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武林外传-国际版 apk game v1.4.29 for android

1.4.29 for Android
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The description of 武林外传-国际版

Midsummer carnival, enjoy the whole summer! The new "Wulin Biography Mobile Game" summer expansion pack "Buji Carnival" is launched, and the novel gameplay is launched, bringing a refreshing summer experience to the martial arts~ Mysterious island amusement park surprises martial arts rivers and lakes, and the paradise is actually built by a cute chicken! Brand new map scene - Buji Island Amusement Park, the super cute and cute little yellow chicken will accompany you to spend the summer vacation; the mentor mode is coming, and the old driver will lead the way to help novices grow up quickly; new hero post challenge characters, Tong Xiangyu, Lu Xiucai, etc. all appear , challenge heroes under different difficulties, and you can win exclusive rewards; Ziwei's level is improved, the three major challenge copies are open to sweep, and daily optimization and burden reduction can easily enter the rivers and lakes!

Midsummer party kicks off, exciting summer carnival
[Carnival opens, enjoy the summer feast]
On the hidden island beyond the rivers and lakes, a huge amusement park rises! There are fountains, squares, and ice cream trucks inside, and the owner of this mysterious island is a cute chicken! The super big summer scene - Buji Island Amusement Park debuts, and new entertainment items are waiting for young heroes to play and experience! At the same time, an exclusive exchange shop has been set up in the amusement park. Participate in the items in the amusement park, and you can get exclusive currency, which can be exchanged for various appearances, titles, actions and other rare treasures~ In the hot summer, come to Buji Island to indulge in carnival Bar!

The mentor system is online, and the master guides the way to help grow
[Good teachers and helpful friends, the tutor system helps Mengxin]
Teachers are easy to meet, but teachers are hard to find! As more and more cute newcomers join the arena, there is a wave of preaching and teaching in the martial arts world! The mentor system is online, and the master will personally lead the way and teach you how to grow. Now young heroes can select the mentor mode in the team formation interface. After turning on the mentor mode, they can assist low-level players to complete the dungeon. After completing the assistance, they can accumulate mentor points and increase the mentor badge level to show different mentor identities!

Make friends with martial arts, learn martial arts, and fight heroes again
[Hero post update, challenge Tongfu classic characters]
The hero posts that have been circulating in the Jianghu have been updated again, and classic characters such as Tong Xiangyu, Lu Xiucai, and Xing Tutou have joined it. Heroes in the Jianghu are sincerely invited to challenge! The single-player dungeon of hero posts ushers in an additional expansion, choose a new NPC to compete with different difficulties! Equipped with different heroes, you can also get extra BUFF assistance. Go to challenge the new NPC and win more rich rewards!

【More optimization】
The upper limit of Ziwei's level has been increased, unlocking higher character growth; Fantasy Sky City, Guyuan Secret Words, and Yongdou Red Flame Valley have opened the raid mode, and you can easily get benefits with one click; the meridian system has been updated to unlock the meridian · mysterious ecstasy; more optimizations Experience, help the young heroes easily break through the rivers and lakes!

武林外传-国际版 1.4.29 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Perfect Game Speed
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  26/05/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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