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叛逆魔法イオロノニア apk game v1.0.2 for android

1.0.2 for Android
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The description of 叛逆魔法イオロノニア

*This app is a collaborative application of the games made by Maya Hanana. Please note that the creator of this game is Mr. Maya Hanana.

■ Game Introduction
A puzzle of wizard, who dedicates to all outlaws!

In this epic era, there was magic, where wizards ruled the world.
A good magician, Shizuku is a stranger girl called "The Paper Fish Princess".
You embark on a hard-hitting clans society, and pursue a strategy to push your little brother into a house to become self-employed as a rare'profession woman' at that time.

To help his magicless brother overcome trials, Shizuku runs fast into magic research!

Believe in your justice, perform magic synthesis, material collection, and battle, and defy the world! Become a "working woman"! !

■ Control method

You can play using tap or keyboard input. The main key input is:

-Arrow keys to walk, choose choices and more
・Z Key to decide, investigate, talk, etc.
-X key cancel, opening and closing menu screen, etc.

• Tap to move, decide, inspect, talk and more
-Multi tap (tap with 2 fingers) / Pinch (stretch the screen) to open or close menus, cancel, etc.

■ About the real situation and secondary production

(Protect the Manners)!
Please include the “game name” in the video and live titles, and the game URL in the description.
Report to the author is optional.

■ Material Used
Birdhouse plugin plugin / Ru-tan
Mr. Uno.
Tomoichi Akatsu

【Title Illustration】
Mr. Long (@eingado)

[Chinese Material]
Mr. Bouson

Sweet tea music studio

Japanese Book
Many Leaves
Taketake Story
A princess from the west, created by Keiko Kobayashi
By Hamlet Shakespeare
A puzzle from the mystery of Hamlet
Apocalyptic textbook by Mirage Luzi
Completely self-learning mathematics by Akira Ariyama

This game is made by RPG Tuk MZ.
(C) 2022 Gee-kan-soft Heroine Generator 6

• Game is created by uchuzine’s virtual pad plugin for phone.

-Production Tools: RPG Tuk MZ
© Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc. / YOJI OJIMA 2020

Produced by: Maya Hanana

叛逆魔法イオロノニア 1.0.2 Update


Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Realize Factory
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  22/05/2023
Get It On:  google play Popularmodapk.com
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