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Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game
Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game1.3.0_Popularmodapk.com

Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game apk game v1.3.0 for android

1.3.0 for Android
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The description of Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game

Relax, train your brain and test your IQ with our block puzzle sudoku game!

“Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game”is a jewel block puzzle game meets a sudoku grid.A classic jewel block puzzle game with new gameplay. If you’re looking for a new addictive puzzle game, this addictive jewel block puzzle game is one to try!It's a great game as a time killer and also helps train your brain as well. The block puzzle game will reduce stress and make you relax every time you play. Play hours of addictive games and sudoku puzzles with "Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game"! You can even play our addictive block puzzle game offline.The jewel puzzle block games are always there when you want it!Play this classic block puzzle game every day to sharpen your mind. Relax with "Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game" addictive block puzzle IQ games.

How to play: Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game
-Drag and drop blocks onto the 9x9 sudoku board grid.
-Fill the blocks with a row or column to eliminate them
-Fill blocks in a 3x3 square to generate a big block and clear them.
-Using the rotation tool to rotate blocks can help you break the highest score
-Game will be over if there is no room on the board for given blocks
-Get as many scores as you can to become block crush at jewel block puzzle
-Daily puzzle challenge to win the highest points of glory for the day, week, month, and year

Features of Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game
-Easy & addictive
-Suitable for all ages
-Stress relieving & brain health
-Brisk game sound effects
-Relaxing jewel block puzzle gameplay with no time limit
-Every day is a new jewel puzzle
-Play Offline without WIFI
-Innovative and challenging in classics

Do you love endless jewel block puzzle and addicting games?
Enjoy new sudoku logic puzzles, IQ games and block sudoku challenges?
Play a Sudoku block game with a theme of dates, challenge yourself every day, and achieve self breakthroughs!
Let’s play this attractive classic jewel block puzzle game now. You can play free anytime and anywhere you want. Wish you like it!
The jewel block game is really fun to play and useful for brain training
Who's the best breaker? Come and play this game and become a master of block sudoku puzzle game now!
Ready to write down your legend on the leaderboard meanwhile train your brain? Let's take a break and enjoy this challenging block puzzle together!

Block Puzzle - Sudoku Game 1.3.0 Update

1.Rich gameplay
2.Easy to play

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  Bidding Eye Puzzle Block Game
Publish Date:  14/09/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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v1.277.2.1 · 118.8MB
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