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錬魂のレナフィーネ(Mod menu)
錬魂のレナフィーネ<span>(Mod menu)</span>1.17_Popularmodapk.com

錬魂のレナフィーネ Mod apk game v1.17(Mod menu) for android

1.17 for Android
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Mod menu
Damage Multiplier
Defense Multiplier

The description of 錬魂のレナフィーネ(Mod menu)

・Description of the game

[Rentama System]

Surprisingly, the concept of experience points does not exist in this game!
Instead, there is the "Rentama System"!

In order to raise the level of monsters, it is necessary to dive into the Soul Realm.
The more you dive, the higher the monster's level will be!
Form a party and traverse the world of souls!

[Soul World]
In order to raise the level of the monster, you will have to dive!
The number of floors you dive in is the level of the monster, so strengthen the monster and dive in anyway!

[Skill system]
Each monster has an inborn ability [skill].
There are various types of skills, for example, there are skills that raise status, learn techniques, and acquire various characteristics.
By combining skills, you will be able to take infinite strategies! !

[Sacrifice system]
Skills can be extracted from monsters!
Unfortunately, the monster is gone, but all the skills that monster had are back!
By attaching this to new monsters, aim for further strengthening!
Besides, there are even more benefits from offering it as a sacrifice...?

[Artifact Enhancement]
Monsters that are sacrificed leave behind various materials. You can strengthen the artifact by using the material!
Strengthen your artifacts to make your army even stronger!

[Epic story and attractive characters]
In addition to the main story that follows the battle record of Renafine and her friends, the character story that digs deep into each character,
A lot of stories to enjoy, such as various episodes!
From heartwarming stories to comical stories and serious stories!

A full-scale war between demons and humans, a human-demonic war――
With the hero, the human hero, and the Great Demon King, the emperor of the demons, gone missing, this battle seemed to be over.

However, humans and demons are still at odds and continue to fight endlessly.
Not only humans and demons, but also humans and humans, demons and demons... the battle continues to expand.

In the midst of such a war, a human girl named Lenafine Armasis lost her sister.
Although he himself lost his life, he will be revived as a demon by the hands of Gregor, the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.
Solcerk, her relentless power.
What does that power bring to her?
Now the story of Renafine begins to move--

錬魂のレナフィーネ(Mod menu) 1.17 Update

bug fixed

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  ねこどらソフト
Requirements:  Android 7.0+
Publish Date:  20/01/2024
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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