其他人的插图
- 通过PC和Mac的USB文件传输导入和导出功能文件
- 能够将静止图像(PNG / JPEG),电影(MP4),工作文件(IPV)共享到Twitter,Facebook,LINE等。
- CLIP STUDIO PAINT连接功能(ibis Paint通过云绘制的延续可以使用CLIP STUDIO PAINT绘制)
* 上传和下载插图,您需要 Twitter、Facebook 或 Apple ID 帐户。

*关于ibis Paint的购买计划
以下购买计划适用于ibis Paint。
- ibis Paint X (免费版)
- ibis Paint (付费版)
- 删除广告附加组件
- 高级会员 (月度计划 / 年度计划)
如果您购买了删除广告附加组件,广告将不会显示,与ibis Paint的付费版本没有区别。
为了使用更高级的功能,需要签订以下高级会员 (月度计划 / 年度计划) 合同。

- 20 GB 云存储容量
- 高级素材
- 高级画布纸
- 高级字体
- 色调曲线滤镜
- 渐变图滤镜
- 色阶调整滤镜
- 替换颜色滤镜
- 云滤镜
- 我的图库中排序作品
- 界面上无广告
* 在您成为高级会员后,您可以享受第一为30天免费试用期,如果您未在试用期最后一天的24小时前取消“高级会员”,您的“高级会员”将自动续订,并且您将被收取自动续订费用。
* 未来我们将添加高级功能,敬请期待。

- 仅当您使用或将要使用 SonarPen 时, 应用程序才会从麦克风收集音频信号。收集的数据仅用于与 SonarPen 的通信, 并且永远不会保存或发送到任何地方。
v10.0.2 · 30.4MB
Crochet Bracelet3.4.1_Popularmodapk.com

Crochet Bracelet

If you love to crochet or just love knitted things, maybe these bracelets will suit you.

Some of them are quite simple, and they can be done together with children for a small amount of time, some are complex, for skilled workers.

Do not take with you on the beach expensive jewelry, which can easily get lost. It's much better to put a couple of homemade crochet bracelets on, they look great, and if they do disappear, it will not be too offensive.

Moreover, it is possible to make up for loss easily, since knitting with beads is not tricky at all. See for yourself: beach bracelets with beads by their own hands, spectacular and bright, knit together for the evening. You can tie a bracelet on your hands and feet in the same style, or a couple of hand bracelets in a single color scheme - you need to focus on your desires and taste.

If you've never tried crochet with beads, then be sure to check out our selection of master classes. Detailed step-by-step photos make the crochet process understandable without translation, so you will not have any doubts about how to tie a crochet bracelet with beads.

Surely you know that the word "bracelet" is of French origin: in one of the most beautiful languages of the world, bracelet means "wrist." In general, it is quite logical and utterly not romantic, which, by the way, is not at all agreed with the subject itself, for which the word invented: bracelets are very gentle, feminine, and stylish! A hand with a beautiful ornament always attracts attention, raises delight and admiration. A woman who knows how to wear bracelets is uniquely beautiful. A woman who knows how to crochet bracelets by crocheting is exceptionally talented.
v3.4.1 · 20.1MB
FF Logo Maker - Gaming Logo1.0.5_Popularmodapk.com

FF Logo Maker - Gaming Logo

Want to create your own gaming logo?

Maskot Gaming Logo Maker allows you to create your very own original and impressive gaming & esports logo.

With Maskot app the customization possibilities are endless. You can find a huge collection of categorized graphic elements, colors, fonts, backgrounds and powerful editing tools to design your own gaming logo and create the coolest logo in the world.

Whether you are a boy, girl, epic gamer, streamer, gaming team or clan you’ll find it easy to make a custom gaming logo like a pro.

Unlike other esports logo makers, we don’t use logo templates. With Maskot Gaming Logo Maker, you have full control over customizations. You can easily change the different elements to get your gaming logo just right.

You can save a high-resolution PNG of the gaming logo you create. So you can use your logo as a profile picture for all social media sites, video and streaming platforms and games.

Quick & easy to use. Create awesome gaming logos and impress your friends and followers!
Are you a gamer,
You Play Battle Games or Any Games and you need a logo maker to create fa fantastic gaming profile
We have given new & latest gaming logo design with full face for Fans of Battles to use any where for personal profile

Gaming Logo Maker contains Different Logo Designs, Gaming Logo Designs and Logo Design to Create Characters and Stickers to use any where on social platform.

Features: Unique-Typographic-Artistic-Symbolic Logo Designs
> Simple to hande only by double click
> Tons of Categorized Arts
> Huge collecction of Graphic Elements
> Multiple Backgrounds, Textures & Colors
> Professional Photo editing & Text editing Tools
Try our Bst Logo making app To make your business more valuable fore you
Generate more than just a LOGO with Logo Maker. Try Now For Free

📢 Disclaimer :

All the images in this app are under common creative license and the credit goes to their respective owners. It is used for fans only without commercializing purpose. The images are used simply for aesthetic purposes.
Any request to remove one of the images will be honored. You can contact us at ([email protected])

v1.0.5 · 30.3MB
Birthday Card Maker 20221.9_Popularmodapk.com

Birthday Card Maker 2022

Birthday Card Maker App makes amazing greeting card and Happy Birthday Invitation cards.

If you're a busy person, you can make free online birthday cards. You easily make own design birthday greetings card. You should always have a birthday card ideas when it comes. You can create free cards and send bday wishes to daughter, sister, teacher, love.

There are several reasons why people choose to send birthday cards to their friends and family. While sending a physical invitation or greeting required time and effort, card can be delivered instantly. However, some people do not like the idea of sending an online greeting card.


Birthday Card Maker is online document that you can fill out with information about the recipient and the occasion. Most of these bday wish templates allow you to add photos or music and change the fonts or font sizes, as desired.

When designing customized birthday card and invitation card, you should use free greeting card templates to create a high-quality first impression. If you want to get creative, you can even design your own cool card for your kid’s special day.

You can make a birthday photo card using greeting card templates at home and send happy birthday wishes to a loved one. You can make a beautiful virtual card by using a photo that was taken on the birthday.

Happy Birthday cards can be a difficult task to design and send, especially if you're looking for creative birthday card ideas. Luckily, there are plenty of happy birthday card that you can try. These bday cards are unique and can be customized to express your love and friendship.

Birthday card with music gives you the power to create stunning invitation card and virtual cards. We include a variety of funny effects for free.

If you are looking to make your own greeting cards, you have come to the right place. These online tools allow you to choose your favourite designs and then customize them with your own photos and content. In addition to being customizable, they also feature smart objects that allow you to easily edit them. You can edit the content, add photos, add music and change the color scheme to make your happy birthday cards more unique. If you want to send them to your friends and teacher, you can also download the finished product and print it from your home.

When sending love birthday card to boyfriend or girlfriend, the recipient should know that you are thinking of them. A romantic card is a great way to tell your loved one how you feel.

The best way to celebrate your daughter's birthday is to choose a beautiful card. A daughter is a treasured member of the family.

Our birthday card maker with song features a variety of templates that you can use for friends, family and love. Wishes card Maker creates cards of different category like father, son, daughter, husband, wife, love, teacher and more.

Select birthday invitation card in different languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French, German, and Malay. It also contains birthday greeting card of Indian languages like Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu etc. Making online bday card with our birthday greeting card maker is extremely easy and multilingual!

All the content (music & images) in this app & all the copyright material credit go to their respected owner, we have just provided a platform to you. Contact at [email protected] if you have any issue regarding this app or content (music & images).
v1.9 · 95.2MB
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