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我的江湖 apk game v1.0.3 for android

1.0.3 for Android
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The description of 我的江湖

"My Jianghu" mainly revolves around collecting famous swords. In the game, you can not only learn about different sword skills, sword intentions, martial arts and other systems, but also play games such as Jianghu Bounty, Enlightenment Cliff, and Martial God Temple. In the game, you can experience the most realistic world. The dream of the rivers and lakes, the sword-wielding knights once traveling, the beauty of the past became the shadow of a crane, the memories of the past are in dreams. ————Game Features—————— [Famous Swords] The game contains the top ten famous swords in ancient China. Each famous sword has its own unique abilities and background introduction. Famous swords not only contain unique abilities, but also can comprehend different sword intentions. Only by finding the corresponding map can one comprehend the corresponding sword intentions. [Sword Body] In the past, the supreme leader of the martial arts alliance once collected body training techniques from all over the world, and compiled the Immortal Ceremony by integrating the masters of various schools. Completing the Grand Ceremony exercises can make the body immortal, and it is also of great benefit in pursuing the peak of martial arts. In order to ensure that the inheritance of the human race is endless, the Supreme Master wanted to teach the Grand Ceremony to the world. However, on the eve of the Kungfu Transmission Conference, he was betrayed and attacked by his relatives. He was seriously injured and died. The Kung Fu was also stolen. The Immortal Ceremony was thus lost. In the game, you need to practice the sword body to understand the special attributes brought by the sword body. [Sword Intent] Sword Intention is a state of a swordsman. The sword moves erratically and erratically. This is the sword's strength. That is, the air moved by the sword dancer when dancing the sword moves the sword energy, which refers to the sword energy. The light emitted from the edge of the sword, the scene of the light connecting into one line or one piece, is the sword light. These are all means of attack, tangible and qualitative. Sword intent is the highest realm within. If you understand sword intention, it means that you have excellent understanding, which is a necessary talent for improving the realm of swordsmanship. [Martial Arts Sword Skills] There are various special sword skills combinations in the game, such as Tai Chi Sword Technique, Blood Drinking Sword, Ice Soul Needle, etc. If you want to master sword skills, you need to keep exploring to obtain rare sword skills. Sword skills will be improved through adventures, and different combinations will have different effects on challenges. [Kung Fu] Different skills will improve different attributes. In the game, you can learn various skills in the Sutra Pavilion. The higher the level of skills, the lower the chance of obtaining them. When the skills learned reach a certain level, the realm can be improved. The realm is an important symbol for each martial arts practitioner to achieve self-transcendence. [Zong Alliance] Haoran Sect: Its alliance takes the responsibility of exterminating demons and defending the Tao, helping the weak and supporting the poor. It has quelled the beast tide several times and protected the wilderness. Because of its chivalrous actions, everyone in the wilderness admires it and is regarded as a famous sect of the upright sect. Xiaoyao Sect: Its alliance advocates doing whatever you want and being free in the world. Therefore, although its sect has the largest number of the three sects, most of them are lone rangers: they are not bound by the world and have their own rules of conduct. It is difficult to rate them as good or evil; most of them are strange knights. say. Tian Xia Hui: one of the three major sects. The alliance believes in the law of the jungle and respects strength. Therefore, most of the people in the sect act as they please and act based on their likes and dislikes. It is inevitable that they will commit more crimes; they are called the devil's sect by people in the world. say. [Jianghu Bounty] There are various special bounties that you can participate in every day. You heroes can do what you can. Each character with a reward has his own characteristics, for example: the flower picker, this person is good at making poison, and specializes in picking out young and beautiful women. Several families have reported the crime, and he is hereby wanted! During the prison trial, he was confused by the illusion, his temperament changed drastically, and he became murderous: he killed more than fifty innocent people and then fled to the ancient tomb of the devil. He is hereby wanted! A gangster, this person gathered several people from the rivers and lakes, robbed homes, killed people, and stole goods; He has committed more than a dozen cases, which is the most heinous crime, and he is hereby wanted.


我的江湖 1.0.3 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Puzzle
Publisher:  赤霄工作室
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  06/02/2024
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