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삼국블레이드 apk game v2.50.8 for android

2.50.8 for Android
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The description of 삼국블레이드

A festival for the monarch 'Cheongunje' is open!

■■■Game Features■■■

# Exciting matchless action of the Three Kingdoms generals!
Guan Yu, Yeo Po, Zhang Jiang, Ha Hu Don, Yeo Ling Ki, etc. of the strongest generals of the Three Kingdoms
Command the battlefield with unique and powerful action skills!

# Defeat the evil-stained divine beast!
Join the new World Boss content battle with all the monarchs!
Confront the divine beast with strong longevity and control!

# 50vs50 large-scale battle with alliance members!
Participate in a large-scale alliance war with over 50 monarchs!
Strategically place your generals to build a strong defense!
Lead your League of Lords to victory!

# A true battle of the Three Kingdoms!
Be a member of the Wei / Chok / Oh countries and occupy the capital of the other country!
Occupy and take over countless castles and lead your country to victory!
Increase the contribution of the monarch and become the protagonist of the national war!

# Make my longevity stronger!
Special passive/active skills that are opened according to the equipment grade!
7-star promotion and treasure engraving to grow into the ultimate longevity!
A special wing that sweeps the battlefield, a magnificent decoration!

# Unstoppable variety of content!
Relay confrontation 'Ilgito' and a match 'unarmed'
The gateway gun attack of the strongest longevity! 'The War of Heroes'
Fight by mobilizing all the generals! 'Infinite Battlefield'
Secure resources for your country! 'Before the looting'
Build a powerful nation! 'Internal mode'

* Three Kingdoms Blade Official Cafe

* Information on access rights
* For Android 6.0 or higher phones, access permission is required to use the game.
[Required access rights] is not available if you deny it.
Even if you deny [Selective Access Rights], you can run the game.

* How to revoke access
You can reset access rights in the following path.

[Operating system 6.0 or later]
Settings > Application management > Select the app > Permissions > Access can be withdrawn

[Operating System Under 6.0]
Revoke access by upgrading the operating system or deleting the app

Device, photo, media and file access (required access rights)
This permission is required to install the game on the external memory.
If you allow the permission, you can install the game on the external memory in case of insufficient capacity.
We do not have access to your photos and files, so don't worry.

* Privacy Policy

삼국블레이드 2.50.8 Update

1. 신규 장수 오국태 업데이트
2. 삼국패스 시즌4 추가
3. 기타 게임 편의성 개선 및 버그 수정

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  18/03/2023
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