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千銃士:Rhodoknight(Mod Menu)
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span>2.6.0_Popularmodapk.com

千銃士:Rhodoknight Mod apk game v2.6.0(Mod Menu) for android

2.6.0 for Android
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Mega Menu
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 1_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 2_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 3_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 4_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 5_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 6_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 7_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 8_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 9_Popularmodapk.com
千銃士:Rhodoknight<span>(Mod Menu)</span> screenshot image 10_Popularmodapk.com

The description of 千銃士:Rhodoknight(Mod Menu)

"Dedicated to my noble, my filth, and the victory you lead."

3 stars are decided in Tutorial Gacha!
The nobleman breeding RPG "Thousand Gunman: Rhodoknight" is here!
Join the warriors of gun shooting, join the battlefield, learn, strengthen bond and lead their growth!

▼ Storyline voiced by Live2D and great cast
This is the era when armed world-empire under a military force was defeated and nations regained their sovereignty.
Because of the appearance of the nobleman Brown Bess, in the coronation of Queen Queen of England,
Each nation will compete to awaken your nobleman, decorating them as a symbol of your country.

You are a student of Phil Clevert Academy, one day you are attacked by a mysterious figure.
Suddenly on the verge of death and death, the noble gunman striked down their enemies with enchanted darkness.
He called that power "absolutely outrageous".

You will receive Alliance command and seek out a mysterious organization that darkens
You will be summoned to the secret agency “Kathariste”.

▼ Easy to control battles and spectacular animations
In battle, heartgun animations depicting the hearts of the novices are activated when you reach absolute noble/absolutely novice! Support the noblemen as a master!

▼ Joining with the nobleman
The novices are not perfect as humans. You feel depressed and happy about a small thing.
Experience job, get guns, and encourage them to strengthen your bond with the nobles!

▼ Thousand Gunfighter R Official Twitter

▼ Thousand Musketeer R Official Site (The Battle R)

▼ Amazing voice actors
Shota Aoi Ito Kento Udada Tetsuya Ueda Tetsuya Echiha Tetsuya Kashihara Yukiko Kasama Yukiko Kaiya Roos Ai Jun Fukuhill Tomoaki Maeno

▼ Main Theme
"Rosebud Gravity"
Song Song: eNu
Music composed and arranged by: Naoyoshi Maboba
SONG: Marks (CV: Kengaro Kumagaya), Like Two (CV: Yuya Hirose), George (CV: Taku Yachiyo), Tenke (CV: Yotsu Tetsuro)

■ Original draft & world view setting

■ Producer
Yumi Ohtoku

■ Original Character Design
Sakurage, Kinako, Hiroshi Kiyohara, Shizuku, Daken, Haha Futaba, Yukiko Snow

■ Character Illustrations
Oda Squid, Kinaco, Shizuka, domco., Takeshi, lotus waterflower, Hachizo, Futaba, Haha,
Horse-skinned Hikaru, Kanetomo, Yumiko, Sailor
Frontier Works, Gie Angle

■ Main scenario

■ World View Background

■ Logo Design
Dreamy (imaginjack)

【Recommended Environments】
Recommended devices: Android 6.0 or higher
※ We do not support operation outside the recommended environment.
※ Please note that depending on the usage conditions, operation may be unstable even with the recommended environment.

It will take time to collect the data the first time you start the "Sniper Shooter R" Special. We recommend downloading over Wi-Fi.

千銃士:Rhodoknight(Mod Menu) 2.6.0 Update

Bug Fixes

Additional Information

Category:  Role Playing
Publisher:  Marvelous Inc.
Requirements:  Andriod 5.0+
Publish Date:  14/02/2023
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