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Basketball Hoops Challenge
Basketball Hoops Challenge2.5.0_Popularmodapk.com

Basketball Hoops Challenge apk game v2.5.0 for android

2.5.0 for Android
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The description of Basketball Hoops Challenge

Play this fun 2D basketball shooter game. Aim and throw balls into the basket in fun environments that simulates basketball physics, with very easy tap and swipe interface. Just touch and drag around the screen to aim the basketball. Release to fire the basketball and watch the physics engine at work. The game does not just perform simple "throw and bounce" mathematics - it uses complex simulations to make the environment behave with physics math. 

The game has multiple levels with varying challenges that include:
* Different distances between the ball and the basket (when they are close, try to simulate a slam dunk)
* Variety of baskets, such as moving baskets and two-poles basket.
* Obstacles for variety of challenges.
* Colorful environments in stylized semi-voxel graphics mode

No In App Purchase required to play all the levels. Your flicking and tossing skill is the limit. Realistic sound effects and retro graphics enhances your enjoyment of the game. Physics engine that means ball will toss, bounce and move simulating real life physics behaviors. Earn more scores when you do clear shots and score high altitude goals.

Summary Of Features
* Aim and throw balls into the basket in variety of fun/colorful 2-1/2D environments. Very easy tap and touch and drag interface, designed for phone as well as tablets.
* Mathematically simulated basketball physics. Ball will bounce, basket will rattle and the net reacts to collisions.
* Multiple levels with varying challenges that include different distances, moving baskets and obstacles.
* Block-style retro artwork. Some levels include onlookers that will cheer when your shoot enters the basket.
* Earn more scores when you do clear shots and high altitude shoots.

* Start dragging the mouse in the center of the screen so you get more screen real estate. This may make aiming easier.
* Longer trajectory means more force will be exerted when the ball is thrown. This may cause the ball to bounce too hard if you missed the basket and hit the ring, causing it to miss a goal.
* Some levels have the ball positioned close to the basket. Try to simulate slam dunks or make clean shots here. Touch higher up the screen and drag downward to increase the height of the trajectory, then
simulate a slam dunk if you can.
* Try to score with high-altitude shoots because it will earn an extra ball. (On the other hand, keep in mind that it's more difficult to goal or make a slam dunk with high-altitude shots).
* In the Arcade Mode, try to fill up the progress ball (the star icon) because it will produce a bonus basketball.
* Earn more scores when you do clear shots (throw the ball into the basket without the ball touching the ring).

Basketball Hoops Challenge 2.5.0 Update

- Interface and performance upgrade.
- Bug fixes.

Additional Information

Category:  Sports
Publisher:  Permadi Mobile: Mahjong and Puzzles
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  21/05/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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