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合并动物城 apk game v1.5.0 for android

1.5.0 for Android
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The description of 合并动物城

The "Intra and Animal City" game, which has been loved by tens of millions of players overseas, has won the version number, and is about to meet with friends! Say goodbye to the cottage version, enjoy the fun of genuine play! This game provides you with a relaxed and casual way to provide you with decompression and relaxation experience. At the same time, combined with fun synthesis gameplay, let you experience fun and sense of accomplishment in the game. In "Armos of the Animal City", you will be transformed into a hero who saves small animals. He will rescue the trapped cute animals by defeating the witch. By merging and combination of different elements, you will gradually build a unique animal city, integrate into the animal's happy parties, harvest treasure chests, precious coins, shining diamonds, and mysterious magic balls, bringing you a surprise gaming experience. Regardless of whether you want to release pressure on a busy work gap, or to relax and enjoy for a moment, "Intrathy Animal City" is the best choice in your heart. Immediately make an appointment for the genuine "Into the Animal City", embark on a healing journey, and immerse themselves in the game world full of joy and surprise! Let's start this pleasant adventure together! [Game Features] Scenario exploration, linear push map 1. Large scene map, linear unlocking promotion progress 2. Segmentation of terrain, multiple themes in various areas 3. Herbal, flowers and landscapes, carefully set up fun exploration and merge and upgrade, smooth experience 1, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining, mining. Resource points, collect seed hoarding building materials 2. Seeds cooperation, harvest fruit feeding animals 3. Building materials to villas, decorate the map to build a relaxed plot of the home, witty dialogue 1. Fighting evil witch, eliminate fog and save small islands 2. Find the caught partner, Merge props to rescue animals 3. Be a casual player, enjoy adventure and laugh at the plot


合并动物城 1.5.0 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Casual
Publisher:  深圳市灵游互娱股份有限公司
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  01/12/2023
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