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Anzio & Cassino (turn-limit)
Anzio & Cassino (turn-limit)

Anzio & Cassino (turn-limit) apk game v4.0.4.0 for android for Android
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The description of Anzio & Cassino (turn-limit)

This is a free turn-limited-version of Anzio & Monte Cassino, which is a turn based strategy game set on the Italian peninsula during the Second World War. 

You are in command of the Allied forces attempting to seize Rome by piercing the German Gustav Line at Monte Cassino to link up with the American forces in the Anzio beachhead. If you balance speed and risk just right you can cut off huge number of Axis units by connecting your two groups, and then launch offensive against the Italian Capital.

Full paid version available at the store

Anzio & Cassino (turn-limit) Update

+ Ending turn requires using all the resources that would expire and be lost between turns
+ More effective Allied bombardment
+ General can request sabotage: a couple of nearby enemy controlled hexagon change sides
+ Setting: General switched from ON/OFF to % chance of getting each general (options 0-100)
+ Dugout can be placed on a border hexagon of a province if enemy control at most around 10% of it
+ Added Italian unit type Decima MAS RSI

Additional Information

Category:  Strategy
Publisher:  Joni Nuutinen
Publish Date:  29/08/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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