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我在荒島開派對(Ad-free and get rewarded)
我在荒島開派對<span>(Ad-free and get rewarded)</span>1.5.7_Popularmodapk.com

我在荒島開派對 Mod apk game v1.5.7(Ad-free and get rewarded) for android

1.5.7 for Android
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Ad-free and get rewarded

The description of 我在荒島開派對(Ad-free and get rewarded)

"I'm having a party on a desert island" is a simulation management game with free exploration on a large map.
As treasure hunters, we are unfortunately stranded on a deserted island. We collect resources to build our own island from scratch.
During the adventure, we will encounter various islands, such as the lush green turtle island, the hot sun island, the underwater coral island, etc... Powerful insect enemies will also block our progress, such as the Wasp Queen and the Lava Moth King. , Water Mosquito Twins, use arrows of different elements to solve them. At the same time, we need to hatch pets and collect bonds to enhance our own strength. After the battle, enter Dream Planting Island to participate in the bonfire party with the whole server.

[Camp Construction] You can explore deserted areas, clear away debris, and carve out your own survival area. In this area, you can build necessary survival factors by consuming preparation lessons, thereby increasing your profits. When a camp is fully built, you can go to a new desert island to expand your living space.
[Decoration Island] Prepared for players in the game
With more than 200 decorations, players can use these items to decorate their homes and increase profits and experience. All decorations can be constructed using materials collected by players on the island.
[Free construction] Players can build their own buildings by collecting bricks on an uninhabited desert island. Players can design the style of these buildings according to their own preferences. Different bricks will also enhance different properties of the building. When your building reaches certain conditions, the building and your bond will be activated.
[Party System] The social gameplay in the game is a highlight. Players can chat and show off their costumes, dance around the campfire and gain popularity. Just like in reality, players can gain higher popularity points by sending gifts.
🧰【Creation Tools】The game has a rich item-making system. Players can automatically synthesize needed items by consuming materials.
【Defeat Enemies】There are various insects on the desert island. Each of these insects has different attributes. For example, wasps are enemies with fire attributes. Players need to use weapons appropriately against enemies. There are five types of damage including wood, fire, water, thunder, and earth. If you want to fight against fire-attribute enemies, players need to use water-attribute skills. The types of equipment that players can hold include: axes, shovels, manuscripts, bows and arrows, hats, headwear, etc.
[Raise pets] Obtain pets by hatching eggs, and the attributes of the pets are random. Pets also have five attributes and three levels. Advanced pets will bring more bond bonuses to their owners. There are many kinds of pets, including dragons, winds, turtles and various birds and beasts.
[Adventure Mode] There will be an adventure mode on each island. Players can improve their performance by resisting monster invasions, obtain more evolution stones, and upgrade their pets.

In short, "I Have a Party on a Desert Island" brings you not only the challenge of building a desert island, but also the social experience of interacting with other players. Whether you are a veteran or a novice in building a desert island, you can experience the most relaxing simulation management here. !

我在荒島開派對(Ad-free and get rewarded) 1.5.7 Update

bug fixed


Additional Information

Category:  Action
Publisher:  SOFISH GAMES
Requirements:  Android 5.0.1
Publish Date:  19/01/2024
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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