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永恆守護-戰神歸來 apk game v1.21.3 for android

1.21.3 for Android
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The description of 永恆守護-戰神歸來

【Game Introduction】

Popular magical MMO, the eternal guardian of 800,000 warriors, just waiting for the return of the God of War!

[Brand-new professional style, more options for creating characters]
The new professional style "Pure Elf" debuts, intertwined with ice and fire, possessed by the God of War, and unparalleled in hunting demons!

[Cross Dragon Island, have fun and catch pets]
Fun adventures on Dragon Island, bloody battles with world bosses, catching cute pets in the wild, and winning exclusive locomotives for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

[New special area, full of benefits]
The passionate comrades-in-arms gather, the battle starts from the heart, accompanied by luxurious gifts, two hundred consecutive benefits, red envelopes raining non-stop, and exclusive motorcycles and wonderful cute pet broadcasts, helping the God of War to overcome obstacles.

[The magic dragon comes to the world, bravely rushes to the Dragon Pool]
The featured new copy "Dragon Pool" is coming, defeat the guards, break the dragon eggs, grab the dragon key, and search for rare treasures.

[Dragon-shaped cute baby, cultivated with one hand]
There is also warmth outside the battle, starting from a dragon egg, and nurturing your own exclusive blue dragon baby.

[3D vertical screen, free your hands]
Break through the epic fusion of vertical screen and picture across the era! Experience the hall-level picture quality with one finger, dilapidated temples, deep seabeds and other maps are waiting for you to explore, and there are even epic bosses such as dragons and balrogs waiting for you to conquer!

【Romantic love, beautiful women depend on each other】
Love and social interaction can be matched at will, truly reproduce the romantic journey from acquaintance to marriage, and there is even a beautiful baby waiting for you to raise together!

[Double World Cultivation, Battle Spirit Assist]
Lead the legion to the foreign world, and the five great spirits Youmo, Guangyao, Eagle Guide, Thor and the Elf King will help you restore the double-ended world together!

[Bloody national war, cross-server king]
Thousands of people are on the same screen, in a passionate bloody battle, in the passionate collision of swords and magic, who can come out on top and be crowned king?

[Scrape monsters and fight kings, make money in real time]
Swipe monsters smoothly, beat kings smoothly, lose all equipment and fashions, trade freely, and earn a lot of money at any time!

[Characteristic Transformation, Peak Job Transfer]
Real-time transformation, instant kill with full-screen big moves, multiple job transfers, and comprehend the secrets of the peak!

==Follow us==
The official fan group of "Eternal Guardian", join the fan group immediately to get the latest news and get the first practical props, and event gifts from time to time!
Official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ssjj.yhsh/

永恆守護-戰神歸來 1.21.3 Update


Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Spark Game
Publish Date:  25/08/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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